Perry's KO's TREC's Sponsors with Kim Haasarud's Concoctions

Sorry to be MIA, but somebody with a nasty head cold hugged too closely resulting in a sore throat topped with a cough and slight sneeze. All too much to face a keyboard without libel resulting.

By now the new Perry‘s on McKinney has opened with Rick Henderson as COO. Last Wednesday (a full box of Puffs ago) as a pre-opening celebration, The Real Estate Council and Lincoln Property Company had a party (pictured) honoring the sponsors of FightNight. Was truly a single woman’s delight!

Top dog Chris Perry was there to make sure that his newest bouncing baby was doing well. Did you know that Chris started his career in the restaurant biz at Louie’s on the Lake down in Clear Lake (that’s halfway between Houston and Galveston). Since those youthful days, he’s started Perry’s, opened a bunch of them throughout the state and moved his family to Austin . . .”to be closer to Dallas.”

But enough about the owner, let’s chat about the gal of the hour. . . Kim Haasarud (pictured), [Read more…]

"Accessible Luxury" Can Overcome any Storm

The weather guessers are saying that storms are headed to Dallas tomorrow night. What would it take to get you out and about in such conditions? Yup, we just knew it. You’re the type that plays hard-to-get-out in damp weather.

Accessible Luxury” is just what will get your bumbershoot warmed up.

Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the event will take place at Park Place’s Rolls-Royce/Bentley/Maserati location with Clarice Tinsley emcee-ing, DJ Lucy Wrubel (pictured) playing music, and Honorary Chairs Kathy and Tony Herring and Lark and J.C. Montgomery Jr. We just knew that would get your attention. But there’s more.

Event Chairs Ellen and Charlie Johnson, Devonie and McLean Coble, and Kelly and James Middleton have also arranged for you to sip champagne while browsing around Beretta apparel and gear, Noble Boutique’s gems and local designer Geoffrey Henning‘s fashions.

To top the evening off, Barney’s New York will have a fashion show at 8 p.m. featuring the Model Citizens of Campbell-Wagner Runway, LLC.

Now, don’t you feel silly to worry about a little rain?

Sit, Heel and Set Your Recorder

KERA is airing “Through a Dog’s Eyes” tonight at 7. It’s a documentary dealing with “services dogs and the people whose lives they have changed.”

One Mother Helping Another Mother Sleep

Brandi Todd is the Morgan Mill mother who was sitting on a park bench watching her children when a man stabbed her for no apparent reason. The results? Authorities suspect the perpetrator has mental problems and medical experts fear that Brandi is paralyzed from the waist down.

Her neighbors and even strangers have rallied to help the young mother. Among those strangers is mom/wife/Sleep Experts President Christine Cook and her crew with the donation of a new Simmons Comforpedic mattress complete with an adjustable base just like a hospital bed. The family-owned company has made it a habit of stepping in to help others.

This donation plus the efforts of the Morgan Mill community probably doesn’t belong on MySweetCharity because Brandi is not an official, state-recognized non-profit. It’s doubtful that Sleep Experts is going to get a big old tax write off and the folks of Morgan Mill aren’t going to be on Oprah, but their coming together to help a victim should be recognized and serve as an example for all.

Exhale Spa to Benefit ChildCareGroup Thursday

Tax time is behind us. We need to take a chill pill. It can be easily done and help ChildCareGroup, the non-profit child care organization serving children in Dallas County. Exhale Spa at the Palomar is donating proceeds from “select services” and the Exhale Soul Classes Thursday.

The services include facials, fusion massages and healing therapies.

And what’s a fund raiser without a silent auction? Just knew you’d ask. So, here’s the answer — the silent auction and reception will take place from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the Spa’s lobby.

Make your reservations by calling Jessie Stansberry @ 214.295.2545.

Hustle! Chick Lit Tables Flying the Coop

If you were planning on attending the Chick Lit luncheon at Brook Hollow benefiting the Community Partners, you’d better hustle. According to the chick-lets, there are just a few tables still available thanks to Honorary Chair Sarah Losinger and Luncheon Chair Jennifer Tobin. It’s all being presented by Lara (pictured) and Dr. Robert Tafel.

