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Dallas Theater Center’s Moonshine Gala Reception Had Plenty Of Sunshine And A Heel In The Crowd

Saturday, September 12, was a night that the bard would have loved. While the WaterTower Theatre held its Community Cast Party up north of LBJ at WaterTower in Addison, the down-home folks donned their boots, fringe and turquoise for the Moonshine Celebration at the Wyly Theatre.

At the fundraiser for the Dallas Theater Center, patrons who were supporting the full program of the night were looking forward to a reception, a performance of “Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical” and an after-performance dinner/party at Gilley’s.

Okay, so Gilley’s may be more “Urban Cowboy” than “Hee Haw,” it was closer than Kornfield Kounty.

But the reception took place atop the Wyly’s 10th floor Mark and Barbara Thomas Lemmon Rooftop Terrace. The good news was that it didn’t rain. The not-so-good news was that the sun shone ever-so-brightly. Smart guests or those who didn’t want to feel the brunt of the sun, kept close to the wall’s shade like Diane and Hal Brierly.

Diane Brierlery

Diane Brierlery

Donna Wilhelm

Donna Wilhelm

Kasey Hollon

Kasey Hollon

David and Sara Martineau

David and Sara Martineau

Elle Oberdick, Inez Westrom and Michelle Jackson

Elle Oberdick, Inez Westrom and Michelle Jackson

While a lot of guests opted for the Dallas casual cool look — blue blazers and sundresses — others like Paige McDaniel and Kasey Hollon with turquoise necklaces, Sara Martineau in silver concho belt plus the turquoise earrings, red-haired Donna Wilhelm sporting red coral earrings and Elle Oberdick in a multi-layered ruffled skirt with leather belt and boots got into the country western mood.

Kevin Moriarty, Rebecca Fletcher and Dan Waldmann

Kevin Moriarty, Rebecca Fletcher and Dan Waldmann

Alas, the evening’s “Oops!” belonged to Rebecca Fletcher. After chatting with DTC’s Kevin Moriarty and Dan Waldmann, she took a step and stayed put. The heel of her gold sparkly shoe had gotten itself wedged between the floor boards. At this point, Rebecca’s shoe and its heel parted company. Gallantly a gentleman stooped down and eventually managed to pull the errant heel from the boards. After a sound pressing by Rebecca, the heel and shoe were back together to party the night away.

Moonshine Celebration

Beneficiary: Dallas Theater Center

Co-Chairs: Brice Beaird, Elle Oberdick and Dan Waldmann

Moonshine Celebration website

Dallas Theater Center Supporters Are Pickin’ And Grinnin’ About Upcoming Moonshine Celebration

Since the Dee and Charles Wyly Theater’s opening, the Dallas Theater Center has been associated with all types of performing arts productions, from high drama to innovative new works. But it’s doubtful it’s ever been linked with hillbilly shenanigans. But that is going to change when “Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical” opens on Wednesday, September 2.

The Broadway-bound musical is based on a book by Robert Horn with music and lyrics by Nashville’s Brandy Clark and Shane McNcAnally.

Brice Beaird, Elle Oberdick and Dan Waldmann*

Brice Beaird, Elle Oberdick and Dan Waldmann*

To take advantage of the fun to fundraise, Brice Beaird, Elle Oberdick and Dan Waldmann are chairing Moonshine Celebration on Saturday, September 12, complete with a full night of partying with Lyn Muse and Kim Sheffield serving as honorary co-chairs.

According to Dan, “We are throwing a good ol’ fashioned hoedown with tons of great food, live music straight from Nashville and other surprises.”

The evening will start with a cocktail reception at 5 p.m. followed by the performance at 6 p.m. and dinner and dance starting at Gilley’s around 8:30 p.m.

Tickets range from the full-evening package to the show-only offering.

* Photo provided by the Dallas Theater Center

JUST IN: Art-Loving Rebecca Fletcher To Chair 2018 Art Ball With Theme And Date Already Set

Fess up. You honestly don’t know the difference between an Old World masterpiece and a paint-by-numbers painting. Now, don’t you feel better getting that off your chest? But you do know a real party with gorgeous people, incredible auction items, to-die-for dining and events that everyone is talking about. For instance, at the top of the list — the annual Art Ball.

So, continue with the honesty thinking. There was a time when the Dallas Museum of Art fundraiser was an over-the-top convention of art-hugging folks filling a tent that extended from the DMA to Ross. But last year the Art Ball took a major 90-degree turn. It downsized the guest list and the tent. But it upsized the excitement, the auction items and the OMG you-weren’t-there? factor thanks to Ann and Lee Hobson.

Rebecca Fletcher*

In the crowd was second-generation, art-loving  Rebecca Fletcher. (Her mama and papa, Bess and Ted Enloe, have been Dallas art supporters for decades.) How loving? She was tapped with the 2016 TACA Silver Cup and gave a killer acceptance talk.

But don’t go thinking that Rebecca is a stodgy type. For example, back in 2015 just before the Dallas Theater Center’s Moonshine Gala reception high atop the Wyly Theater, where all the glamour types were being charming, Rebecca’s heel got trapped in between the floor slats and snapped off. A gent pulled the heel out of its predicament and handed it to Rebecca, who pressed slipper and heel together and carried on.

Needless to say, Rebecca knows how to literally pull things off. So, it’s no surprise that she’s just been named to chair the 2018 Art Ball on Saturday, April 21, at the DMA.

