Art Ball Raised Lots Of $$$ And Announces Plan For 2012

Merry Vose

The April 30th Art Ball was made even more memorable now that the accountants have tallied up the grand total raised. According to the Dallas Museum of Art’s calculators, a nice, tidy sum of $1.3 million resulted from PastPresentFuture.

The 2012 chairs Julie Hawes and Merry Vose are already plotting next year’s extravaganza and have settled on Saturday, April 28, for Art Ball 2012.

Negotiations are underway for Mother Nature to have a good talk with Old Man Winter about behaving himself next year.

Curtain Call Rounded Up A Mess Of Fun Saturday Night With Blake Shelton, Mosh Pit And Yahoo Partying

Turtle Creek tent

While tents were sprouting at SMU and along Turtle Creek for high-profile weddings Saturday, the Dallas Summer Musicals’ trail boss Michael Jenkins was riding herd on an elegant wild west fundraiser over at the Music Hall at Fair Park.

Mary and John Gill and Amy Turner

With event chairs Mary and John Gill and honorary chair Amy Turner ramrodding Curtain Call’s “All About Tonight, All

Blake Shelton

About the Kids,” it was going to be a “Yahoo!” gala instead of la-di-da-type of evening. After all, the entertainer of the night was C&W’s Blake Shelton. More about Blake later.

Michael Steindorf

Most of the men like Police Chief David Brown and Chuck Gummer opted for traditional black tie with maybe a bolo tie. But others like DSM Executive Committee Chair Michael Steindorf took the black-tie-and-boots-suggested attire seriously donning tuxedo jackets and shirts with creased jeans and boots. The gals had no problem interpreting the attire for the night. Having done graduate work at Cattle Baron’s, they knew the uniform would be short sequined cocktail dresses with boots for dress-up C/W affairs.

Lindsey Bentley

But the evening standouts wore white and lots of it. First, Lindsey Bentley (“like the car”) did a 21st century version of Dale Evans in white fringy cowgirl getup and boots. Only things missing were cowboy hat and fringe gloves. However, the touches of jewelry around her neck and wrist made up for the MIA accessories. The second . . . later.

Karen Mordecai

At one point during the reception, the area looked like Baylor’s rehabilitation center. Sharon Jones with her broken knee cap held court seated in her wheelchair. Karen Mordecai was on crutches thanks to a torn Achilles heel earned during a game of tennis. Her tennis partner Joe Killinger, who looked a bit sheepish about the accident, was by her side. On her good foot she wore a boot; on the crippled one she wore a black cast with a fresh pedicure.

Ron and Nancy Natinsky and Darrell Jordan

But all was not fashion. The politicos were in excellent form with the local election just a week away. Former mayoral candidate Darrell Jordan was talking with mayoral candidate Ron Natinsky and his wife Nancy.  When asked how he was doing, Ron laughed that he was surviving on Taco Bueno. Pete Session‘s elephant lapel pin disappeared sometime between the reception and the dinner.

In the meantime, Executive Chef Hunter Newsom was working in the kitchen in the hopes that they would finish their work in time for him to catch part of Blake’s show. In case you didn’t know, Hunter spent some time in Nashville crooning and strumming before returning to Dallas.


Then it was time for dinner. Starting off with Chile glazed prawns, petite greens and preserved lemon accompanied by watermelon, fresh mint, basil and tamarind, guests then enjoyed coffee-crusted filet of beef with potato puree, asparagus and a Shiner Bock demi. Everything was right on schedule. Remember Michael and his sidekick/wife Wendy are old hands when it comes to doing things up right at the Music Hall. It should also be noted that the centerpieces were far from western but still gorgeous. Perhaps they thought they were supposed to be at a wedding.

Bobbie Wygant was with her buddy Betty Bob Buckley and reported that Betty Bob’s daughter Betty Lynn Buckley will be coming out with a new album produced by T Bone Burnett. Seems Betty Bob and T Bone grew up together in Fort Worth.

In the meantime, Bobbie ain’t just sitting around. She’ll be interviewing Debbie Reynolds when Debbie’s in Dallas for “A Fabulous Luncheon” benefiting Jonathan’s Place.