Featured speaker is fellow blogger/author Jen Lancaster and that should tell you how much fun you can expect.

If Community Partners is new on your radar, call Paige McDaniel (pictured) at 214.624.7583 . Not only will she tell you, she’ll become your very best friend in the world.

Rawlins Gilliland's Birthday at Lee Harvey's Went to the Dogs

Raconteur Rawlins Gilliland celebrated his birthday these past few days with the high-and-mighty (dinner with Neiman’s President/CEO Karen Katz) and the down-and-dirty.

Whoa! What was that last group?

It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but that’s the way it turned out Sunday afternoon at cute Seth Smith‘s Lee Harvey’s. Thanks to Rawlins’ pals “Reid & Kathi,” a non-global warming chill and off-and-on-rain, a celebration of people and pooches turned into muddy paws (pictured), lots of laughs and the type of birthday gifts any non-profit loves — donations to the birthday boy’s favorite cause, Dog & Kitty City Shelter/Sanctuary.

On hand to help Rawlins greet guests were his two favorite gals (pictured with Rawlins), Mona (the Chihuahua) and Honey (the best of all breeds in one). Both of them had been ladies-in-desperate-need when the former NM exec discovered them. Now, they’re ladies of extreme leisure and luxury.

And speaking of ladies, [Read more…]

Earth Day Reminder: Eat a Cupcake and Check out Mt. Eyjafjallajokull

In honor of Earth Day this Thursday, you can do any of the following:

  • Plant a tree.
  • Buy a vanilla cupcake now through April 23 at Sprinkles. The cupcake cuties are donating proceeds to local tree planting and environmental-care organizations like Texas Trees Foundation.
  • Take a cruise to Iceland to visit Mount Eyjafjallajokull.

MySweetCharity staff has sworn off using paper for the day.

Secret to Youth — Volunteering

April has always had a special spot in America’s agendas. Yes, it’s tax filing month. Yes, it starts with April Fools Day. But it is also Volunteer Month. Yup, it’s the month in which volunteers are not just honored, they’re celebrated for giving countless hours and efforts for the good of others.

An example of such giving is Leo Keiles (pictured). In Ebby Halliday‘s world, Leo would be considered a kid. He’s just 97-years young. Sunday he and countless other volunteers were feted at Baylor University Medical Center’s Annual Awards Presentation and Reception. This year’s theme was a sock hop complete with jukebox, poodle skirts, and a killer menu. [Read more…]

Eating Crow Really Isn't Enjoyable, but it is Necessary

Attending Paul Baker’s memorial service last December at the Rosewood Center for Family Arts, I had just come from the funeral of a dear friend’s husband, who had committed suicide. Yes, as you guessed, it was not a happy day and I was not cheery.

Upon arriving at the center, I ran into Yvonne Crum, who is always bubbly and happy. Surely, this encounter would change the bitter taste in my mouth/mind. [Read more…]

Who Had More Fun Saturday Night — Guests or Waiters?

Waiting on people is an art form. Most people take it for granted until they run into a real nightmare of a server. Saturday night’s serving experiences at the Palomar were just the opposite. The Celebrity Waiter Gala had absolute dreams performing the usual and most unusual serving experiences this side of the French Room. Henceforth, the Celebrity Waiters will be referred to as “CW”.

Benefiting the Child Abuse Prevention Center, it started out with a silent auction in the hallway of the second floor of the hotel. The usual low ceilings of the hotel’s hallway seemed lower than usual with the multitudes crowding to see all the goodies. Don’t know how 6’3″ CW/Hunk Kris Clinton (pictured) or 6’2″ Celebrity Chair Daryl Johnston managed. And what about all those poor little beauties with their crowns.

Speaking of the crowned crowd, Kristi “Mrs. North Texas 2010” Engstrom immediately became best friends with Honorary Chairs Al and Sharron Gonzalez (pictured with Kristi).

Despite the crowded hallways, everyone was quite charming. For instance Honorary Chair Julie Rado was seen having her hand kissed by CW Alonso “Reality Show Type” Martinez (pictured with Steve and Julie Rado) as her husband Steve looked on. Drat! How could Julie look so svelte? She just had a baby seven months ago!

