JUST IN: ABC’s “Good Morning America!’s” Robin Roberts To Be 2nd Annual Interfaith Auxiliary Luncheon’s Keynote Speaker

One of the best speakers that hit the North Texas fundraising circuit was Hoda Kotb at the 2016 Interfaith Auxiliary Luncheon benefiting Interfaith Family Services. It’s doubtful that she ever got a bite to eat because she literally visited every room in the Dallas Country Club ballroom. And when she took the helm at the podium, nobody wanted her to ever leave.

The only problem? How does one top Hoda? Well, 2017 Interfaith Auxiliary Luncheon Co-Chairs Megan Filgo, Anna Moss and Molly Thomas put their heads together and believe they’ve come up with the perfect follow-up — “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts.

Robin Roberts*

Robin Roberts*

Roberts, who was here a couple of years ago for Pat Smith’s Celebrating Second Chances for Overcomers,” won a lot of fans with her personality, her talk and her inspiration. And why not! Besides co-anchoring “GMA” since 2005, winning a slew of national awards and being voted the “Most Trusted Person on Television” by Reader’s Digest, she bravely underwent breast cancer in June 2007 and later myelodysplastic syndrome in 2012. