Change Of Plans: Lemonade Day Greater Dallas Best-Tasting Lemonade Contest

The weather predictors are having event organizers kick in their back-up plans. First, The Great Create revealed that it’s all ready to move inside if the guessers are right.

Now, word just arrived that this Sunday’s Lemonade Day Best-Tasting Lemonade Contest that was scheduled to take place “at Klyde Warren Park has been move due to predictions of inclement weather for that day.”

Front row: Sonny Alaniz, Michael Salazar, Albert Morales, Natnael Asrat; Back row: Mike Rawlings and Robert Alpert* (File photo)

Front row: Sonny Alaniz, Michael Salazar, Albert Morales, Natnael Asrat; Back row: Mike Rawlings and Robert Alpert (File photo*)

The event where celebrity judges like restaurateur Phil Romano, Dallas Cowboy coach Jason Garrett, State Senator Royce West, Klyde Warren, Hockaday senior Maddie Bradshaw (founder of m3 girl designs, a jewelry company with $1.6 million in annual revenue), and Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation founder Gail Warrior, will now select the best tasting lemonade at Trinity  Groves restaurant and entertainment district.

While we all know that there have been weather threats recently that have fizzled out, this ain’t a case of crying, “Wolf!” If you have an outdoor event, you really need to a back-up plan for the sake of your guests, staffs and vendors.

* Photo provided by Lemonade Day Greater Dallas

JUST IN: The Great Create Will Take Place Sunday

The weathercasters are all in a tizzy! Seems hail, thunder, lightning, tornadoes, plague and locusts are preparing to take over on Sunday. Okay, so the plague and locusts are staying at home, but the rest is supposedly on the agenda.

Sunday afternoon is also when The Great Create at the Nasher Sculpture Center is to commence. And, yes, it still will, regardless of the weather. Despite its original plan is to once again take place in the OMG garden, Nasher Maven Of Information Kristen Gibbins reports, “In case of rain, it will be inside and be awesome!”

The Great Create 2013 (File photo)

The Great Create 2013 (File photo)

And everybody knows that when someone from the Nasher uses the word “awesome,” they’re understating plans.

Oh, boy! Can’t wait for the kids, colors and creative types Sunday come rain or shine from 1 to 4 p.m. Family co-chairs include Tonya and Todd Ramsey plus their kids Truett, Maggie and Berkeley and Courtney and Jeff Sinelli plus their munchkins Story and Sky.

The Great Create 2013  (File photo)

The Great Create 2013 (File photo)

Family Gateway To Launch “Gateway To Opportunity Luncheon”

Family Gateway has taken on a huge challenge — eliminate child homelessness by 2017. To do this, the organization founded by the late Mayor Annette Strauss decided that it had graduated from the days of Celebrity Waiter Luncheons and needed to up the ante.

Don and Ana Carty (File photo)

Don and Ana Carty (File photo)

Indeed it has. On Friday, November 7, at The Ritz-Carlton, Co-Chairs Beth and Ron Hall along with Honorary Co-Chairs Ana and Don Carty have arranged for the “Gateway To Opportunity Luncheon” featuring Andre Norman as the keynote speaker, along with “art created by the homeless children of Family Gateway.”

While you probably know all the locals involved, Andre has a tale to tell. His father was in prison for drug dealing. His stepfather had spent time in jail for bank robbery. Instead of school, Andre preferred hanging around the streets of Boston. Eventually, he followed the path of his father and stepfather, ending up in prison for armed robbery and armed home invasion. Andre showed leadership in prison, but not the type you’d put on a resume. He became a prison gang leader resulting in his being transferred from prison to prison “because they could not handle me, and I didn’t care.”

That last stay in solitary confinement allowed him the time to realize that change was needed. He had an epiphany and decided the successful people attended college and got educated. But Andre didn’t decide on just any old school. No, he set his sights on Harvard. After all, he was from Boston and Harvard was in Boston, so . . . A first attempt at GED classes was frustrating and not-so-successful.

Then he “met a Jewish Rabbi, who became a huge mentor. “He didn’t want to reform me, he just let me sit with him while he taught, and I attended counseling to get my head straight.”