But don’t believe that beauty stopped with Julie and crowned types. Nope, [Read more…]

Waiting at Palomar Will be Fun and Profitable Saturday Night

Some very, very well-known people will be serving the black tie crowd and working for tips this Saturday night at the Palomar. No, they haven’t given up their day jobs. They’re doing it as part of the 16th Annual Celebrity Waiter Gala, that benefits the Child Abuse Prevention Center.

Photo credit: Seth Smith

Confirmed waiters include fashion producer wunderkind Rhonda Sargent Chambers (pictured), singer Janie Fricke, Good Morning Texas’s Shay Geyer, Todd “Uncle Julio” Conger, fashionista Abi Ferrin, Kristen “Miss Texas” Blair, and Big Band singer Craig “Big T” Thompson, and former NFL-er James Yarbrough.

Gala Chair April and Sam Spicer and Honorary Chairs Diane and Daryl Johnston have arranged for the following folks to help underwrite the event: [Read more…]

Neiman's and Dallas Museum of Art Set the Ball Rolling with Sarah Ferguson

Downtown Neiman’s is in overdrive with events. Last night it was the scene of the patrons party (underwritten by U.S. Trust) for the DMA’s Art Ball on April 24. As you can guess when you gather this group of tasteful, moneyed folk, the fashions as well as the conversation is simply above board.

But let’s face it. NM LIC (Lady In Charge) Shelle Sills (pictured) and her elves know how to throw in a ringer to make the night especially memorable. And, boy, did they have a royal ringer — Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. What a simply charming chum! Never has a politician worked a room like the Duchess.

And it shouldn’t have been that way. [Read more…]

Emmitt Smith is Getting Teed Off in May

The Smiths are at it again. While wife Pat (pictured) looking on, Emmitt Smith held a press conference Wednesday at Heritage Auction Galleries Design District Annex to announced the Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament.

Benefiting the Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities, the May 14-15 tournament at TPC Craig Ranch  will include such festivities as Red Carpet Pairings Party, live auction of Once-in-a-Lifetime Fantasy Experiences and a Celebrity Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Don’t bother checking your calendar. Mother’s Day is the weekend before. Whew!

Locked down RSVP’s include [Read more…]

Pat on Back for Beyond the Rainbow Sponsors

Those wonderful gals at the Children’s Cancer Fund are in the final stages of prepping for their Beyond the Rainbow fashion show/luncheon on Friday, April 23, at the Anatole. Last night they were proper little ladies and threw a thank you party for their sponsors at Lynn and Jim Stroud‘s place in University Park.

Wasn’t too crowded. Wasn’t too light. But it was just right with a lot of pretty folks like Luncheon Co-chair Marisa Huckin (pictured) who made her mama proud by standing at the door to greet every single person. It’s always so tempting for the host/hostess to join the party, but Marisa stood firmly by the door and looked rather fabulous.

Another looker at the party was [Read more…]

Old Friends Gather to bid Farewell to Texas Stadium

Only in Dallas would we celebrate disaster! A luncheon was held today to bid farewell to Texas Stadium that will be imploded on Sunday. Imploded is a very intellectual way of saying, “We’re gonna blow it up!”

It was not a huge gathering (maybe 200-250), but if you’re a Dallas Cowboys expert, you were in slap happy paradise just hanging with the likes of Cliff Harris, Rayfield Wright, Walt Garrison, Alicia Landry (pictured), etc.

The event benefited Irving Cares and they did that by auctioning off photos autographed by the attending Cowboys and a couple of stadium seats.

Ooh, awkward moments: [Read more…]

Dallas Opera new General Director has a Household of Musicians

It appears that the Dallas Opera’s new general director, Keith Cerny, is going to be calling the Park Cities home. Following yesterday’s press conference at the Winspear, eldest son Mathew was asked where he was going to go to school. He answered, “A high school in University Park.”

In addition to Mathew, Keith is bringing college sweetheart/wife Jennifer and their three other sons (pictured from the left, William, Nicholas, Michael, and Mathew with Jennifer).

HP band/orchestra be forewarned. These guys play more instruments than the Dallas Symphony.