The gal has already picked the theme — “Horizon: Now. New. Next.” — as well as the décor, thanks to event planner Todd Fiscus. Rebecca reports that it will “will focus on the DMA’s past and present while looking forward to its future… the event will feature modern, contemporary décor with a sculptural feel. Cascading color from the ceiling will mimic the vibrant horizon and will be reflected throughout in the mirrored décor.”

According to Rebecca, “As a long-time supporter of the Dallas arts community, I am honored to chair the 2018 Art Ball supporting the DMA, and I believe the theme of looking toward the horizon embodies the excitement surrounding the future of the Dallas Museum of Art and the opportunities that await. This year’s theme will bring the horizon to life through various artistic forms to create an event that will be remembered by guests for a lifetime, from live performances to beautiful artwork incorporated in new and exciting ways.”

Start dieting now, because Cassandra will be in the kitchen providing the vittles.

As for the live auction, after-party and other details, wait and see. In the meantime, budget this one on your expense account even if you don’t give a poof about art because you know you love a great party and memory maker.

* Photo provided by Dallas Museum of Art

Multi-Talented Justin Guarini Is Returning To Dallas For Dallas Theater Center’s Centerstage, But It Ain’t Gonna Be At The Wyly

Justin Guarini*

Justin Guarini*

It’s been 14 years since a curly-haired, 23-year-old cutie by the name of Justin Guarini charmed the nation on the very first American Idols.  Even tough guy Simon Cowell was impressed with him, saying, “Justin, you know, occasionally you’re very privileged when you do a competition like this to hear somebody undiscovered who has a voice like yours.”

Holy cow! Frame those words! Still, Justin came in second place to Kelly Clarkson in September 2002. But unlike many runners-up, Justin didn’t disappear into oblivion nor did he become tabloid fodder. He continued singing, produced albums, appeared in Broadway productions and even had time to marry Reina Capodici in September 2009 and have three kids.

Lucy Wrubel (File photo)

Lucy Wrubel (File photo)

This past summer Justin won so many fans in the Dallas Theater Center’s production of “Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical,” that Centerstage Chair Ann Mahowarld and Co-Chair Melinda Johnson managed to get him to return for the DTC annual fundraiser on Saturday, May 14. He’s even bringing his band with him and he swears, “It’s going to be an awesome night.”

Whoa! Before you start envisioning Justin back in the Wyly, stop. He ain’t gonna be there. Hello? Where is this going? It’s a change of venue.

This year Ann and Melinda have moved the cocktail reception, the seated dinner, the performance and the after-party with DJ Lucy Wrubel across the street to the Winspear. And don’t go a-thinking that this is going to be a crowd of thousands. Nope. It’s going to be just 300 guests. Translation: no elbow-to-elbow crowd, no shuffling through the herd, no jammed-up concert hall. It’s going to be an intimate evening of you, Justin and a few other buds.

And the reason for the move? It’s simple. The production of “Deferred Action” is underway at the Wyly.

Suggestion on the attire: Creativity and festivity will be pluses, so the stuffy duds can have the night off.

How about a hand for the folks and companies that are helping make this event possible? Just follow the jump and you’ll see just some of ’em:

* Photo credit: Kevin York Photography

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After-School All-Stars North Texas Adds Starry Door Prizes To Thursday’s “School’s Out For The Summer”

LaDainian Tomlinson

LaDainian Tomlinson

This Thursday night’s After-School All-Stars North Texas’ “School’s Out for the Summer” just added a very interesting factor to its equation of post-Memorial Day partying. In addition to being held at a Preston Hollow estate and LaDainian “L.T.” Tomlinson being the guest of honor, anyone “who contributes $500” to the Camp US program will be eligible for a door prize.

What kind of door prizes are we talking about? A super-duper box of Crayolas? A Barbie backpack? A skateboard?

Oh, please! Let’s ramp up the thinking on this one.

The items were donated by the After-School All-Stars board members (Brad Alberts, Dave Brown, Terri Grosh, Mary Hatcher, Kristin Kelly, Lynn McBee, Karin Morris, David Perry, Ginger Porter, Kersten Rettig, Phil Terry, Debra Witter and Manuel Zaby) and they are definitely an up-there kind of group. Yes, you want details, so here goes:

  • A $1,000 Highland Park Village gift certificate
  • Bruno Mars - The Moonshine Jungle Tour

    Bruno Mars – The Moonshine Jungle Tour

    4 Platinum Club seats for the Bruno Mars concert on August 12 (Value: $320)

  • 4 tickets to the June 28th Texas Rangers vs. Reds game plus an autographed baseball (Value: $252)
  • Suite at a 2013-2014 Dallas Stars game (Value: $3,750)
  • 4 tickets to the August 31st TCU/LSU football game at Cowboys Stadium (Value $500)

Oh, what does that $500 donation go for? Well, it will enable one student to attend the July 22-26 camp at Paul Quinn College. This ain’t no day camp. It’s a sleep-away camp for “kids who are rising 9th graders.”

You can either donate at the Thursday night event or do it online. Either way you’ll be helping a youngster and, who knows? You just might be helping yourself.

Sorry to report that the party itself is by invitation only. However a cute little birdie reported that if you “really wanted to be there to meet LaDainian Tomlinson (NFL star and TCU All-American),” you can email ASAS Executive Director Betsy Orton and sweet talk your way in.