After 14 years, he had his GED and got out of prison in 1999. Eventually he attended Boston College and has “lectured at Harvard Divinity School, Northeastern University, Tufts and MIT to name some local educational institutions.”

Andre was a child who didn’t find help until it was almost too late. Family Gateway’s goal is to get to the Andres and Andreas of Dallas before they make that first wrong turn by providing them with mentors, security and hope.

Art Ball Auction Item #5: Vacation In Cabo

Not interested in trips to places on the other side of “the pond”? Just what the Dallas Museum’s Art Ball committee thought. That’s why they came up with this perfect getaway that’s just a time zone away, but still deliciously luxurious and exotic.

Vacation in Cabo* (Value: $2,628)

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort*

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort**

Pampering has been redefined in Mexico by Rosewood. At its Las Ventanas al Paraíso, luxury is understood. From the staff that is always one step ahead of the guests’ wishes to the suites that boast the finest craftsmanship, Mexican motifs and artworks and Conchuela limestone floors, wood-burning fireplaces and both indoor/outdoor living areas, this Los Cabo resort is the gem of the Sea of Cortez.

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort*

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort**

Activities range from taking in the rays poolside with service just a wink away and observing the whales playing in the ocean to just hand-holding while strolling the grounds under the twinkling stars after enjoying a supper prepared by Las Ventanas’s Executive Chef Fabrice Guisset and Executive Sous Chef Gustavo Pinet in The Restaurant.

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort*

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort**

This Art Ball package includes a three-night stay in an Ocean View King Junior Suite plus breakfast each day for two.


  • Winning letter must be presented upon arrival and additional charges are the sole responsibility of the guest.
  • This offer is non-transferable and is not valid for the following dates: May 23-26, 2014; July 3-6, 2014; August 30-September 1, 2014; November 26-30, 2014; December 18, 2014-January 3, 2015; January 16-19, 2015; February 12-16, 2015; April 2-6, 2015.
* Compliments of Las Ventanas al Paraíso
** Photo provided by the Dallas Museum of Art's Art Ball

JUST IN: Equest’s Triple Crown Gala Changes Venues And Heads North

Perfectionists can be a royal pain. They insist on all their paperclips being arranged in order according to value — platinum first, then gold followed by sterling silver. Hmm, a little overkill.

Maggie Kipp and Shay Geyer (File photo)

Maggie Kipp and Shay Geyer (File photo)

But then there are those who really have a reason for their desire to have everything absolutely perfect. That’s the case of the Equest crew led by Maggie Kipp and Shay Geyer. After years of hoping, planning and negotiating their involvement with Texas Horse Park, they just want everything to be spotless and ready to improve the lives of children and vets in the program.

Well, despite non-stop construction, the Park is still in the hard helmet stage and that just doesn’t fit with the upcoming Triple Crown Gala’s “Hats & Horses — A Texas Derby Day Soiree!” on Saturday, May 3. Plus there’s always the issue of prissy Mother Nature, who’s going through her spring period.

Michelle Meadows (File photo)

Michelle Meadows (File photo)

Biting the bullet, so to speak, the organizers decided to move the event to Southfork. Production maven Michelle Meadow is an old hand in orchestrating events at the “Dallas” location. She’s babysat many a Cattle Baron’s Ball there and knows all the nooks and crannies.

Everything else will stay the absolute according to plan. Hats will be the “must of the day” with judgings by local “top experts.” Loads of foods and refreshments will be on hand. Equest equines will be on the premises. And, yes, the Kentucky Derby will be on the screens.

Oh, but there’s more. Alas, that can’t be revealed until the afternoon event. But it involves anyone who attends the spring event just may have a fall surprise for their datebook. Shoot! Were we supposed to let that much out?

Southfork Longhorn (File photo)

Southfork Longhorn (File photo)

So, instead of heading south to Texas Horse Park, turn your horsepower in the other direction to Southfork and remember the speed limits are watched carefully by local officials.

BTW, a tip of the hat to organizers for making this decision this week instead of waiting til the last minute. It must have been a tough call to make, but it allows everyone time to rearrange their GPS-ers and think “Go, north, y’all.”