While Yvonne Crum was hitting her second event of the night, Lynn McBee was under orders from husband Allan that they were restricting their evening’s activities to just one event and “then it’s home.”

Michael Jenkins

At dinner Michael recalled his early days as the late Charlie Meeker‘s assistant at the DSM alongside the late Tom Hughes. One story was about the time that Nanette Fabray was performing in the band shell at Fair Park, and she swallowed an in-flight june bug and promptly passed out.

Waiting for Blake

Just as folks were finishing their dinner, a handful of major sponsors disappeared. Seems they headed to a meet-and-greet with Blake. Like teenagers preparing to meet Justin Bieber, the VIP’s anxiously awaited Blake’s arrival in the Green Room. When he appeared, some were a little taken back by his height and his easy-going, nice-guy manner.

Jeff Smoke

After being photographed with Blake and her date Jeff Smoke, Amy Turner walked over to the couch in the dressing room and sat down. “I’m not star struck or anything,” she said breathlessly. “There’s just something about him. He’s tall. . . and thin. . . and. . .”


Following the picture session, Blake was a great sport signing all types of pictures and things. Then his manager “Kevin,” like a parent knowing curfew is ticking closer, made him leave his adoring fans.

Heading to the hall, the dinner guests were joined by folks like Brenda and Tommy Sandoz and Susan Arledge and Robert Grunnah, who opted for abbreviated tickets (concert and dessert reception). They just wanted to sit back and enjoy some great music and they weren’t disappointed.

Jody Dean

That second gal who was a white clotheshorse standout was Tanya Roberts. With her platinum

Tanya Roberts

hair and pale skin dusted with glitter, she waltzed down the aisle of the Music Hall in a snowflake of a gown looking like Glinda The Good Witch. Even emcee Jody Dean, who was blinded by the spotlight remarked, “My god, those lights are bright. . . The bride has just entered the building!”

But before Blake came on stage, there was the little thing called the live auction. While bargains were had, the big item of the night went to a very cool Amy Turner sitting on the front row. She picked up a resort trip for six to Amanyara in the Turks and Caicos islands for nearly $10,000 under the valued price. Evidently Ms. Amy had researched the spot and knew she had a winner. Immediately, everyone wanted to be Amy’s very BFF.

Blake Shelton and the girls

Then it was on with the show with Blake announcing to the crowd, “This is different from most of the places I play here in Texas. Normally there’d be a couple of fistfights, and people passed out on the floor.”

As the mosh pit of gorgeous gals immediately sprung up, Blake, who was in countdown mode for his wedding to Texan Miranda Lambert, said, “I have been and will continue to be drinkin’ tonight. . . This is country music!. . . I love Texas women!”

And the audience loved him raising the roof of the Music Hall. As Jim Francis put it, “I’m not a big C&W fan, but he’s a cool stud, so I’m looking forward to seeing him.”

Alas, not everyone was pleased with their view of Blake. One gent on the fourth row was a wee bit irritated at the dancing gals blocking his view. Another fellow nearby just chuckled, “I have no complaints,” as he saw gals bouncing, hollering and dancing.

“Stars of Texas. . . Racing Against The Odds” Crosses The Finish Line With $350,000

Mike Moncrief, Rozene and Charley Pride, Rosie Moncrief, Janeen and Randy Galloway

“Stars of Texas. . .Racing Against the Odds” brought in a whopping $350,000 back in April for the America Diabetes Association of North Texas. This brings the total take over the past 14 years to almost $4 million. Hosted by Janeen and Randy Galloway, the event had 850 at Lone Star Park including Nancy Lieberman, Rudy Gatlin, Janie Fricke, Charles Haley, Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and his adorable wife Rosie, Neal McCoy, Sonny Burgess, Brill and Jason Garrett, Daryl Johnston, Jason Witten, Rich Dalrymple, Rozene and Charley Pride, Mike Doocy and Ruth and Nolan Ryan.

When you have that much talent in the house, you just know somebody’s gonna bust out in song, which is what happened when Rudy, Janie, Charley, Sonny and Neal stepped up to the mike.

