Thousands of Toes Strut for American Heart Association Around NM Hood

The Stiletto Strut should have been renamed the Pedicure Parade last Thursday when thousands of toes were on display at the downtown Neiman’s. Benefiting the American Heart Association, the block-walk around NM had forced many of the ladies to their favorite manicurists to dress up their toenails (pictured). After all, when you’ve spent a small fortune on your shoes, you just can’t have unkempt toenails.

Just between us, some of the ladies admitted that they got fresh pedicures because they were wearing shoes from last season. Well, it is the recession, you know.

So, want a blow by blow of the activity? Here goes: [Read more…]

PJ for PJ's at Hotel ZaZa for Dallas Children's Advocacy Center

Pajamas parties are as old as Annette Funicello. But leave it to the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center to put a whole new spin on the idea. Instead of spending the night with the gals and gossiping non-stop, you can just wear your poolside chic-est attire, show up at the Hotel ZaZa with a $25 donation and a new pair children’s pajamas (or $10). What you’ll get in return will be Perrier Jouët  (PJ) champagne and appetizers in a swell setting. Get it — PJ for PJ’s. Oh, you already did. Should have known you were ahead of us.

Whoa! Did you just read that? For a total of $25 and a pair of PJ’s, you can have champagne, all the appetizers you can eat, and hang out at the Hotel ZaZa pool, while providing a child with pajamas. See you at Target in the children’s department.

Calling Rawlins Gilliland

Man of charm, chuckles and compassion Rawlins Gilliland will be on KERA-FM (90.1) today from 4-7 p.m. “Begging for Bucks” (aka Pledge Drive).

Get on your cell or land line and give him a shout. Not only will you help him raise $$ for KERA, you’ll have the chat of your life.

Jen Lancaster Gets Dallas Chicks Laughing While Lunching

Thursday was a killer day for certain ladies around town. First on their agenda was the fourth annual Chick Lit Luncheon at Brook Hollow. Then it would be a quick trip home to watch Rielle Hunter tell-almost-all on Oprah, change shoes and head for the Stiletto Strut at downtown Neiman’s.

Thank heaven the first thing on the list was Chick Lit! Paige McDaniel‘s Community Partners of Dallas had Chicago humor author Jen Lancaster as the featured speaker for 450 gals to get them up and going.

But before Jen could even get started chatting, the ladies were already stressing [Read more…]

Stiletto Strut Almost Got Bussed

More will come on Thursday’s Stiletto Strut (pictured) at downtown Neiman’s, but here’s a quick almost-happened “perfect storm” of a situation that occurred during the American Heart Association benefit.

You know the downtown NM block pretty well, so envision the Main Street side. Because of the number of participants, the ladies who strut will use the street instead of the sidewalk. Only a block of Main Street has been blocked off thanks to all types of very responsible Dallas police on bikes, foot, and motorcycles and in cars. Everything is under control. In fact, it’s sorta empowering to stand in the middle of Main Street and not worry about a thing.

In the meantime, the hundreds of extremely fashionable street strutters are just getting ready to emerge from the store feeling a bit wobbly thanks to nose-bleed-high heels and generous liquid sustenance.

Just as the store doors are opening and the ladies heading for the street and block walk, a Dallas Transit bus appears from nowhere racing up Main Street and headed right in the direction of the ladies. [Read more…]

Day at the Races is Much More Preferable to Louisville Today

The poor folks in Louisville are having to dig out their umbrellas to attend today’s Kentucky Derby. The track is a mess and the stands are going to be wet.

Ah, but you were smart enough to stay here in Dallas and watch all the festivities from the Day at the Races at Lee Park’s Arlington Hall. Sure, it’s a tad bit chilly, but just pull out that pashmina that matches your derby chapeau and you’ll be set.

While the race is scheduled to start late-ish, get to Lee Park around 3 to get a head start on the fun.

Dallas White Rock Marathon Adds To Its Number of Directors

The White Rock Marathon is just eight months away and to help the huge event kept up with its growth, the board of directors has expanded its number. Looks like former Mayor Laura Miller will be working with former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle again.

The new members, who will serve two-year terms are: [Read more…]

A.W.A.R.E. was Dandy-less but Still Memorable

Since it was announced that this year’s A.WA.R.E. luncheon would honor Don Meredith, anticipation was in overdrive. It had been quite a while since the lovable, legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback/ABC sports commentator had been seen in these parts. It had even taken the very persuasive team of former teammate Lee Roy Jordan and his wife Biddy to personally fly to Santa Fe to talk Don and his wife Susan into accepting the honor.

But behind the scenes there was always the concern that 72-year old Dandy’s health might trump all the planning and hopes.

Unfortunately, it did. Susan admitted that he was just not well enough to make the trip to Dallas and stood in for him. With this in mind, this post is being written, so Don will know what happened. Like Don, it was an event that was endearing, full of fun and legendary.

It seemed that nearly all the 1,110+ crowd attending the luncheon Wednesday at the Fairmont had some sort of personal connection to the man who led the Dallas Cowboys from 1960-1968 at the Cotton Bowl for coach Tom Landry under the ownership of Clint Murchison.

Besides videos about the Don, a celebrity panel of “Dandy Don’s” friends and colleagues at times mistook the event for a roast. But what else would you expect from the likes of football legends Walt Garrison, Bob Lilly (pictured) and Roger Staubach; Frank Gifford, one of Meredith’s broadcast partners on ABC’s Monday Night Football; and emcee Phyllis George, the Denton-born former Miss America (1971)/former CBS sportscaster.

The celebrity panelists described the Mount Vernon native as a fiercely competitive leader with a rowdy, down-home sense of humor. In a video tribute, for instance, Lee Roy said he once asked Meredith why he chose to attend SMU. Don’s reply: “It was close to home, and I could spell it.” [Read more…]

Will Lookin at Lucky be Center of Attention at Lee Park Saturday?

If you want to impress your friends between now and Saturday afternoon, just toss out,

Lookin at Lucky is starting to look better as the leader now that Eskendereya has been pulled due to injury.

You’ll be so-in-the-know regarding Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Now, if you want to really impress them, just ask what time they’ll be attending the race. When they raise their eyebrows, just confess that you’re talking about Park Place Volvo’s “Day at the Races” from 3 to 7 at Lee Park’s Arlington Hall. Did they really think you were taking off for Kentucky, when all the fun will be in Dallas?

Since it’s being tossed by the Lee Park Junior Conservancy, you can expect lots of beautiful people, an abundance of refreshments, and civilized frivolity.

Beyond the Rainbow Treasures Another Success

Question of the day: Why should this photo of Jordan Flint and Barney bother you? Answer: Later.

Last Friday two groups of heroes took to the funway, or rather runway, in the Anatole decked out in Dillard’s fashions for the 22nd annual Beyond the Rainbow Fashion Show/Luncheon. One group was made up of jocks and celebs who go beyond the call of duty in participating and chumming it up with the other group of models — children who have/had cancer.

While all the well-dressed guests were browsing at the silent auction during the pre-show reception, the corp of adult and youth models were having a grand old time in other areas. The youngsters were in the prep room chatting with Mother Goose, clowns and other kid-friendly characters (pictured). They were also getting all dolled up for their catwalk. Think Six Flags Over Texas indoors. It was so much fun that KDFW-CH. 4 anchor/show emcee Clarice Tinsley starting iPhoning photos (pictured).

Across the hallway, the adults were having grownup fun. [Read more…]