Round Robin April 12: Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball, 2014 Gala, A Legendary Evening And No Tie Dinner And Dessert

Saturday, April 12, resulted in nobody staying at home from early morning to the midnight hours. In addition to the Abby’s Run, the Dallas March for Babies, ManeGait, Joy of Science, the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society Home Tour, Serving Hope and the Hispanic Communicators Scholarship dinner, there were these for your consideration.

Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball

Rio and friends

Rio and friends

The morning of Saturday, April 12, started bright and early at Movie Studio Grill on Technology, even though the parking lot was not jammed like those days when “Raiders of the Lost Ark” debuted. After all, it was before 10 a.m. But the vehicles that were in the parking lot carried VEIP’s (Very Extraordinarily Important People). The occasion was the Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball with a life-sized Rio greeting two types of youngsters — those who had and were battling cancer, and those whose moms were raising funds to support the fight against cancer.

Cate Ford and Jerry Ford

Cate Ford and Jerry Ford

While some of the kiddos were a bit overwhelmed by Rio at first, others like Jerry Ford were captivated by Princess, an 18-year-old cockatoo.

[Editor’s note: 18 cockatoo years is the same as a human at 18. Princess was still a babe.]

The new feathered friend accommodated all ages by sitting on their heads, spreading her wings and cocking her head just so. Talk about a scene stealer!

There was a bounty of food, and photos were taken against the Moody Foundation sponsor wall. Balloon critters were produced. Photo buttons were immediately available for sporting around. And faces were painted as Disney himself had supervised. Even some of the grown-up kids got their faces “decorated.”

Lisa Ogle

Lisa Ogle

Then it was time to head to the auditorium to watch the “real” Rio’s new movie.

Not once during the morning were the words “chemo,” “treatments” or even cancer mentioned. Perhaps that why the smiles were everywhere.

2014 Gala

John Gay

John Gay

Honorary Co-Chair John Gay’s back was giving him fits. It was also creating a slight problem at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County. The former McKinney mayor found motion to be a royal pain in the back, so he found a comfy chair just outside the Anatole’s Chantilly Ballroom’s lobby, where a mammoth silent auction was taking place. Ah, but his wife of 54 years/former McKinney First Lady Judy knew her husband better. Not only was he happily settled in the most cushy seat around, he was avoiding the temptation of bidding. After all, that Judy is a shrewd buyer. Just check the adorable Mary Frances handbag? Where can it be had? Why, in Cynthia Elliott on the Square in McKinney, of course.

As Judy and John kidded each other, there was a T-shirted passerby of interest. “Wasn’t that Huey Lewis?” More about that later.

But the Gays were hardly missed during the cocktail reception/silent auction among the 1,030 guests. The place was packed.

Silent auction

Silent auction

There was a bonging that seemed to constantly be heard throughout the lobby. The sound was music to the ears of organizers. Seems every time a Neiman Marcus surprise bag was sold, a gong would be struck.

But once the doors to the ballroom opened, they discovered a Rusty Glenn vision of oranges, reds and bright pinks. Goodness, the place looked like it was on fire.

Report from the field on what happened:

“The energy in the Chantilly ballroom was truly electric for the CACCC’s annual 2014 Gala featuring the one and only Huey Lewis and the News!

Gretchen Wirth, Cathy and Steve Ramsey*

Gretchen Wirth, Cathy and Steve Ramsey*

“Prior to dinner, guests were shown a short video explaining the work of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County to help abused and neglected children in Collin County. The evening’s ‘ask’ was done auction style. Guests simply raised their bidder numbers when the auctioneer (Tim Willett) reached the level at which they wished to give. Every guest was recognized for their gift which really brought up the energy level in the room…filled to bursting with more than 1,000 guests! By the end of the evening, it seemed like every guest had on a blinking star denoting their Wings of Hope gift! So exciting to see so many generous supporters recognized for their gifts! Wings of Hope…sponsored by JC Penney and led off with a $10K gift from Masergy…brought in more than $200,000 to support our children.

Cindy Sutley, Huey Lewis and Christa Carrell*

Cindy Sutley, Huey Lewis and Christa Carrell*

“Next up was the live auction…an incredible selection of fabulous excursions, experiences and memorabilia. Gretchen Wirth snagged an autographed Johnny (Manziel) football jersey and football…and a photo with Cathy and Steve Ramsey (Cathy is Johnny’s aunt).