Photo provided by the American Diabetes Association of North Texas

Louise and Donald Cowan Center For Education Is Officially Dedicated

Nancy Cain Marcus, Dr. Louise Cowan, Dr. Gail Thomas

It was a gathering of friends and fans of Dr. Louise Cowan and her late husband Donald Friday night at the Nancy Cain Marcus Conference Center. The occasion was the official dedication of the Louise and Donald Cowan Center for Education by The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. Considered a “pivotal moment” in the Institute’s 30-year history, the Institute’s education programs will be “encompassed” within the new center.

“The choice of The Dallas Institute to name its educational programs for Drs. Louise and Donald Cowan is significant and fitting,” said Dr. Claudia Allums, Director of the Cowan Center. “The Cowans’ vision nurtures and cultivates an attitude toward education, teaching, and learning that is dynamic, joyful, and meaningful. It prepares teachers and administrators for lives of learning and growing, and it enables them to take this passion into classrooms and schools that have too often been encouraged to become education factories. The Cowans’ philosophy of education is needed now more than ever.  The Cowan Center is education re-humanized, and it has already transformed the lives of thousands of teaching professionals.”

This decision was obvious from the 45-minute address by 94-year-old Louise Cowan. She told the crowd including Kim Jordan, Betty Regard, Judy Pollack, Steven Raab, Deb Suder, Eric Suder, Dr. Russell Bellamy, David Griffin, Nelda Cain Pickens, Clyde Henderson, Deedie Rose, Dr. Gail Thomas and Dr. Larry Allums that the decline of the U.S. in the world’s education rankings (out of 34 countries, the U.S. is 25th in math and 14th in reading) “is due to an inadequate view of the purpose of education and the teacher in particular. Awakening the educators’ joy of learning is central to the nation’s success in schooling.”

Photo provided by The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture


Share-A-Date: Top Hats & Tails

Jason and Michelle Witten and James Gonzalez

Saturday, June 18: Paws in the City‘s Top Hats & Tails at the Frontiers of Flight Museum will be a sell-out for a number of reasons. First, it’s more fun than two puppies playing tug of war. Second, it will honor Jonnie England and Jack Knox. Third, the following characters. . . uh, celebrities dancing with professionals:

  1. Burton Gilliam — actor
  2. Fiona Gorostiza — KDFW-CH. 4 weather
  3. Tony Casillas — former Dallas Cowboy
  4. Jody Dean — KLUV morning drive host
  5. Tammy Dombeck — KXAS-CH. 5 traffic
  6. Gilbert Garza — chef
  7. Rebecca Miller — KDAF-CH.33 meteorologist
  8. Krystal Schlegel — journalist


Don’t Tell Anybody Who’s Performing At The Elizabeth Toons Charities Memorial Concert

Jack Ingram

When the Elizabeth Toon Charities has fundraisers, it doesn’t mess around. Instead of spreading things out over the months, they have two fun-raising events within 24 hours. The first one is Thursday with the Memorial  Concert at Gilley’s staring at 7 p.m. Alas, the ETC reps are not allowed to officially reveal who will be on stage for the concert until Thursday. HOWEVER, if you go to the Elizabeth Toon Charities website, you’ll discover that the entertainers will be Pat Green and Jack Ingram, who blew everybody away at this year’s Cattle Baron’s. Instead of paying CBB prices, you can see and hear both fellers for a mere $40! Plus the opening act will be Mockingbird Sun.

Then on Friday at 10:30 a.m. after everyone has recovered from the concert, the Sporting Clay Tournament will get underway at the Dallas Gun Club.

The 2011 beneficiaries of the two-day funfest are Camp John Marc, Camp Summit, Chase’s Place, Children’s Craniofacial Association, Children’s Medical Center – Palliative Care Program, Community Partners of Dallas, Dallas Children’s Advocacy, Educational First Steps, Heroes for Children, ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and The Rise School of Dallas.

But remember — don’t tell anybody about the entertainers. It’s our secret until Thursday.

