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The Conner Gals And Julie Bagley Will Bring The Inner Child Out For Dallas Afterschool’s Annual Recess At The Dallas Arboretum In March

Even in the oldest codger, there is a kid just looking for an excuse to get out. Sure, doing a cartwheel may be out of the game plan, but there are other activities that are just too good to resist. And those activities and food groups will be part of 2017 Recess according to Event Co-Chairs Anne Conner and her daughter-in-law Ryan Conner, who will be joined by Honorary Chair /former Co-Chair/Recess Co-Founder Julie Bagley.

Ryan Conner and Anne Conner (File photo)

Julie Bagley (File photo)

The trio has arranged to have the Dallas After School fundraiser at the Dallas Arboretum’s Rosine Hall on Friday, March 23. If you’ve ever been to Recess, the you just know it will be a total kid event for big kids with a night of music, games, food, and adult juice boxes. And even the most gelled nails will be digging in Recess Sandbox for prizes galore.


While school uniforms will not be the dress of the night, neither will business attire. This one is strictly comfy clothes.

Proceeds will support Dallas Afterschool’s mission “to improve the quality and availability of afterschool and summer programs in our community.”  Sponsorships are available now!

*Graphic courtesy of Dallas Afterschool



Dallas AfterSchool’s 5th Annual Recess Netted $125,000 Thanks To Fun And Games

Robyn Siegel and Regina Merson*

Dallas AfterSchool’s 5th Annual Recess just took place Friday at the Arboretum and the bean counters have been busy, busy, busy.

Recess Co-Chairs Regina Merson and Robyn Sieger just reported the results. Thanks to digging for goodies in the sand pile, bag toss, playing musical chairs, balancing tumble tower, and dining on off-the-diet goodies, $125,000 was netted. BTW, that’s not the gross. It’s the real deal.  No kidding.

Musical chairs*

Dallas AfterSchool is celebrating its 10th anniversary and this is a sweet way to celebrate.

* Photo credit: Steve Wrubel

Dallas Afterschool Presents “Recess!”

Beneficiary: Dallas Afterschool

Co-Chairs: Regina Merson and Roby Siegel

Honorary Co-Chairs: Janet Mockovciak and Tanya McDonald

Attire: Schoolyard/casual chic

Attendance: 350

Dallas Afterschool website


North Texas Giving Day Booster: Dallas Afterschool

Dallas Afterschool*

Dallas Afterschool*

“At Dallas Afterschool, we believe that quality education can change lives, and the world we live in, for the better. That’s a big statement when you really think about it. Quality education has the potential to trigger a series of events and opportunities that lead to individual growth and greater community safety and success.

“But how do we really define education, and what do we expect from it, when students spend only 35 hours per week in a traditional school environment, leaving the other 133 hours left up to interpretation? Here are a few facts that begin to paint the bigger picture:

  • “By the time students reach the 6th grade, middle class kids have likely spent 6,000 more hours learning than kids born into poverty.
  • “From 3-6pm, there are over 100,000 students in Dallas County between the ages of 5-14 left home alone without adult supervision or support. This is more than enough children to fill the AT&T stadium beyond capacity. So….
  • “While middle class students learn to read, create, persist and problem-solve at home and through afterschool and summer experiences, low-income children are more likely to be exposed to crime, unsafe behaviors and miss out on additional learning.
Afterschool students*

Afterschool students*

“As a result, substantial opportunity gaps exist that can’t be closed through traditional schooling alone. These gaps reinforce the cycle of poverty; the further behind our students become today, the more restricted they, and our community, will be in the future. We need quality out of school time programs to bridge these gaps.

Christina Hanger*

Christina Hanger*

“Our vision at Dallas Afterschool is for every family to have access to the quality afterschool and summer programs they want for their children. We were formed in 2007 in response to the study ‘Today’s Children: Tomorrow’s Communities, 2006 After-School Program Assessment,’ which found that there was no unifying agency to facilitate communication, learning or information exchange between afterschool care agencies in Dallas County. Dallas Afterschool promotes, expands, and improves the quality of afterschool and summer programs in low-income neighborhoods in our community.  We provide professional development, coaching and training for program staff based on national best practice standards for quality. Partner sites are given access to a library of innovative hands-on program resources designed to engage students in social, emotional and academic development, helping to bridge the opportunity gap of approximately 9,500 K-12th grade students at our 130 free or low-cost partner sites.  In addition to these services, we also conduct research on the impact of quality out of school time programs on student academic success and social/emotional development.

