Bishop’s Gala With Bill Cosby Is Nearly Sold Out

If you were thinking how great it would be so see and hear Bill Cosby on Saturday, January 22, at the 13th Annual Bishop’s Gala, stop thinking and get your tickets. Word just arrived that it’s nearly sold out. Having seen Cos at the Meyerson, you can on imagine how much fun it will be at the Anatole. Think huge nightclub for you, Colleen Barrett, Lee Roy Jordan, Everson Wall and 1,000 others with Fat Albert’s best friend in charge.

Another bonus of the evening, besides the auction, food and entertainment, is the raffle of a Deluxe Super Bowl XLV Ticket Package. Yes, everyone is raffling off Super Bowl tickets, but Gala Chair Kathleen Tarantino has come up with a pretty darn unique one. This package includes the following:

  • 2 tickets to Super Bowl XLV,
  • 2 V.I.P. tickets to Lee Steinberg‘s pre-party at Eddie Dean Ranch and the 2011 Saturday Spectacular pre-party at the Frontiers of Flight museum with Kevin Costner and Jeremy Piven and
  • a signed jersey from one of the quarterbacks of Super Bowl XLV.

You can get the $50 raffle tickets at  If you’re smart, you’ll go for the 3 tickets for $100.

Proceeds from the evening go to the Catholic Charities of Dallas.

Casting Call For All Non-Singing Operatic Types

If you’ve ever aspired to be in an opera but have problems even humming “Happy Birthday, has The Dallas Opera got a deal for you! The Opera is holding tryouts for “men, women and children of all ages to perform non-singing, walk-on roles” for the spring season. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll land a spot as a member of nobility, a peasant, soldiers or who knows.

The casting opportunity will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Where? NOT at the Winspear. You’ll need to email Production Assistant Tai Renfrow ([email protected]) to learn the location and any additional info.

Just think how impressive it will be on your resume. . . “performed in The Dallas Opera.”

Tagalong Alert: Girl Scout Cookies Are Available Friday

Photo provided by the Girl Scouts

Scrub the diets and wait for the knock at the door (pictured). The Girl Scouts Cookie Program kicks off Friday for the 35th year.

Besides coming to your doorstep, parents of Girls Scouts will probably be taking orders at the office. And if you still don’t get your Samoas and Tagalongs fix, booth sales will commence Friday, February 25, and continue through the end of March. It’s a snap to locate the  cookie provider.

If you’re going to stick to you diet, but still want to support the Girl Scouts, you can donate your purchase to Project Troop to Troop. The cookies are sent to Fort Hood, the USO, the American Red Cross and “ultimately service men and women at home and abroad. Last year Project Troop to Troop provided 140,000 packages of cookies.

Proceeds from the sales help “Girls Scouts develop five key skills, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

“We are excited for our girls and their families to support each other through the Girl Scout Cookie Program while learning important leadership skills that will provide a lifelong foundation for success,” said Colleen Walker, CEO for the Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas. “Cookie time is very special because it brings everyone, from girls and families to alumnae and volunteers, together for a common cause — building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.”

So, put the diets off until April.

Share-The-Date: Opening Of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

October 14-16: After decades of planning, fund raising and construction (pictured) , the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge with its 400-foot white arch will officially connect downtown Dallas with West Dallas with a weekend of festivities.

Gail Thomas, president of The Trinity Trust, said, “The art, the architecture and the engineering required in building the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is itself an image of grace under pressure.  This bridge will redefine the Dallas skyline, making it a new icon for the city.”

Under the watchful eyes of Lynn McBee, The Trinity Trust and Trinity Commons Foundation, the events will include the following:

  • Friday, October 14 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Preview Party chaired by Toni Brinker
  • Friday, October 14 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Party
  • Saturday, October 15 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Inauguration and Ribbon Cutting (Free)
  • Saturday, October 15 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Street Fair (Free)
  • Sunday, October 16 — Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Community Day (Free)

Honorary chairs for the weekend will be the three Dallas mayors who were involved in its creation (Ron Kirk, Laura Miller and Tom Leppert).

Lynn said, “We are planning a celebration of monumental nature to commemorate the magnificence of this Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge, the first of his signature bridges in Dallas.  The Friday events will generously underwrite the free Saturday and Sunday days for our entire community to be the first to walk on and enjoy the beautiful bridge.”

Start making plans. This is going to be really big weekend in Dallas for one and all.

Charles Simmons, R.I.P.

We’re getting reports from reliable sources that Charles Simmons has died. When we last saw him, he was fit as a fiddle at Crystal Charity Ball with Caroline Rose Hunt. His only concern was for Caroline.

Prior to that event, he was seen with Caroline and Margaret McDermott (pictured left, with, from the left, Charles Simmons and Caroline Rose Hunt) at the dedication of the Annette Strauss Square. At that time the gentleman was trying to provide shade for Margaret with no concern for his own comfort.

Our most sincere condolences are extended to his family and dear friends.

Former DSO Director Of Communications Stacie Wheelock Adams Is Now A DSO Consultant

Just as the dust had settled on the departure and going-away-parties for Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Director of Communications Stacie Wheelock Adams from the DSO, an update arrived.

Ms. Stacie will continue “to work as a consultant in the New Year” for the DSO. Hmm, sounds like someone checked with AT&T Performing Arts Center when Maria May waved bye-bye and evolved into a  consultant.

Make Plans And Get Warm At Soups On! 2011

Yup, it’s cold outside and it’s gonna get colder. But if you want a warm bowl of soup masterminded by one of Dallas’ nine top chefs, have we got a deal for you. Soups On! 2011 is perfectly planned for Tuesday, January 25, at Reunion Station.

It benefits The Stewpot Alliance for Dallas’ homeless population.

BTW, featured speakers are going to be Mort Meyerson and Gary Cogill, both of whom are yummy.

Get Smashburgers For Family Gateway

Forget the diets, or at least put them off until January 18th. Smashburger on McKinney is donating $1 to Family Gateway for each Lonestar Smashburger purchased until January 17.

Along with the dollars resulting from the burger sales, the local franchise-holder DC Rightside LLC is kicking in an additional $500. You just might recognize the DC Rightside partners. They’re Tye Williams and Dallas Cowboys linemen Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis and their wives.

The Life Of Hope

The holidays provided several gifts. One of them was a bittersweet one. It was the news that Hope Watson Rohr had died in October at the grand old age of 92 in Weslaco, Texas. No, she wasn’t a former Dallas debutante nor a Texas stateswoman. Hope was one of the oldest living “graduates” of Hope Cottage.  She was also among the first babies to find refuge at Hope Cottage when it opened in 1918. Her birth mother, grandmother and great grand mother had all been victims of the influenza epidemic of 1918.

Photo provided by Hope Cottage

HC Executive Director Leslie White wrote a marvelous story last January about Hope (pictured) and her adoption, her marriage, and her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You’ll learn how her adoptive parents selected her from the 18 babies in cribs and how her father was responsible for her natty haircut.

You might want to check Hope Cottage’s website. It’s filled with pictures of new parents receiving their babies and stories like Hope’s.

Share-A-Date: 19th Annual Juanita And Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon

Tuesday, February 22: The 19th annual Women’s Board of the Dallas Opera Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. Founders Award Luncheon will honor Sara and David Martineau. Luncheon Chair Kim Miller has a Romeo & Juliet theme with a romantic performance by Dallas Opera singers at the Brook Hollow Golf Club event.