Spring Those Clocks Forward An Hour Saturday Night Or Be A Tardy Type Sunday

Daylight saving time – Spring Clocks Forward

So very sorry to report that you’re going to lose something this weekend. No, it’s not that five pounds that you’ve been wearing for ages. Rather, you’re gonna lose an hour thanks to those wonderful people who created daylight saving time 100 years ago on March 19, 1918, during World War I.

What this loss does mean?

  • If you don’t set your clocks ahead an hour when you hit the sheets Saturday night, you’re going to be an hour late on Sunday for church, brunch or the movies.
  • It will be darker in the morning when you rise and shine, and lighter when you battle that drive-home traffic.
  • Your kids and pets are really going to wonder why the heck you’re up so early.
  • The grumpy factor peaks on the disposition scale for three days following the change.

Suggestion: Chill and let your body clock get used to the upheaval. Don’t schedule any important meetings until lunchtime on Wednesday.

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