TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Item #7

If you love food and art, you have found your TACA auction item. In one similar auction, a couple paid highly for a dinner for their friend just with Jaap. But this year, you can have the whole kit and kaboodle!

Item # 7 — Stellar Cellar Dining, Star-filled Salon Conversation (value: Priceless)

The Dallas arts community has made headlines internationally in the last year. From the new AT&T Performing Arts Center to critical acclaim for local productions, Dallas is the talk of art world.

Now, you and three other couples can chat all about the performing arts over dinner with the Dallas Arts Triumvirate — (pictured from the left) Dallas Symphony Orchestra‘s Music Director Jaap van Zweden, Dallas Theater Center‘s Artistic Director Kevin Moriarty and Dallas Opera‘s General Director Keith Cerny.

And just where would an appropriate place for such a supper to take place? You wouldn’t want to be in a crowded dining room. No, you would want an intimate spot far from boisterous noise and those nasty eavesdroppers. Ah, but the food and wines would have to be top notch.

TACA is an old hand at picking such a spot — The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek’s Wine Cellar! To match the quality of these renowned artists, none other that the Mansion’s Executive Chef Bruno Davaillon will prepare a four-course dinner paired with one-of-a-kind wines by Moet Hennessy including Krug Champagne, Cloudy Bay, Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Newton “The Puzzle,” Chateau Cheval de Andes and Veuve Cliquot Demi-Sec.

BTW, you won’t have to worry about driving home after the wearing hosting duties. You’ll spend the night at the Mansion with in-room breakfast for two and overnight valet parking.

Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival Brings Anne-Marie McDermott To Dallas

As long as Dallas summers have been hot, locals have sought refuge in Colorado. It had everything that Texans wanted but couldn’t find in this neck of the woods — mountains, tall timber and cool temperatures.

However, in recent summers another item appeared on the Colorado radar — the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival. Not only is this world-famous festival located near one of Dallasites’ favorite Colorado towns (Vail), it  also features  the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as one of its three orchestras in residence (the other two are the New York Philharmonic and The Philadelphia Orchestra).

Needless to say, the relationship between the DSO and Bravo! is cozy. Monday night it became downright adorable as a perfect storm of Vailies and Dallasites came together at Shirley and Bill McIntyre‘s incredible 10,700-square-foot home designed by San Antonio architect Tim Blonkvist. The occasion was a very small gathering of DSO patrons for a private recital by renowned pianist Anne-Marie McDermott (pictured), who will be part of the DSO’s “Beethoven’s Triumph” (Thursday, September 23 – Sunday, September 26).

Before the recital began, it was an opportunity for locals to chat with the blue ribbon ambassadors of the Bravo! including VVF Executive Director John Giovando, who seemed right at home.

Who wouldn’t?

The McIntyres not only have a magnificently built home to complement the surrounding trees and lush grounds with its charming creeks, they are also tops when it comes to hospitality. (Reminder: When Armani was in town for the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show a couple of years ago, it was the McIntyre home that was the scene of the patron party. How very appropriate that Shirley wore Armani Monday night.)

Then Anne-Marie was introduced by a coterie of men including John, Jaap, Bill and Alan. The very eloquent VVF Chairman of the Board of Trustees Alan Kosloff (pictured right with Judy Kosloff) told the group, “You should be very proud, because the Dallas Symphony today is a world-class orchestra.”

In flawless white, Anne-Marie’s performance of Bach’s English Suite No. 2 in A Minor, BMV 807 was equally flawless. Her fingers flew on the ivories in the McIntyres’ living room. Then she performed selections from Chopin, Schumann/Liszt and Gruenfeld. The audience of 50 was mesmerized.

But the night was not limited to the fluid skills of Ms. McDermott. There was much catching up among the musical set including Gary Cogill‘s (pictured with Shirley McIntyre) looking forward to his new career with his newly-formed company, LasCaux Films LLC, after he signs off as arts editor for WFAA on Friday, October 8.  After reviewing 10,000 films and at age 57, “I’m interested in being great and taking risks,” he said. In addition to LasCaux, he’s taking on his own personal project. It will be a documentary called “Dinners” featuring a bunch of locals doing good food and wine and conversation and music. Filmed over multiple nights, it features the likes of Dean Fearing, Nick Badovinus, actress/songbird Betty Buckley, SMU coach Junes Jones and former Dallas Cowboy Daryl Johnston.  Gary admitted that after covering the DSO’s performances at VVF, “I’ve fallen in love again with classical music. (Jaap and the orchestra) energized me.” Gary was just nominated for two regional Emmys for his WFAA special on Jaap, “The Man and The Music,” and for another interview done separately on Jaap. He also indicated that WFAA was searching for his replacement and that the focus would be on the fine arts as opposed to movies . . .Peggy Thompson came solo since husband Jere was out of town playing golf. She told Vailie Judy Kosloff that she managed to get Jere to attend a classical performance at the VVF. Then she added it was Gershwin, but she was easing her husband into the classical mode. . . Marilyn Augur looked relieved to have the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show behind her. While she was thrilled to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, it was all the makeup that the honorees had to wear for their presentation that was a strain. . . Jaap introduced his son Benjamin to new DSO President/CEO Paul Stewart and his sweetheart/wife/Winstead  McGuire PC attorney Melissa (pictured left with Marilyn Augur and Paul Stewart).