“We hope that this North Texas Giving Day, you will consider supporting the work we are doing to position our students, and our city, for success today and always. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year, we are more committed than ever to improving quality of existing programs and increasing access to afterschool opportunities for the over 100,000 students left home alone between the hours of 3-6 p.m. On behalf of the Dallas Afterschool family and the over 9,500 students we currently serve, we thank you for your support!”

-By Christina Hanger, Dallas Afterschool CEO

* Graphic and photos provided by Dallas Afterschool


In seven years, North Texas Giving Day has pumped more than $119 million into the North Texas community. In 2015, $33 million was raised through more than 118,000 gifts benefiting over 2,000 nonprofits.

On Thursday, September 22, support Dallas Afterschool by linking here and spreading the word. #NTxGivingDay

MySweetWishList: Dallas Afterschool

According to Dallas Afterschool Development and Events Coordinator Shannon D. Holloway,

“This year, Dallas Afterschool’s holiday wish is to ensure that all Dallas children have access to safe, quality afterschool and summer programming. Working towards our mission to improve the quality of afterschool and summer programs in our community, we have transformed 16 programs into certified high quality sites, and helped hundreds of others work towards national afterschool quality standards ensuring children are safe when school is out, but work is not. We’ve also helped our community grow towards a better understanding of afterschool education by creating, which helps parents find out of school time care based on location, time, activities offered and more.

Dallas Afterschool*

Dallas Afterschool*

“While we have impacted over 9,000 students so far this year, there is much more to be done! Dallas Afterschool’s MySweetWishList includes supporting our mission through a fully-tax deductible end of year gift to help us continue to make afterschool better for the students served by our program partners.

“You can also support Dallas Afterschool by purchasing a just released underwriting or sponsorship package for our not to be missed annual fundraiser, RECESS! being held Friday, April 29, 2016, with honorary chair, Serena Simmons Connolly.

“Give the gift of quality, safe out of school time this season, and make a difference in the lives of Dallas’ most underserved children.

“For more information on Dallas Afterschool, please visit:

For RECESS! information, please visit: Recess! or contact Jessica Dyer at [email protected].”

-By Shannon D. Holloway, Development and Events Coordinator

* Photo provided by Dallas Afterschool

MySweetWishList: Dallas Afterschool

According to Dallas Afterschool Development and Events Coordinator Amber C. Edwards,

Amber C. Edwards*

Amber C. Edwards*

“MySweetWish is a gift that has the power to transform afterschool and the trajectory of a child’s life. Through your gift of your time or financial contribution, Dallas Afterschool can continue to educate and equip free and reduced=cost afterschool programs throughout Dallas.

“Last year, we worked with 120 sites impacting over 9,000 children. Won’t you help us make afterschool better?

“Together, we can make afterschool better!

  • “$50 can supply materials for 1 hands-on learning Activity Box
  • ​”$100 can help 1 site receive a safety certification inspection
  • “$250 can provide 30 children with a new active learning experience.”

    Dallas Afterschool*

    Dallas Afterschool*

-Amber C. Edwards, Dallas Afterschool Development and Events Coordinator

* Graphic and photo provided by Dallas Afterschool

JUST IN: Dallas Afterschool Has A New CEO

Still more news! This time it’s coming from Dallas Afterschool. Board Chair Terry Conner just announced that Christina Hangar will replace Tanya McDonald as the organization’s CEO.

Christina Hangar

Christina Hangar*

Don’t worry about Tanya. She’s not in need of a job. Instead she’ll be leading “the development of a city-wide system to support quality afterschool and summer programs.”

According to Terry, “We thank Tanya for her leadership and the pivotal role she has played in our growth and success. She will be continuing to use her talents in the afterschool field.  We are thrilled about the unique blend of business acumen, passion for our mission and strategic thinking that Christina brings our organization. As a longtime friend of the agency, she is already plugged in to our culture and shares our passion to make an impact on quality afterschool programming for North Texas children. She will continue to advance our mission of improving the quality of afterschool and summer programs in our community.”