Valets in the Hood Fight Over Turf, or Rather Parking Territory

It was a near rumble of the valet parkers royale Wednesday night. With the Lone Star valets handling duties for the Park Cities 2010 Historic Home Tour sponsors/homeowners party at the corner of Mockingbird and Fairfield starting at 6, the streets in the surrounding area began to get bumper-to-bumper cozy.

At 7 the Crystal Charity Ball’s theme announcement party kicked off just around the block on Potomac with the Jack Boles crew. Turfs were starting to be invaded big time resulting in demands for cone removal, threats of calling the police, and taunts like “my mother is meaner than yours.”

But being genteel and professional, the two groups resolved the parking war with lines being drawn and longer sprints for cars — and nary a guest the wiser.

Crystal Charity Ball's Alison Farrow's Day was a Best and a Bust

Poor Alison Farrow (pictured). You’d think the lass had her hands full last Wednesday at Neiman’s just announcing the Ten Best Dressed for the annual Crystal Charity Ball luncheon (Sept. 10). As she was about to welcome the fashionable gathering, she told them that she was just a tad bit rattled. Seems that a block away from NM, the back window of her car blew out. Reason? One of the women who didn’t make the cut? No, just kidding.

If you haven’t read who the best dressed are this year, they are Nancy Carter, Robyn Conlon, Claire Emanuelson, Kim Miller, Pat McEvoy, Aileen Pratt, Nancy Rogers, Amy Turner, Lee Ann White and Ellen Winspear. Marilyn Augur will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

MySweetCharity is the New Blog on the Block

We’re officially starting MySweetCharity, the orphan blog as Wick Allison likes to describe it.

The great things about being an orphan is that everyone is family. Here’s to the orphans.

Now, family, let’s have some fun and do some good.

Simple rules:

  1. Keep the conversation civilized.
  2. Please participate. It gets lonely.
  3. Keep an eye on us. There are times when we need to be reminded that we are not part of the Mount Olympus crowd.

SweetCharity Said Goodbye

Today SweetCharity officially signed off at D. It was like losing a grand friend, but it was oh-so gratifying to read the comments.

But let’s consider this to be a dance. One tune ended and another has begun.

Dallas CASA Chairs "Cherish the Children"

Dallas CASA held their third annual “Cherish the Children” luncheon at the old Red Courthouse on Friday and beat last year’s total of $90,000 by 10 grand.

The event was the first official event marking Dallas CASA’s 30th year in operation. It “brought together local designers, artists and retailers to create whimsical children’s chairs” (pictured) that were sold at the luncheon.

Roberta and Jack Williamson served as honorary chairs (no pun intended).

(Photo provided by Dallas CASA.)

Judges To Pick The Toppers For Mad Hatters Tea Party Announced

It’s official. The judges for this year’s Mad Hatters Tea Party on Thursday, April 22, at the Dallas Arboretum have just been announced. While Johnny Depp won’t be among hem, they’re still a pretty nifty trio — Project Runway designer Shirin Askari (pictured), “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru” (and one of the “Dallas Dozen“) Steve Kemble (pictured), and D‘s very own sweetheart Sarah Eveans (pictured)

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Pick the winning hats and sipping tea. Hardly. [Read more…]

Albert Kriemler of Akris to be Featured Designer for Ten Best Dressed Luncheon

Neiman’s Downtown President/GM Shelle Sills revealed that Swiss fashion wunderkind Albert Kriemler of Akris will be the featured designer for Crystal Charity Ball‘s 2010 Ten Best Dressed Women of Dallas Luncheon/Fashion Show on September 10 at Neiman Marcus Downtown.

Albert’s 2010 collection showed his appreciation for fabrics and amazing ability to blend classic looks with modern clean lines.

If you’re wondering which ladies will be designated as Dallas’ 10 top fashion leaders, you’ll have to wait until March 21 when it’s announced. Don’t try bribing Luncheon Chair Alison Farrow. She’s sworn to secrecy.

Don’t rush out and order your tickets to the luncheon quite yet. They don’t go on sale until early May.

BTW, if you hadn’t heard the 2010 Crystal Charity Ball beneficiaries include Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas, Children’s Medical Center, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, The Family Place, Texas Home Access Fund Inc., and Parkland Foundation.