Huey Lewis on stage*

Huey Lewis on stage*

“After a brief meet and greet for VIPs, Huey Lewis and the News took the stage. They performed every hit…including the one everyone was waiting for, “The Power of Love.”

Oh, gee! That fella, who wandered through the reception was Huey!

BTW, the evening garnered in more than fun and “news.” It hit over $200,000 for CACCC.

A Legendary Evening

Maggie Kipp and JB Hayes

Maggie Kipp and JB Hayes

Sometimes awkward situations turn out to be real giggle moments. That’s what happened for Celebrating Women Underwriting Chair Maggie Kipp. She was found wandering through the Chantilly Ballroom’s lobby looking for her buddies. Texting JB Hayes, she confirmed that a connection would be made. “What’s your connection with Collin County?” she was asked. She said JB would explain. Then she asked, “Have you seen Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones?”

No. Why would they be here? They’re the honorees at The Legendary Evening.

Maggie’s response: “I know.”

Then she was told that A Legendary Evening benefiting Family Compass  and being chaired by Kristine Schwope and Heather Walther was being held in the Stemmons Ballroom in Atrium I. Oops!

Faster than Legendary Evening Honorary Co-Chair Marty Turco could fend off a slap shot, Maggie found her way to the Stemmons. At the check-in table, she told the name taker that her name was Maggie Kipp. This time the response was, “Maggie, it’s me — Nancy Gopez.” Maggie and Nancy have only known each other 20 years.

Crayton and Nikki Webb

Crayton and Nikki Webb

Thanks to the grapevine, this story became the giggle du jour of the evening.

But not to worry. Despite the crowded Stemmons Ballroom, Maggie made a beeline to Jan and Trevor. Whew!

Jenny Ebeier, Trevor Rees-Jones III and Jan Rees-Jones

Jenny Ebeier, Trevor Rees-Jones III and Jan Rees-Jones

Speaking of JB, she was bubbling over helping out with a couple of Final Four events (Coaches vs. Cancer and Final Four Coaches Huddle). . . Crayton Webb knew just the right thing to say about Wings’ luncheon speaker, Sally Field: “She reminded me of Nikki (aka his wife)”.  . .  Martha and David Tiller were talking about their upcoming NYC trip to see “All The Way”, about LBJ. Of course, you know that Martha was Lady Bird’s press secretary. . . Too adorable Jenny Ebeier was with her steady of six years, Trevor Rees-Jones III or IV. Who keeps count? They met as freshmen at TCU.

No Tie Dinner

Blair Trammell, Deanna Cahill, Rob Cahill  and Anthony Padilla

Blair Trammell, Deanna Cahill, Rob Cahill and Anthony Padilla

Forget busy. The Frontiers of Flight Museum was so jammed its driveway’s two lanes were locked down for entry level only. After supping at other places, more than 2,000 guests supporting AIDS Services of Dallas No Tie Dinner came together sans ties for dessert. But no wonder. With La Dolce Vita theme and Mark Ridlen handling the tunes, the evening was an example of the very good life.

Two-story viewing structure

Two-story lounge

A mammoth, two-story structure curtained in beaded draping was front and center for some guests to settle back to simply observe the bidding and partying by the likes of Co-Chairs David Nelson and Dennis Kershner, Honorary Chair LeeAnne Locken, Sheila Dolezal Humanitarian Awardee Patricia Deason, 2013 Honorary Chair Steve Kemble, Christopher Wright, Don Neubauer, Les Siter, Benny Black, Susan Hawk and ASD President Don Maison.

Mikael Coursey, Mike Ladadie, Chris McCullough, Dow O'Neal, Mason McCleskey and Matt Wilkerson

Mikael Coursey, Mike Ladadie, Chris McCullough, Dow O’Neal, Mason McCleskey and Matt Wilkerson

Associate producer Matt Wilkerson was over the top about Tomato Republic receiving kudos reviews from the Dallas International Film Festival. The film about a political race in the small town of Jacksonville won the Jury Award.