In addition to having been a Dallas Afterschool volunteer, Christina brings some impressive credentials to her position. The Plano resident has been COO for Fischer & Company, COO/CFO for Worksoft Inc., Senior VP of American Operations for Hewlett-Packard Company and since 2010 has served as a consultant for a “wide variety of for-profit and non-profit clients with operational and strategic issues.”

Christina, who earned her MBA from Wake Forest University and a BSME from Virginia Tech, said, “I’m delighted to be part of the Dallas Afterschool team. For such a young organization, Dallas Afterschool has already accomplished so much. I look forward to being part of future successes and continued advocacy and awareness for quality out-of-school and afterschool programming in Dallas and beyond.”

* Photo provided by Dallas Afterschool

When It Comes To Recess!, Think G-rated Adult Playtime for Dallas AfterSchool Network

The brand new fundraiser for the Dallas AfterSchool Network, Recess! is already past the halfway mark for selling out. Limited to only 250 guests, there are only 100 tickets left according to Co-chairs Julie Bagley and Kate Rose Marquez.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s at a fabulous mansion. Or, maybe it’s the fact that it’s centered around everyone’s favorite part of the school day — Recess!

And what kind of recess is planned for this adult gathering? According to Kate Rose, “The intent is to have a fun, casual evening called Recess! for adults. You can buy chances to dig in the sandbox for prizes (our version of a raffle). Shop our silent auction full of fun field trips, play casino games and cash out your winnings for chances to win great prizes. There will be great food, cocktails at the Monkey Bar, scotch tastings at the Hop Scotch Bar. For those V.I.P.s, a Teacher’s Pet Party. All in Faye Briggs’ beautiful backyard. The attire is casual spring cocktail – no jacket required!”

Ringleaders for the antics will be Honorary Chairs Sally and Forrest Hoglund. Other activities and playground monitors will include:

  • Field trips — Jenna Turner Alexander and Dawn Spalding
  • Sandbox — Skye Brewer
  • Snacks and Games — Hadley Galt
  • Yearbook — Suzanne Droese
  • Troop leader — Leigh Anne Haugh
  • Goodie bags — Nancy Gopez
  • Arts and crafts — Kristi Cole and Katherine Coker
  • Playdate hosts — Ginny and Conner Searcy
  • Attendance — Janet Mockovciak

Silliness and fun aside, it’s important to note that the evening will benefit DASN, providing education, arts and safety for local programs including LeTot, Trinity River Mission and Vickery Meadow Learning Center. More than 12,000 low-income children in Dallas County are served by DASN’s efforts.

Dallas AfterSchool Network

Dallas AfterSchool Network

If you prefer stuffy, black-tie functions where everyone’s upper lip is quite stiff, then this one isn’t for you. But if you were a scamp on the playground or wanted to be, then hurry on up and get a ticket for the Friday, April 19.

Photo courtesy of Dallas AfterSchool Network

Pitch Your Nonprofit: Dallas AfterSchool Network

Tanya McDonald

According to Dallas AfterSchool Network CEO Tanya McDonald,

End The Year With An Investment In The Future: Create Quality Afterschool Experiences For More Than 12,300 Students

“Dallas AfterSchool Network ensures that low-income students have access to safe and enriching afterschool experiences by providing afterschool and summer programs with staff training, program resources and support. Our goal is to help local sites achieve national quality standards, as only high-quality afterschool programs change student lives. Children who attend average or low-quality programs show no difference in academic, social, or emotional outcomes than children who are unsupervised after school.

“Right now, your gift is leveraged to support Dallas AfterSchool Network in its support of 165 free afterschool sites serving 12,300 K – 12th grade students in Dallas County. Our clients range from national organizations like the YMCA and Camp Fire, to school-based programs like Big Thought and Dallas ISD, to local programs such as Trinity River Mission and Wilkinson Center.

“Dallas AfterSchool Network improved the quality of 98% of sites it supported during the 2011-2012 school year. In doing so, we delivered nearly 7,000 hours of training to afterschool staff; provided one-on-one coaching to 860 afterschool staff members; and placed 13,400 hours of trained volunteer hours in to local programs. In addition, we created hands-on learning opportunities for thousands of children by placing curriculum and enrichment programming into sites.

