Callier Care Chair Beth Thoele Has Perfect Timing To Reach Out For Luncheon Underwriters

Beth Thoele

That red-haired Beth Thoele’s timing is downright amazing. Chairing the annual Callier Cares luncheon on Tuesday, April 17, at the Dallas Country Club, she needed to figure out the perfect time to send out underwriter letters. Before New Year’s and the letter would have been part of the flood of holiday greeting cards. If she sent it out in February, then it might be mistaken for a Valentine.

But she discovered a window of opportunity in January — just after Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Christina Durovich and Barbara Stuart

Emilynn Wilson

To get the letters out, she held a full day of letter signing around her dinner table with the likes of Christina Durovich, Barbara Stuart, Richard Neely, Linda Jenkins, Emilynn Wilson and Dr. Tom Campbell on Thursday, January 11.

And, of course, to keep the pens moving there was plenty of food.   

If you haven’t gotten your letter because your postal carrier is suffering from frostbite, you can reach out to Jennifer Fowler for the details on supporting the Callier Center for Communications Disorders at The University of Texas at Dallas fundraiser.

BTW, this year’s luncheon is honoring The Meadows Foundation with the Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award with Joyce and Larry Lacerte serving as honorary co-chairs. Pamela and Scott Purcel and their son, Ben Purcel, will be the featured speakers. It was a journey that started when Ben was 18 months old and his parents discovered that he was deaf.