Checking out the more than 400 biddables ranging from hand-blown vases and jewelry to original art pieces and a two-day Ferrari car rental from Platinum Motorcars were guests like Todd Whitley. With a tip of the hat to Pharrell Williams, who had worn a short-pants outfit to the Academy Awards, Todd claimed his look was basically Calvin Klein. To achieve the Pharrell touch, Todd said, “I had ‘em tailored.” The Gucci shoes didn’t hurt.

To satisfy the post-dinner needs, there were grown-up beverages like “Adult Italian Soda” complimented with Reyka Vodka and yummies like Hillstone’s key lime pie, profiteroles from Cafe Gourmet on the Go, and “glittery cake balls” from Dallas Affaires.

* Photo credit: Kristina Bowman

Fashion Entrepreneur Tory Burch To Be Keynote Speaker For Dallas Women’s Foundation’s 29th Annual Luncheon

Tory Burch*

Tory Burch*

Tory Burch has lived a life that would thrill the hearts of romance writers and readers. Her parents were Reva, an actress who dated Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando, and Buddy Robinson, who was a stockbroker and was cozy with Grace Kelly and Joan Bennett. As a child, Tory rode horses, attended Agnes Irwin School and went on to the University of Pennsylvania. Her two marriages were pretty heady. One was to the son of a real-estate tycoon and the other was to an investor in Internet Capital Group. She even had three sons including one set of twins.

So, what could this blonde 40-something have to do with the Dallas Women’s Foundation? Well, Tory didn’t just lull around as part of the chummy types up East. After graduating from college in 1988, she headed to NYC and worked for Zoran, Harper’s Bazaar, Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren and Loewe, where she learned the ropes of public relations and advertising.

After years of studying, networking and knocking on doors, the 38-year-old took a jump. . . a very big jump. It was in 2004 that she “launched her first collection out of the Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan that she shared with her then-husband and business partner, Chris Burch.” Her goal was “to create a collection that was not only distinctive, but also well-made and accessibly priced.” Within time the line was sold at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and other very high-end stores. In addition to mainline retailers, she opened Tory Burch boutiques world-wide (like the ones in Highland Park Village and NorthPark) and built a whole world of Burchiness.

Again, what does all of this have to do with the Dallas Women’s Foundation? A lot. Tory is a living success story about a woman who used her brains, taste and roll-up-the-sleeves drive to build her company. Business publications would call her an entrepreneur. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is calling her “the keynote speaker” for their Thursday, October 9th, luncheon at the Hilton Anatole.

Jan Osborn and Robin Bagwell

Jan Osborn and Robin Bagwell

At this 29th annual luncheon co-chaired by Robin Bagwell and Jan Osborn, Tory will “speak about her commitment to increasing economic security for American women, and her approach to the issue.”

According to DWF’s President/ CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson, “Tory Burch not only has a powerful personal story about her journey to build a successful business, but she is also deeply engaged in the same work we are focused on at Dallas Women’s Foundation – advancing women’s economic security and empowerment in our own country. Tory’s focus on women in the U.S. mirrors our focus on women in our community and state. Women wear the face of poverty here, as they do everywhere in the world. In fact, female headed households represent only 30 percent of all households in North Texas, but they represent 52 percent of all households living in poverty. We must change that, and by investing in women and girls, create a ripple effect that enables their families and communities to thrive.”

Get your Revas ready for this luncheon. Last year’s sold out with 1,500 in attendance and raised more than $1M to help the women and girls within the Dallas community.

BTW, if you’re among the 500 attending the DWF’s Maura Awards dinner tonight at the Omni, you might want to congratulate Roslyn and her crew for landing Tory.

* Photo provided by Dallas Women's Foundation

Art Ball Auction Item #4: Custom Hermes Birkin Bag

There’s a problem with this Art Ball auction item. The winner will have to decide whether to use it or to hide it in the family vault, while it only grows in value. Ah, the problems of owning a Birkin! Oh, and there’s also the jealousy factor of your friends. But then nothing comes between a Birkin and its owner.

Custom Hermes Birkin Bag* (Value $12,500)

As Heritage Auctions Director of Luxury Accessories Matthew Rubinger told Forbes, “Birkins are the most sought after bag in the world and have been for a long time.” Did you know that “a ‘carefully used’ one typically fetches between 80% and 120% of what the previous owner paid for it”?