“Help us a make an even greater impact in 2013 in the lives of future generations.”

-Tanya McDonald

Graphic provided by Dallas AfterSchool Network

JUST IN: YMCA Of Metropolitan Dallas CEO Gordon “Gordie” Echtenkamp Announces His Retirement After 40 Years With The Y

Another job opening sign was just posted. It seems that after putting in 40 years with the YMCA, Gordon “Gordie” Echtenkamp has decided to retire. Well, not quite yet. He’ll clean out his desk as YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas CEO in 2017 after his successor has been named “allowing a smooth transition.”

According to YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Board Chair Kelvin Walker, “Gordon Echtenkamp’s commitment to the mission and vision for the YMCA certainly has made a major impact on the lives of the children and families here in North Texas. For nearly two decades and through the economic downturn, Gordie has led our YMCA through a period of remarkable growth and community impact, with a strong focus of meeting the needs of our community through relevant programs and impeccable financial stability. Our transition plan will provide a seamless passage of his good works as we build upon the foundation of Gordie’s tenure.”

During his 16 years as Dallas YMCA CEO, “he had led two successful capital development initiatives that raised funds producing $80 million in projects addressing nearly every YMCA facility in the organization including new YMCAs opened in Plano, Frisco, East Dallas the Park Cities communities. Significant renovation of existing community Ys was also completed including the T. Boone Pickens YMCA Downtown, the J.E.R. Chilton YMCA in Rockwall, Grand Prairie YMCA along with the Park South, Moorland and Oak Cliff YMCAs and Camp Grady Spruce on Possum Kingdom Lake.”

Thanks to Gordie’s leadership, more than 300,000 children and families are served in the greater Dallas community with an operating budget of $55M. It is also “the largest provider of school-age children in North Texas serving 4,500 children daily in afterschool and camp programs.”

According to Gordie, “I am so proud to have served the YMCA movement for forty years and the last sixteen years here in Dallas. The opportunity to work not only with an incredible staff team, but also an outstanding group of committed volunteers, donors, city leaders and community partners who are all focused on strengthening the foundation of this community has been such a privilege. I am confident that the Y will continue to meet the high expectations we all have of ourselves in service to the community.”

In addition to conducting an executive search for Gordie’s replacement, a search is already underway for Dallas Y’s COO Carmelita Gallo, who is retiring this year after “a 43-year career with the YMCA.”

Anyone who wants job security might want to check with Gordie and Carmelita for their secrets for attaining tenure.

The Dallas Foundation Plays Santa Claus For Countless Nonprofits

The Dallas Foundation played Santa Claus on Monday, March 23 for local nonprofits. Here is a report from the field:

“In 2014, The Dallas Foundation awarded more than $2.9 million in competitive grants to dozens of local organizations. Monday [March 23] night, the nonprofit organization was thrilled to welcome so many of their 2014 competitive grantees to the annual grantee recognition celebration, held in the Pecan Room at Old Parkland.

The Dallas Foundation grant presentation guests*

The Dallas Foundation grant presentation guests*

“’It was our honor to acknowledge the valuable role these organizations serve in the Dallas community, thank them for their hard work, and recognize the donors who made the grants possible,’ said Mary Jalonick, President/CEO of The Dallas Foundation.

Mary Jalonick, David Corrigan and Rhealyn Carter*

Mary Jalonick, David Corrigan and Rhealyn Carter*

“Less than one-third of 2014 applicants received a grant from The Dallas Foundation after a rigorous, competitive grants process that reflects The Dallas Foundation’s sincere commitment to the responsibility entrusted to us by our donors.

John Puckett and Mary Jalonick*

John Puckett and Mary Jalonick*

“The night included remarks from Mary Jalonick, president and CEO; John P. Puckett III, chairman of the board of governors; and Helen Holman, chief philanthropy officer.”

For a list of the grants that were presented, follow the jump!

* Photos provided 
by The Dallas 
Foundation [Read more...]

Dallas International Art, Antique And Jewelry Show To Feature Sherry Hayslip Showcase And Lectures By Industry Experts

The Dallas International Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show is a bit like Brigadoon. It magically appears for a brief spell with wonders and delights. Then all too soon it is gone. This year’s collection of treasures is returning to Dallas Market Hall from Thursday, November 6, to Monday, November 10. Yipes — a scant four days!

