MySweetWishList: Trinity River Mission

According to Trinity River Mission parent Edith Diaz,

“In an area like West Dallas, home to the county juvenile detention center, third highest teen birth rate in Dallas County, and “cradle-to-prison pipeline” stigma, there can be a lot to worry about for a parent like me.

Trinity River Mission*

“But the first time I walked through Trinity River Mission’s (TRM) doors, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time: hope.

  • “Hope that my sons, Andrew and Alexander, won’t end up like other West Dallas students who fall prey to the alcohol, drugs, and gangs in our community.
  • “Comfort in knowing my sons are in the safest place they could be: their [second] home.
  • “Faith that TRM and the treasured support received from MySweetCharity and its readers are playing an important part in my sons’ journeys to become the successful adults they deserve to be.

“At TRM, over 550 at-risk K-12th grade youth just like my sons are receiving the daily academic, personal, and social-emotional support they need to graduate, pursue post-secondary education, and end the cycle of generational poverty that plagues West Dallas.

“When you’re a stepmom like me (or any parent), raising your kids is not always easy. I came into my sons’ lives when they were still quite young (ages 4 and 6). But there are things that happened earlier in their lives that still bring them pain today. Personal experiences that continue to affect my sons emotionally, socially, and even academically. The kind of deep-seeded pain from people who were supposed to love and take care of them but, in the end, just let them down.

“But because of TRM, MySweetCharity and readers like you, I have hope.

“Because of TRM and readers like you, my son, Andrew, now receives the targeted one-on-one academic support and tools he needs to conquer his ADHD, improve his focus, and develop his social skills.

“Because of TRM and readers like you, my son, Alexander, runs home from school in excitement because he actually can understand his math lessons now.

“Because of TRM and readers like YOU, I know that, even though I can’t erase the pain from my kids’ past — no matter how much I wish I could – there are people like you who teach my kids that they are loved, that they are worth investing in, and that they can achieve their dreams.

“And you make that possible.

“This holiday season, I hope you’ll join me in supporting TRM’s special Holiday Hope campaign for TRM students and families.

Hope Family collage*

“As you can imagine, the holiday season can be a difficult and intense time for TRM families, filled with many hopes and wishes deemed seemingly impossible: The Ortiz Family wishes they could make their kids’ Christmas wish come true: to have a real Christmas tree. The Garza Family hopes one day to own their own home. The Mota Family wishes they knew how they were going to pay for their kids to go college.

“But, with your support, we can make some of those wishes come true and give TRM families that extra reminder that hope, faith, and love do exist in this world. And that, even in our darkest times, something good may be just around the corner.

“There are two ways you can get involved:

  1. “Give the gift of hope at Your gift in any amount will provide immediate and critically-needed academic, personal, and social-emotional support for 550+ students and their families who are striving every day to keep their hope alive.
  2. “Send a special message of hope to TRM students and families like my own using this special holiday card, found here OR send Dolores Sosa Green, TRM’s CEO, an email at [email protected].

“This message will be displayed at TRM for all families to see, reminding them day in and day out that people like you care about them.

“On behalf of my husband, sons, and entire TRM Family, thank you and Happy Holidays!”

-By Edith Diaz, Trinity River Mission parent