Hmm, perhaps these bags should be sold through stockbrokers.

Hermes Birkin Blue Jean*

Hermes Birkin Blue Jean**

The reason this custom Ardennes  made of black  leather with gold hardware is in pristine condition is because it’s brand spanking new.

(No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The bag in the photo is indeed blue because it’s a cousin of the black Ardennes. It’s a Blue Jean. Here’s what the real Ardennes looks like!)

It’s just the right size for what the fashionable type wants to tote along — smartphone, lipstick, passport, sunglasses, eye drops, appropriate credit cards, pepper spray, tablet and that hanky your granny always told you take with you. If you want to, you can even dress your Birkin up daily with your fav Hermes scarf that goes with your outfit.

Or, you can just stash it in a safety deposit box for safekeeping.

* Compliments of Heritage Auctions
* Photo provided by the Dallas Museum of Art’s Art Ball

JUST IN: Komen Dallas County Provides Methodist Health System Foundation With $324,430 Grant

To assist Methodist Health System Foundation in its battle against breast cancer, the Susan G. Komen Dallas County has just provided a grant of $324,430. The funds will be used to help provide no-cost mammograms for Dallas County women who are unable to afford one.

“Methodist Health System shares Komen Dallas County’s vision for every woman in Dallas County to have access to quality breast health care,” said Charla D. Gauthier, BS, MPH, Methodist Dallas Medical Center Cancer Program Supervisor. “This grant provides resources to continue our mission at Methodist which is to improve and save lives through compassionate quality health care.”

In the past 14 years, Komen has supported the Methodist Foundation to the tune of $2.8M, which in turn provided services to more than 6,800 women.

“Through annual community grants, Komen Dallas County invests a majority of funds raised to support breast cancer education, screening, treatment and support services for medically-underserved Dallas County residents,” said Jennifer Legere, executive director of Komen Dallas County. “Without the dedication of our outstanding grantees like the Methodist Foundation, many local women would have nowhere to turn for their breast health needs.”


Sold Out Alert: Pilgrim, The Sponsor Passes Are A Done Deal

Just heard from John Wayne Film Festival Co-Chair Anne Stodghill that, “We are officially sold out of everything except tickets to the individual movies. All of the sponsor passes that get people into the parties are gone. Yeah!”

Anne Stodghill (File photo)

Anne Stodghill (File photo)

The festival officially starts Thursday and runs through Sunday.

Ironically, TCM had both Stagecoach and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance on last night. It just proved that even if you have a galamour-ama home theater, the Duke is at his best on the big screen like the ones at LOOK.

MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: 2014 Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball

Rio and friends

Rio and friends

Wow! This morning has been filled with jewelry. Makes you want to get a new jewel box. But how about some photos of other types of gems? You know the kind that only get bigger and bigger thanks to great health care and fundraising. Have we got a deal for you!

Lisa Ogle

Lisa Ogle

The MySweetCharity Photo Gallery just posted pictures from the Saturday, April 12th Junior Cattle Baron’s Ball that took place at the Studio Movie Grill on Technology with Rio on wing. . . or, rather on hand to welcome the kids of all ages. Even the parents got into the action of face painting, breakfasting and getting to know “Princess.” But more about Princess later.

JUST IN: 2014 Crystal Charity Ball Theme Revealed

Last night Crystal Charity Ball Chair 2014 Robyn Conlon revealed the theme for the December 6 CCB fundraiser. The first hint should have been the location of the announcement — The Joule. The second hint — the most amazing and, perhaps, most expensive vignette since Dallas Blooms. Think $3M worth of fabulous gems from Diamond Doctor David Blank‘s treasure chest.

Jewels of the Garden vignette

Jewels of the Garden vignette

More deets to come, but let’s get the theme out there now — Jewels of the Garden.

Art Ball Auction Item #3: Three Rings By Sue Gragg Precious Jewels

There’s simply nothing like a piece of fine jewelry. But imagine three spectacular rings in one package. Then add the name Sue Gragg Precious Jewels and you just know they’re all eye popping and going to stop traffic across the boulevard.