Sherry Hayslip*

Sherry Hayslip*

This year’s Designer’s Showcase will be in the hands of Dallas’s award-winning interior designer Sherry Hayslip. She’s decided on “a la Coco” theme “inspired by Coco Chanel’s iconic Paris apartment.” And let’s face it. Since December’s Métiers d’Art, isn’t it about time for a Coco fix?

According to Sherry, “The Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show brings together as impressive a collection of exhibitors as can be found anywhere in the United States. It was an exciting opportunity to work with all of them to create this fun tribute to Coco and her style.”

But as Scott Diament, CEO of the Show Producer and President/CEO of The Palm Beach Show Group, admitted, “Sherry has done a remarkable job gathering such spectacular pieces and working with so many different exhibitors while maintaining and executing her vision for the Designer Showcase. It’s not an easy task to take on an icon like Coco Chanel, but Sherry certainly came through in a big way. Our guests are going to be very impressed with what she has put together.”

And there’s far more than just eye candy. This year they’ve added lectures by curators from area museums and “other industry experts and pioneers.” The lineup of lecturers includes

  • Friday, November 7 at 1 p.m. — Olivier Meslay, associate director of curatorial affairs and the Barbara Thomas Lemon Curator of European Art at the Dallas Museum of Art
  • Friday, November 7 at 2 p.m. — Margaret “Maggie” Alder, assistant curator Amon Carter Museum of American Art
  • Saturday, November 8 at 1 p.m. — Carolle Thibault-Pomerantz, expert in fine vintage wallpapers from XVIII to the mid-XX centuries
  • Monday, November 10 at 11 a.m. — Dr. Thomas Wide, managing director, Turquoise Mountain Trust

Hint: The Thursday night private preview party on Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. not only allows you to have a first look but you’ll benefit Texas Cultural Trust. But if you can’t make opening night, you can still support the show’s other nonprofit partners — The Women’s Council of the Dallas Arboretum and Dallas AfterSchool —during its all too brief stay.

* Photo credit: Dan Piassick

Round Robin March 27: Dallas Opera Spring Gala, Recess And A Legendary Evening Patron Parties And JLD Scholarship Presentation

The floodgates of Dallas fundraising were wide open on Thursday, March 27. Perhaps it was to make up for the spring break week, where it seemed like the wheels came to barely moving. Or, perhaps it was due to the approaching tsunami of activities on the April calendar starting with the Final Four and Dallas International Film Festival. Whatever the reason, this Thursday evening tested the well-heeled in racing all over town.

Dallas Opera Spring Gala Patron Party

Anne Stodghill

Anne Stodghill

Over at Anne and Steve Stodghill’s mansion, it was a true celebration for the patrons of the Dallas Opera Spring Gala. While waiting for DO General Director/President Keith Cerny to arrive, Gala Co-Chairs Betty and Steve Suellentrop handled the welcome duties and pianist Jason Smith played in the background.

And at one point it appeared like the real action was taking place in the entry hall.

Meg and Jay Hunter Morris

Meg and Jay Hunter Morris

One cute couple, who seemed to glow as they arrived, were Meg and Jay Hunter Morris. As the door opened, the operatic crowd looked thrilled and the Morrises seemed so cool. That is, until the valet tapped Jay on the shoulder and whispered something about keys for the car. Oops, seems the operatic tenor had left the car but taken the keys. Now, most folks would have looked embarrassed at the faux pas, but the Morrises aren’t most folks. With a laugh and apology, Jay handed over the keys and joined the guests.

But then what would you expect from a fella from Paris, Texas? It was in Dallas that Jay, as a youngster, first experienced opera years ago. On Friday, April 5, he was to perform a private recital for the Dallas Opera Spring gala.

Vacheron Constantin timepieces

Vacheron Constantin timepieces

Patsy Donosky and Richard Eiseman

Patsy Donosky and Richard Eiseman

At the party presented by Eiseman Jewels and Vacheron Constantin, it was no surprise to see jeweler Richard Eiseman immediately open the front door as Patsy Donosky arrived and drop to one knee for her. The man knows how to stage a welcome. And speaking of staging, it was pretty nifty to see the precious Vacheron timepieces safely in a couple of cases around the entry hall. And, of course, these little gems had their own “security” standing nearby.

