MySweetCharity Photo Gallery Alert: Canine Companions For Independence Matriculation And Graduation Ceremony

It was just like seeing parents send their children off to school and the next stages of life. The SRO crowd at the Canine Companions Of Independence South Central matriculation and graduation ceremony on Friday, February 16, came together with boxes of tissues around the room. Instead of children, the youngsters were pooches — Retrievers, Labradors and Retriever/Lab mixes.

Matriculating puppy


For some of the dogs, it was bidding farewell to the people who had raised them over the months from puppyhood. They were now to undergo extensive training at the Irving training center to see if their destiny was to provide a unique service for a person or organization in need.

Joe and Juniper III

Joe, Juniper III, Lanaya and Michael


For a select seven that had completed the months of training, they were to officially become part of a lifelong and life-changing team.

While the post is being prepared, check out MySweetCharity Photo Gallery to see the pooches and people.

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