Sue Gragg Precious Jewels* (Value: $34,000)

Let’s just say that you’ve pampered your hands like the British nannies are treating Prince George, only better. You’ve had your weekly manicure using only the newest colors from Opi. Every night as you’ve prepared for sweet dreams, you’ve swathed your cuticles with deep-penetrating oils. You’ve avoided typing on your computer for fear of breaking one of those luscious nails. And without fail, you’ve worn gloves outdoors when the temperatures dipped to the chill factor.

Okay, so maybe you didn’t go those extremes, but your delightful digits deserved a true-to-life bling for all those years of putting on makeup, gripping your steering wheel and signing checks.

Dallas jewelry designer Sue Gragg not only has the answer. She has three solutions and they’re all exquisite, using only the most precious gems and finest metals. Think of it as world-class wearable hand art.

For the Art Ball, she’s provided three of the most dazzling rings! And, no, these aren’t your typical lonely solitaires nor ho-hum cocktail band rings. Oh, please. We’re talking Sue Gragg’s touch of whimsy and beauty. Of course, you’ll want to check them out before bidding online or in person, so here are the three darlings:

Rings by Sue Gragg**

Rings by Sue Gragg**

  • “Louise’s Darling Ducks” — So adorable, you almost think it would quack. With 18kt yellow gold, .02-carat white diamonds, .06-carat black diamonds, .18-carat orange sapphires and a whopping 18.58 carats of yellow sapphires.
  • “Eastern Europe’s Jeweled Dolls” — Who needs Barbie when you have an enamel Russian doll ring made of 18kt yellow gold, 1.46 –carat diamonds and 1.51-carat black diamonds.
  • “Kai Xin Panda” — Black-and-white pandas are so every day ordinary in the world of rarity. That’s why this little bear is so amazing with its 18kt white gold, 12.61-carat pink sapphires and 10.69-carat white sapphires.

Remember you don’t have to be present to bid at the Art Ball. You can easily go online and Heritage Auction will take care of fulfilling your wishes.

* Compliments of Sue Gragg Precious Jewels
* Photo provided by Dallas Museum of Art

Frontiers Of Flight Museum Gala Had Some High-Flying Types On Board

Got this report from the field about the Friday, April 11th mega fundraiser gala,
Not For Self But For Country for the Frontiers of Flight Museum with some extremely heady headliners including Gala Chair Gina Ginsburg. The poor gal is running non-stop nowadays having just been the honorary chair for the Dallas Arboretum’s Mad Hatter’s Tea.

Scott and Gina Ginsburg and Marianne and Roger Staubach*

Scott and Gina Ginsburg and Marianne and Roger Staubach*

Oh, why the interest by Gina in the museum. In addition to appreciating STEM, she also understands the nuances of flight. After all the girl is a commercial jetl pilot.

But back to the gala coverage:

Patrick Walsh*

Patrick Walsh*

“The Frontiers of Flight Museum Gala was not just a time for ceremonial grandeur featuring stellar performances by honor guards, drill teams and musical entertainment by Oscar-contending composers, but according to one Dallas philanthropist it was also a time to celebrate for a good cause. That’s because Gina Ginsburg served as Chair of the Frontiers of Flight Museum Gala, Dallas’ premier event to celebrate accomplishments in aviation, on Friday, April 11. Ginsburg led the charge to generate awareness and support of the gala which benefits the education of the next generation of aviators and astronauts through the Museum’s incredible Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs that reach more than 10,000 students each year.

Jan Collmer and Ross Perot*

Jan Collmer and Ross Perot*

“The gala’s 2014 George E. Haddaway Award co-honorees were Admiral Patrick Walsh (Ret.) and former Navy officer Roger Staubach were recognized for their service and achievements in the United States Navy and their lifetime contributions and service to their communities. The awards ceremony highlighted the evening with Ross Perot serving as the guest presenter. Meredith Land, KXAS-TV NBC-5 news anchor, served as the emcee.”

The guest list (Ebby Halliday, Jan Collmer, Cheryl Sutterfield, Scott Ginsburg, Marianne Staubach, Ralph Hall, Dot and Walter Cunningham, Calvin Spann, Gwendolyn Spann, Anne-Marie Evans, Chris Irwin, Jeff Widenhofer and Hugh McElroy) was pretty impressive, too.

Photo credit: Jeff Hall