Richard has been very busy as Eiseman prepares to celebrate its 50 anniversary. While the salon is undergoing a massive redesign and expansion to 3,200 square feet, the operation has moved to temporary digs at NorthPark, where Kate Spade had been. How convenient! It’s just next door to “Eiseman’s recently opened dedicated Rolex space.” According to Richard, the renovation is due to be completed by June.

The Stodghill library

The Stodghill library

Across the entry hall, Bank of Texas’ The Private bank Executive VP Bob White was directed to the Stodghill library, where a crowd was gathering to check out the memorabilia including the infamous “bat cave.” One guest noted the small size of the Doc Holiday ulster overcoat. Steve followed that comment with the fact that they had to have a special form created because of the small size — smaller than a woman and larger than a child.

Carol and Don Glendenning

Carol and Don Glendenning

Once Keith arrived, he welcomed the guests and thanked them for their support of the DO especially Bank of Texas, which is the 2014 Spring Gala presenting sponsor at the Winspear on April 4th.

As typical of most parties at Stodghill manor, the party extended beyond the slated closing hour with guests like Carol and Don Glendenning, John Cody, Nick Even, Marnie and Kern Wildenthanl, Betsy Eiseman and Jennifer Cerny receiving a gift bag that included “two beautiful books by Vacheron Constantin, “The Collection 2013-2014” and “Collectors’ Island: passion art excellence, Vol. 1”, as well as a complimentary valet pass for NorthPark Center.”

Women Leader Scholarship Presentation

The presentation by the Junior League of Dallas and Mary Kay Inc. at Emmett J. Conrad High School was laudable. . . in more ways than one. As part of the new JLD Women LEAD (Learn, Excel, Achieve, Dream), an oratory competition was held among eight high school students. The winning four would receive scholarships amounting to a total of $25,000.

Given three to five minutes, each of the young women presented speeches on “How My Female Role Model Overcame Obstacles to Achieve Her Goals and How It Inspires Me.”

The selection of the following winners was based on the “merit of their scholarship applications and speech presentations:

Crayton Webb, Maria Monjaras, Deyanira Zapata-Martinez, Sumayah Al Haddad, Lauren Jackson, Shannon Powell Hart and Laura Johnson

Crayton Webb, Maria Monjaras, Deyanira Zapata-Martinez, Sumayah Al Haddad, Lauren Jackson, Shannon Powell Hart and Laura Johnson*

  • First place ($10,000) — Deyanira Zapata-Martinez, who is deciding between the University of Texas and Texas A&M to continue her education. With a passion for math and science, she plans to major in electrical engineering and neuroscience.
  • Second place ($5,000) — Lauren Jackson plans to attend Louisiana State University and major in nursing. It is her way of helping people and staying directly involved in the community.
  • Third place ($5,000) — Sumayah Al Haddad will attend community college before enrolling in the University of Arlington. She has decided to pursue a career in bio-medical engineering, as she always dreamed of being in the medical field.
  • Fourth place ($5,000) — Maria Monjaras is deciding between the University of Arlington and the University of Dallas and will pursue a degree in business administration. She aspires to be a successful entrepreneur.

According to JLD President Laura Johnson, “We are honored to award our first Women LEAD scholarships in collaboration with Mary Kay. It is our wish to empower these four women and help them achieve their dreams. We look forward to seeing the impact it will have on their lives and their future.”

Recess Patron Party

Amy Turner and Aimee Sheahan

Amy Turner and Aimee Sheahan

Patrons of the April 25th Recess fundraiser for Dallas Afterschool were in for a surprise from Amy Turner. Not only did she open her Park Cities residence for the party, she also arranged for an OMG  Recess prize — a trip to Turtle Island Resort in the Fiji Islands. The gasps that arose in the living room when the announcement was made by Dallas Afterschool CEO Tanya McDonald could be heard around the Park Cities. Ah, so that was why a flat screen near the fireplace had a slideshow of the luxury resort. Someone thought it was just a collection of Amy’s latest trip.

Anne and Terry Conner

Anne and Terry Conner

While the mood in the room rose, so did a sly smile on Amy. Talk about looking like a cat that ate the canary! She knew she had hit a home run.

