Sold-Out Alert!: 2018 Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball

2018 Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball Co-Chair Kirstin and Holden Godat and Sarah and Hayden Godat are celebrating Valentine’s Day with big old smiles. Their Genesis Shelter black-tie fundraiser this Saturday at Sixty Five Hundred is sold out.

Hayden and Sarah Godat and Kirstin and Holden Godat*

Looks like they’re on plan to hit the $200,000 mark to provide safety, shelter and support for women and children fleeing abuse. Congrats!

If you didn’t get your spot locked down, don’t make the same mistake about Genesis 25th Annual Luncheon featuring Hilary Swank on Friday, May 11, at the Anatole. 

* Photo courtesy of Genesis Women's Shelter

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