Here’s A Chance To Start The Summer Of 2011 In A Mercedes And Make A Difference

Fresh Faces of 2011 Class: (standing) Casey Lee Robinson, Amanda Sisk, Piper Young, Claire Lee Pruitt, Teffy Jacobs, Charlotte Rollins Reynolds; (seated) Lainie Kritser, Amanda Sterett, Shirin Askari and Lisa Petty

Memorial Day is nearing. Wouldn’t it be great to start the whole summer thang in a new car? No, not just any car. How about a nifty Mercedes-Benz? And not just any old Mercedes. Let’s say one from Park Place. And while we’re at it, you’d probably want a choice of Mercedes because everyone has different lifestyles and needs. Hmm, let’s see. Perhaps a 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK (MSRP $41,749) for schlepping the pooches to the groomer or the kiddos to soccer camp? Or, maybe a 2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport (MSRP $38,425) because you’re cool and want something that matches your coolness? Ah, choices, choices, choices!

That’s the only problemo if your raffle ticket is picked on Wednesday, May 25 at Park Place Motorcars Dallas. Tickets are just $100 with proceeds going to the Suicide & Crisis Center thanks to the 2011 Fresh Faces of Fashion gals. You can get your tickets by contacting Fresh Faces Femme Fatale Yvonne Crum or from any of the 2011 Fresh Faces themselves.

Remember the more raffle tickets you purchase, the better your chances for spending the summer in a Mercedes.

Saturday’s Pooch Party At Plano’s Shops At Legacy North Is Just Made For Party Animals

The pooch in the photo just learned that he won’t be the only dog at the Pooch Party at The Shops at Legacy North Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Here the little guy thought he would have the entire event to himself including

  • Dogs and cats getting microchipped for $15 each courtesy of the Plano Animal Shelter;
  • Dr.Troy Lindsey, D.V.M. of Blackstone Animal Hospital providing complimentary consultations thanks to Bachendorf’s;
  • All types of munchables and wearables for critters at Gameday Cloth; and
  • Melanie Gayle offering 20% off for those who adopt a pet from one of the numerous rescue organizations.

What rescue groups will be there? Boston Terrier Rescue, Hilcrest Animal Rescue, Lone Star Pyrs & Paws rescue, Metroplex Mutts, Plano Animal Shelter, Texas Italian Greyhound and Weimaraner Rescue.

Oh, and as if that isn’t enough! Twisted Root is celebrating the opening of its new store at The Shops at Legacy North by offering a free hot dog, side and drink if you adopt a dog on Saturday.  Then you can scoot on over to Pacuigo Gelato to take advantage of a Buy One Get One Free cup or cone. But remember it only applies if you adopt a new best friend.



Start Thinking Real Hard Day(‘)s And Night(s) About Beatles’ Trivia

Now is the time to hustle up anybody with mind-boggling knowledge about the Beatles. No, not the obvious stuff like George was married to Patti and Ringo replaced Pete Best. That’s oh-so-everybody-knows-that-stuff.  No, it’s got to be people who know minutiae like the connection between Julie and Jim Turner and the Beatles. Later.

Janie Condon

The reason is the Beat Leukemia Ball on Saturday, November 12, at the Hilton Anatole chaired by Janie Condon and Kim Miller. Leukemia Texas executive director  Steve Young told the group at Cru on Wednesday that this year’s event would reward the Beatlemania types big time. The table that wins the trivia contest will win round trip air fare on American Airlines for everyone at the table. Hello? That amounts to a value of $9,000. According to organizers, KLUV is putting the prize together.

Steve Young

Speaking of Beatle aficionados, Steve himself is a great lover of the Fab Four. But he did admit to a childhood regret. It seems that when he was just a new kid at St. Marks back in the 60’s, a friend had tickets to the Beatles concert in Dallas and offered a seat to Steve on the fourth row. Steve, being a typical guy, took a pass and went to the St. Marks football game. He didn’t say if St. Marks won.