To get guests like Anne and Terry Conner, Christie Carter and Aimee Sheahan in the mood for fun and games, a magician ambled through the room performing little tricks of the trade.

Recess Co-Chairs Meredith Camp and Christina Norris have arranged to have the adult-sandbox playtime and game-playing event return to the Faye Briggs estate.

Ah, but there was more good news. Well, sorta. The individual tickets have sold out. That’s good news for those who didn’t wait to buy their tickets. That’s not so good if you waited. However, Meredith and Christina have a waitlist already for you. So, don’t wait and sign up on the wait list.

A Legendary Evening Patron Party

This report from the field came in about A Legendary Evening Patron Party:

Kristine Schwope and Heather Walther**

Kristine Schwope and Heather Walther**

“Antèks Home Furnishings in the Dallas Design District was the site for a cocktail reception on Thursday, March 27 honoring patrons of A Legendary Evening, benefiting Family Compass.  Chairs Kristine Schwope and Heather Walther welcomed over fifty guests including honorary co-chair Marty Turco, who stopped by the event before meeting wife and fellow honorary chair, Kelly at their child’s band concert. Before Mr. Turco had to leave, board chair Adam Connatser quieted the group to thank Marty and Kelly for their support again this year of A Legendary Evening and for their commitment to Family Compass and its mission of building healthy families and a strong Dallas community by preventing child abuse and neglect.

Jessica Trudeau and Marty Turco**

Jessica Trudeau and Marty Turco**

“Guests mingled over wine and signature cocktails and a beautiful display of appetizers from Wendy Krispin Caterer while perusing the amazing selection of sophisticated rustic furniture, art and accessories. Anyone who made a purchase received a 10% discount with 10% of sale benefiting Family Compass. This generous offer from Antèks proprietor and designer Jason Lennox, is good through next Saturday, April 5.

“Later in the evening, executive director Jessica Trudeau recognized the chairs, host committee and many sponsors of “A Legendary Evening,” which is scheduled for Saturday, April 12 and recognized Spirit of Compassion award recipients Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones, who were not able to attend but were represented by Terese Stevenson from their foundation. The Spirit of Compassion award is given to individuals who view the prevention of child abuse as a community responsibility and whose support exemplifies that belief.”

* Photo credit: Dana Driensky
** Photo credit: Lisa Stewart

Dallas Foundation’s Grantee Recognition Event Celebrated The Generosity Of Donors And The Hard Work Of Nonprofits

The Pecan Room

The Pecan Room

Last Monday night some of Dallas’ most deserving nonprofits showed up at The Pecan Room. It’s such a dream of a room with its fine woodwork, tall ceilings, windows and grand fireplace. It simply oozes the refinement and class from a long-ago era without the mustiness of your grandma’s trunk.

It was that marvelous feel of grandeur that was the backdrop for the Dallas Foundation’s Grantee Recognition Event. Everywhere one looked it was either DF board members or very appreciative recipients.

Gary Garcia, Mary Hager, Bernadette Nuttal and Sheldon Smith

Gary Garcia, Mary Hager, Bernadette Nuttal and Sheldon Smith

Dallas Police Officer Sheldon Smith told DF’s Gary Garcia and Circle of Supporters Mary Hager and Bernadette Nuttal about his early days of working with the Dallas gangs. SPCA’s James Bias calmed a guest about a recent pooch that had appeared on WFAA’s noon show. The critter had indeed been adopted.

But it wasn’t just those on the receiving end. DF Board of Governor members David Corrigan, Jere Thompson and Don Crisp were feeling a bit like Santa.

DF President Mary Jalonick took her glasses off and frankly admitted that despite all the appreciation in the room, the most important group was not present — the donors. Without them, there would be no funds to support the tireless efforts of the recipients.

For a gander at just what groups that benefited from the DF’s efforts andthe donations of others, follow the jump. You’ll be impressed by the number and the names.


