Former NFL Player Anthony Trucks To Speak At Cherish The Children And Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon To Receive Caroline Rose Hunt Award

For many children in foster care, the right-turn-in-the-road decision results from a caring adult. These adults help children who have been the victims of neglect and/or abuse, to realize that their destiny can be one of opportunity. To help the children adjust to a stable and caring environment requires time, patience, empathy and care.

Anthony Trucks*

One of those children was Anthony Trucks, who “was removed from home at the age of three.” Having been shuffled through five foster homes, he found childhood to be “confusing, tumultuous and full of doubts and a lack of trust in adults. He responded by acting out until he realized he could choose a different path.”  

Luckily for Anthony, his final foster mother changed all that.

According to Anthony, “She loved me through the crazy. She showed me in actions that she loved me, and no matter how bad I was she just would not give up on me.”

The results? Anthony went on to become a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers; a motivational trainer; and an author.

Cheryl Lee Shannon*

As Anthony said, “I’ve realized life for me is comprised of a bunch of individual moments, some good and some bad. I’m just trying to make more good moments than bad moments. It’s so cliché and simple, but for me one of the greatest gifts was the hardship of my life. When the sea of life gets rocky, you have to learn to sail.”

Anthony will tell his story of how that one person helped him beat the odds at Dallas CASA’s Cherish the Children luncheon on Monday, April 9, at the Omni.  

Luncheon Co-chairs Erin Jesberger and Aubrey Labanowski announced that the Caroline Rose Hunt Cherish the Children Award will be presented to Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon “in recognition of her commitment to children of our community” at the luncheon.

CASA Cherish The Children*

Proceeds from the luncheon will “allow Dallas CASA to recruit, train and supervise more volunteers for children living in protective care because it isn’t safe at home.”

Tickets and sponsorships for the luncheon are available here!

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