PETA Provides Hot Tips Plus "Don't Call 311!"

Just checked the temperature it’s a toasty 95 degrees outside. It appears the dog days of summer are yelping. With that in mind, PETA has provided some reminders for canine care: [Read more…]

Bring On The Fans For The Hot Times

The only ones celebrating the rising temperatures are the air conditioning repairmen. It’s their time of the year. Having just had lunch with a charming fellow who used me as an excuse to get out of his office while the A/C paramedics were resuscitating the company’s exhausted system, it’s time to face the reality of the season.

Yes, it’s miserable when you move from you air-conditioned vehicle to your air-conditioned office/home, but there are people without any cooling at all. You can help by checking on neighbors who might be in need of A/C. Yes, we all assume that everyone has it, but you’d be surprised how older folks especially are cutting back on costs. They also tend to keep their houses locked up for fear of break ins and are much more susceptible to heat stroke.

If you know of any organizations in need of donated fans to give to the poor, feel free to mention them in the comments.

We're So Proud Of You

Congratulations, Dallas. In the most recent ranking of charitable cities by Charity Navigator, Dallas is #3. Yes, we know, we know. Houston is #2. But when you consider the recessionary environment, you have to be so proud that you’re part of a community that has dug a little deeper than the rest to help others.

Did you know the last time the survey was conducted we weren’t even in the top five a year ago? Go ahead. No one’s looking. Go ahead and smile. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Now let’s see if we can’t nudge Houston out of that #2 spot next year.

The Samaritan Inn Got Wonderful News

Located in McKinney, The Samaritan Inn has been a haven for many homeless. Presently there are 129 people living at the Inn, of which 43 are children. The recent economic challenges have created an even greater demand for the shelter in a county that everyone just assumed was terribly affluent.

After three years of planning and raising funds, The Samaritan Inn organization has purchased Victory Christian Church. Located on two acres across the street from the shelter, the 4,500-square foot building will provide accommodations for single men and free up space in the current facility for 11 family rooms.

The church will be vacated within 45 days, but renovations will take place immediately. They’re looking for plumbers and electricians to donate their services. For those of us less skilled, they have buckets of paints and brushes. If you’re taking off for the summer, you can always donate bunk beds, linens, lockers and money, of course.

Early Morning Call for Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend. A perfect time to sleep in. More than perfect would be heading out to D/FW International Airport to greet the returning troops. Yes, you have to be there by 7 a.m. when the plane arrives, but when you see the soldiers’ expressions as they see the people welcoming them home. . . well, you’ll want to be there daily.

The organizers have even arranged for you to have free parking.

Did you know that D/FW International is one of two U.S. airports where troops arrive before going to their hometowns? That means the first time they touch American soil is right in our backyard.

For details, just go here.

TACA Lexus Party On The Green Brings Home A Lot Of Green

Just a week ago today, the TACA Lexus Party on the Green was held at the Rosewood Mansion. While there are more than a dozen chefs throughout the world in various stages of recovery from the epic epicurean soirée, the nimble fingers of the TACA elves have been hard at work tallying up the grand total. And what a total it is!

Almost $350,000 was raised thanks to Event Chair Ashley Tripplehorn and the support of 550 guests, event sponsors (ALON USA, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, Lexus, American Airlines, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, 103.7 Lite FM, PaperCity and Texas Monthly) and chef sponsors (Artesana Rosewood Residences/Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, Baker Botts L.L.P., Bickel & Brewer, Diane and Hal Brierley, Faye C. Briggs, Nancy and Clint Carlson, Carreker Family Foundation, Dianne Cash, Don and Barbara Daseke, Jennifer and Tim Doke, Jennifer and John Eagle (pictured), Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Ford, Tara Lewis and John Swords, Neiman Marcus, The Rosewood Corporation, Jacquelin Sewell and Travis Wolff Independent Advisors & Accountants.

Suggestion: Put Friday, September 24, on your calendar for the TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Gala.

"We're Talking Baseball" Is Your Get-Out-Of-Jail Card

When you play Monopoly, your “get out of jail” card frees you from just about anything. For baseball players, it’s, “We’re talking baseball.” Remember that later.

Sunday night after a sour defeat to the Cubs, the Texas Rangers regrouped for the Eighth Annual Triple Play Game Show Extravaganza at the Anatole hosted by Cristina Barbosa-Young and Michael Young, Dana and Josh Lewin and Lisa and Ken Schnitzer. Benefiting the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation that supports programs for improving the lives of children in need, this was definitely a big league event. With Tivo’s set for Lost Sunday night, baseball fans of all ages were chatting it up with their Rangers.  Ron Washington, Jim Sundberg, Rusty Greer, José Guzmán and other Rangers, both past and present, moseyed around the aisles and aisles of silent auction items talking with fans like Oscar Howard and Chris Batiste (pictured right with from the left Oscar and Ron). [Read more…]

Sting And The Winspear Were Stage-jacked Saturday And Didn't Mind It All

Photo provided by North Texas Super Bowl XLV

See the picture to the left? Looks like a lollaplooza moment? Did designer Norman Foster envision this scene at the Winspear? More about that later. [Read more…]

Keith Cerny, Welcome To The AT&T PAC Hood

Today is Dallas Opera General Director Keith Cerny‘s (pictured) first day on the job. Why not drop him a note or just give him a call to say, “Hello and welcome.”

Remember you pronounce his last name “SUR-nee.” It rhymes with “Ernie.”

TACA Lexus Party On The Green Brought Out Chefs And Cool Clothes

Poor Oliver Ridgeway! The Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi chef was probably thinking, “Veni, vidi, edi” (“They came, they saw, they ate!”) after Friday night’s TACA Lexus Party on the Green at the Rosewood Mansion. He had meticulously prepared 550 crisp ahi tuna tacos with piquant mango salsa, avocado mousse, wasabi tobiko and southwest microgreens for the 500+ guests. That should have been enough with over a dozen other world-class chefs stationed with their signature dishes in other parts of the Mansion. But, alas, he found himself scrambling around on the Terrace trying to pull together a Reader’s Digest version with what materials he had left over to feed with masses who returned with empty plates for “more, sir.” You would have thought the darlings hadn’t eaten since last year’s Party On The Green.

But Oliver wasn’t alone in fulfilling the demands of the glamorous chow lines. [Read more…]