After Monday night, the relationship between Dallas and Vail just progressed from going steady to being downright engaging.

TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Item #6

Since TACA benefits the arts, it’s only fitting that an auction item involves the Texas Ballet Theater. While some think the ballet package suitable for a grandmother or mother to gift a coterie of little ones, it just might be perfect for gals who struggled through ballet lessons a couple of decades ago.

Item #6 — Sunday Holiday Brunch and Ballet with the Girls – Sunday, December 5. (Value: Priceless)

On Sunday, December 5, a dozen friends will start the day with a brunch in “The Glass House” on the second floor of Neiman Marcus’ flagship store. During the feast, a couple of winners from the Youth American Grand Prix International Ballet Competition Award will drop by for photos and to sign autographs with each of the guests. For those not aware of the ballet world, the visit by the twosome would be like having the competing quarterbacks for the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic stop by to “Hi.”

Then it’s off to the Winspear to attend the Texas Ballet Theater’s performance of The Nutcracker. While other patrons will go to the lobby during intermission, not your group. Heavens, no! Your dozen will go backstage for a tour and have the performers sign a pair of pointe shoes for each of your guests to take home.

But it doesn’t end for your Cinderella following the performance. One lucky member of your group will have classes with the Texas Ballet Theater School  in either the spring or fall semester of 2011. The tough part will be your deciding who will be the fortunate prima ballerina.

Rawlins Gilliland To Provide Comic Relief On KERA

One of MySweetCharity’s favorite bon vivants/ wordsmiths is going to be on the radio-waves Wednesday. Rawlins Gilliland (pictured left with, from the left, Mona and Honey) will be on  KERA-FM (90.1) from 9 to 11 a.m. during “The Diane Rehm Show.”

What will he be doing? According to Rawlins,

“I will attempt to deliver some comic relief to what promises to be an exhausting Pledge Drive. Any amount, however small, called into the station or done online will really make me smile. I am not used to smiling on air live at 9 a.m.”

Share-A-Date: National Philanthropy Day Luncheon

Friday, November 12 @ Hyatt Regency Dallas: The 25th Annual National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon will honor the following:

  • Outstanding Philanthropists — The Hallam Family
  • Outstanding Foundation — The Sammons Dallas Foundation
  • Outstanding Corporation — AT&T, Inc.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser — Cecile Bonte
  • Outstanding Fundraising Executive — David Krause
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy — Leah Prager

TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Item #5

What would an black-tie auction be without a little bling, bling? Flat! And the TACA RBC Wealth Management Customer Auction is about as flat as a Louboutin boot. But leave it to TACA to add a little extra oomph to their jewelry offering.

Item #5 — Living on Texas Time (apologies to Tulsa) – Neiman Marcus and BVLGARI – now both time-honored Dallas traditions. (Value: $32,000)

It wouldn’t be absolutely correct to say that since the beginning of time, Bulgari has been ticking. But since elegant people have recognized that timepieces were works of art, Bulgari has been producing the gems that donned wrists in boardrooms and in ballrooms.

TACA has arranged for “His and Hers” Bulgari watches for the winning bidder —

  • His is a 42mm chrono automatic function, steel case and bracelet, silver dial with central date
  • Hers is a 33 mm automatic movement, 18kt yellow gold case and bracelet, silver dial with central date

But let’s not stop with this time-honored item. TACA has also arranged for you enjoy a two-day stay in NYC with accommodations at The Plaza. In addition you’ll spend a day at Bulgari in NYC and lunch with Nichola Bulgari (vice chairman of Bulgari Group and grandson of its founder). This is a rare treasure for  isn’t a collector or just someone with time on his/her hands.

MSC SweetDeal: Question #5

MySweetCharity was recently asked if a person or persons could bid on an ad space to thank a group or to congratulate an organization/person for a job well done.

The answer is “Heck, yes!” We love being the online Hallmark card.

If you need details on the auction process, just go here.

The auction for October ads ends this Saturday at 6 p.m.  So, just send your questions and bids to [email protected]

BTW, there are some bargains still available much to the chagrin of Mr. MSC Accountant.

Dallas Contemporary Packs ‘Em In for Legends Salute To Joan Davidow

Dallas Contemporary has had a rough go of late. There were the problems with postponing the opening due to little thing like a city permit. Then there was the air conditioning. Or, rather the lack of an air-conditioning system.  And finally there was the stepping aside of its leader Joan Davidow that had many wondering, “What the heck is going on there?” and, “Is it going to survive?”

Well, Thursday night all the problems of the past seemed to be history and the question of DC’s future was looking more promising than Jackson Pollock of the 1940’s. The occasion was the Contemporary Legends 2010 Grand Event honoring Joan Davidow, who had mother-henned the venture through various stages for decades.