  •  Aberg Center for Literacy — ESL and GED program improvements
  • Center for Nonprofit Management — DonorBridge support services for 2013
  • Center on Communities and Education at SMU — The School Zone program
  • Commit! — operating support for Commit! as Founding Innovator and 0-3 Network Host
  • Dallas AfterSchool Network — expansion of the Program Quality Initiative
  • Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Inc. — Dream Dallas campaign
  • Dallas CASA — construction of a new facility
  • DFW International Community Alliance — Naturalization Exam preparation classes
  • Low Birth Weight Development Center — Teen Parenting program
  • Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance — permanent supportive housing plan for Dallas
  • National Math and Science Initiative — Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program
  • Reach Out and Read Texas — Reach Out and Read program at the MyChildren’s clinic near Bachman Lake
  • Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers — Early Childhood Therapy Program
  • Texas Association for Infant Mental Health — on-line curriculum development and support for child care staff
  • The Benefit Bank of Texas (Texas Health Institute) — The Benefit Bank of Texas project
  • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas — Earn It! Keep It! Save It! program
  • Zero-to-Five Funders Collaborative — early childhood programming in the Bachman Lake area


Jean Baptiste “Tad” Adoue, III Fund

  • Dallas Arboretum  Chihuly Exhibit
  • Dallas Opera Simulcast of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” at Cowboys Stadium
  • Dallas Summer Musicals “Peter Pan” production
  • New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving concerts that feature Latino music
  • Shakespeare Dallas title season sponsorship

Bertice Carter Speck Fund

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas afterschool programming for children and teens
  • Child and Family Guidance Center mental health counseling for low-income children

Elizabeth T. Robinson Fund

  • Rainbow Days support groups of homeless children and families

Betty Pope and Erin Wylie Funds

  • The Bridge kennel services for pets of homeless guests
  • D/FW Labrador Retriever Rescue veterinary expenses

Lucille W. and George R. Pattullo Fund

  • Dallas Police Athletic League programs for at-risk African American teens

Jalonick Family Memorial Funds

  • Mosaic Family Services transitional shelter for immigrant women
  • Victims Outreach support for victims of violent crime
  • Autism Treatment Center horticulture program and Tiger Cafe
  • Bridge Breast Network cancer treatment for uninsured women

Morris Harley Morgan Jr. Fund

  • Baylor Healthcare Systems Foundation Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute

James D. Webb Fund

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas research for a cure for Parkinson’s disease

Annie L. Stevens Fund

  • AVANCE Dallas children’s programming
  • Christ’s Foundry furnishing for the youth room
  • Circle of Support summer programming
  • Dallas Community Lighthouse apartment-based tutoring programs
  • Education is Freedom DISD graduation/college preparation program
  • Hope Cottage adoption programs for foster children
  • Mi Escuelita Preschool general support of the school
  • Mosaic Family Services transitional shelter for immigrant women
  • Reconciliation Outreach flooring for the community center

Louis B. and Mary Ratliff Funds

  • Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project veterinary services for feral cats
  • The Bridge kennel services for pets of homeless guests
  • The Bridge operating support of the homeless shelter
  • Buckner Children and Family Services purchase of equipment for food pantry
  • Captain Hope’s Kids basic supplies for children in shelters
  • Housing Crisis Center long-term transitional housing program
  • Irving Cares general operating support
  • LifeLine Shelter for Families, Inc. rental assistance in Grand Prairie
  • Metrocrest Social Services rental assistance and financial literacy
  • Wesley-Rankin Community Center youth development programs
  • YWCA support of Nurse-Family Partnership


  • Denton Animal Shelter Foundation Inc. general operating support
  • My Possibilities general operating support
  • North Texas Public Broadcasting/KERA/KXT general operating support
  • John Paul II High School general operating support
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra general operating support
  • United Through H.O.P.E. general operating support


  • Youth Village Resources of Dallas computer and safe food handling classes


  • ChildCareGroup Healthy Start, Healthy Children early childhood nutrition program


  • Young Texans Against Cancer general operating support
  • Camp John Marc general operating support
  • Paws in the City general operating supportt
  • Buckner Children and Family Services general operating support
  • Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation general operating support


  • Community Dental Care general operating support
  • Lancaster Outreach Center direct assistance for low-income families


  • Dallas Animal Services Big Fix for Big D Spay/Neuter Surgeries
  •  Metroplex Animal Coalition Big Fix for Big D Spay/Neuter Surgeries
  • SPCA of Texas Big Fix for Big D Spay/Neuter Surgeries