Julie Turner

Oh, you wanted to know what honorary chairs Julie and Jim Turner of Dr Pepper fame have in common with the Beatles. Well, it seems that in writing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Paul McCartney originally wanted it to be Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Evidently band leaders during the Victorian era were called “doctor.”Then someone told him that there was this soft drink in “the colonies” called Dr Pepper. The doctor became a sergeant and the rest is history. Even Julie didn’t know that one!


Neither Rain Nor Thunder Will Keep The Gals From Shopping At The 20th Annual Salvation Army Fashion Show/Luncheon

Monday it appeared that Old Man Winter had returned to pester the 20th Salvation Army Fashion Show/Luncheon at Brook Hollow Golf Club with cold temperatures and rain. Oh, please! Nothing gets between the dedicated ladies of the annual shop-til-you-drop fundraiser and their booty.

The event had hardly started than the line was backed up trying to get into the ballroom where the Chic Boutique featured racks and racks of “experienced designer clothes.” Designer names were being snapped up by boldface types for minuscule prices. A vintage Issey Miyake jacket in excellent condition went for a mere $25.

Debbie Denmon

WFAA-CH. 8’s Debbie Denmon was a first timer but she got into the swing of things immediately scouring the racks. Boy, was she impressed and she’s a sharp cookie when it comes to everything from accessories, shoes to clothes.

Members of the Tuesday-to-be-named Best Dressed List held their own in digging through the jammed up rods. Think Filene’s on steroids.

After all, these clothes came from the closets of Ruth Altshuler, Joanne Bilby, Linda Buford, Pam Busbee, Nancy Carter, Kerbey Clark, Linda Custard, Liz Dierksmeier, Heather Furniss, Nancy Halbreich, Jan Harbour, Gene Jones, Karen Key, Sophie Lee, Janie McGarr, Joyce Mitchell, Edith O’Donnell, Margot Perot, Bea Pickens, Jan Pickens, Carol Poston, Eileen Pratt, Caren Prothro, Lorraine Raggio, Deedie Rose, Mardie Schoellkopf, Annette Simmons, Betsy Sowell, Gail Turner, B.J. Ward and Dee Wyly.  And you just know these gals hang with

Patsy Donosky

the right designers.  Then if you add in contributions from Bodacious Boutique, Escada, Stanley Korshak, Betty Reiter, Tootsies and Turtletique, you know why the Chic Boutique was reminiscent of the original Last Call sales.

But then all good things had to come to an end and the ladies politely headed for the fashion show in the tent just a few feet away. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem — a few steps down to the covered walk and into the mammoth tent. But Old Man Winter wasn’t going to let things happen so easily. The steps weren’t a problem, but the walkway was more like a moat with no drawbridge. There was no tippy toeing to dry spots to get through it. The whole thing was submerged. Ah, but it was water not nuclear waste and the guests waded through it to the tent.

Gene Jones and Charlotte Anderson

Once inside it was downright fine and everyone settled back for the show. But to get that number of people into the tent took some time, so the ladies chatted and chatted. Normally it would have been hard to call them to order, but Old Man Winter did the job with a single bolt of rolling thunder that seemed to go from one end of the tent to the other. Nervous smiles, big eyed-looks and silence replaced the chatter.

One guest wondered if the top of the tent would stand up to the rain. With that utterance, her friends raised their eyes to the ceiling but no problem appeared.

On schedule Debbie started the fashion show explaining that she was subbing in for Gloria Campos who was still recovering from surgery. She indicated that it was indeed a pleasure to replace Gloria with all the shopping opportunities adding she really wanted a certain Chanel purse. Doesn’t everyone?

Pam Busbee and Patti Flowers

Then event co-chairs Pam Busbee and Patti Flowers took over the podium in galoshes and Patti carrying an umbrella to thank a number of committee members and “friends.”

Jessica Jones

Following Pam and Patti, it was on with the show of “gently worn” clothes with such labels as Valentino, Feraud, Zac Posen, Dolce & Gabbana, Lela Rose, Marc Jacobs, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Chloe, Christian Dior and Escada. Joining the professional models on the catwalk were daughters and granddaughters of Joneses, Augurs and others in the audience, but it was hard to tell the newbies from the pros. They all looked designer great!