One skeptic called a few days ahead and was reassured that the AC was in place and blowing. If you don’t understand the concern, you haven’t been to the former gargantuan space sans artificial air.   But, yes, the AC was going full steam ahead for the hundreds that arrived on the scene and what a scene it was.

All the be’s and wannabe’s of the Dallas art community were there. Joyce Goss in a great raspberry top was front and center assuring friends that the opening of the relocated Goss-Michael Foundation was on schedule for a November opening.  . . . Billie Leigh Rippey just barely made it to the party having just returned from the planning launch of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle in Houston. She had been comparing notes with Houston to-be-counterpart Bobbie Nau. The name of Joanne Herring as honorary chair of the chapter was part of the mix, too. . . . Michael “Mike” Thompson opted to get in the swing of things by wearing a tail. Why, oh why, does the expression, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” seem to apply to this situation?. . . Jeanne Marie Clossey (pictured left with, from the left, Allen Questrom and David Nichols) looking younger than ever (perhaps it’s the tan and freckles. Boy, can she wear those freckles!) admitted that since chairing the Performing Arts Center launch, she had gone under the radar. When confronted that she needed to roll up her couture sleeves and fundraise again, she admitted that she was worn out from fundraising and was seriously thinking about getting back to the grassroots of teaching. Lucky students!!. . . Veletta Forsythe Lill reported that she had just held her first public hearing on mobile food trucks and “was very encouraged.”

After eyeballing some of the works by Kit Reisch (pictured) and chowing down on food from around the world,  the program took place with the likes of chair Laura Boekman, past Legend recipient Kelli Questrom and sculptor Frances Bagley. Joan’s husband Stuart Glass stole the show with a love fest and a slight twist of the tongue. He told the crowd that their loss was his gain. Now under normal circumstances, that would be perfectly normal. Duh. But at one point in the evening a speaker asked the 450  to applaud if they loved Joan. It was noted that a uncomfortable number of hands stayed in their laps. They must have been newcomers to the art world and guests of the old-timers.

TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Item #4

Sometime the very best things are in our very own backyard. Since your schedule is pretty overloaded and there is no time to coordinate travel, you’re interested in something nearby that is going to happen immediately. Well, has TACA got an item for you, especially if you’re hungry and know 29 others that share your need for immediate, one-of-a-kind gratification.

Item #4 – Cuisine That Counts (Value: Priceless)

Some Dallasites would rather “cross the Rubicon” than the Trinity. Oh, that was so yesterday! Perhaps it’s the construction of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge or the projected plans for the Trinity that have change old ways. Or perhaps it’s because some of Dallas most creative types have hunkered down in the neighborhood.

Regardless, it’s also gained quite a reputation for unique and fun dining experiences that can’t be found north of the river. For instance 48 Nights that dazzled both chefs and gourmets with excitement.

Now father of 48 Nights and Sylvan Thirty Brent Jackson, who is known for doing nothing like ordinary people, will host a very special dinner for 30 in the former home of 48 Nights in North Oak Cliff. “A local renowned local chef” will create a multi-course supper for you on Monday, October 18.

So just imagine all the hoop-la you heard about 48 Nights and how people fought to attend one of the evenings. Now you can have it all to yourselves and your very special friends.

Oh, and don’t worry. No conflict with the Cowboys schedule. They’re playing the day before.

TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Item #3

Whether you’re an old hand at fashion shows or know someone who pours through W, you just know the ultimate is Fashion Week in New York. Everyone from fashion editors to buyers vye for a place at “certain designers’ shows.” What’s more you want to make sure that you have the “right person” to escort you. TACA has come up with an auction item that solves all your worries and even more. Think Tribeca loft, tailor-made dress and turning your friend green with envy.

Item #3: Lela Rose “Runway and Dinner Party” – February 13th During New York Fashion Week (Value: Priceless)

Photo from Neiman Marcus and Lela Rose

Lela Rose is the hometown gal who has made it big in the Big Apple as well as the fashion world. Just getting a seat at her show during Fashion Week is a feat. So imagine being able to have a party of six at the Fall 2011 show! Oh, but it gets better. . . so much better.

NM’s Ken “Mr. Fashion Plate” Downing will join your party for the show at Lincoln Center. Afterwards, you, your friends and Ken will mosey on back stage to chat with Lela and “share with her YOUR pick from the runway.” Lela will put into motion the plans to have your selection made specifically for you.

More? Yes!

The next morning, you’ll meet Lela at her studio to take measurements and to discuss details of your outfit int he making.

Later than day, you and your friends will lunch at on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman’s at BG, the Kelly Wearstler-designed restaurant.

And by now, you, Lela and Ken are such buds, you and your party will have cocktails and dinner at Lela’s (and husband Brandon Jones) recently-renovated Tribeca loft. You just know that with parents like Deedie and Rusty Rose that the art is going to be amazing.

Oh, and please don’t be surprised when a “Fashion Notable” arrives to join you for Lela’s handmade margaritas.

What a simply way to get your fall wardrobe headed in the right direction!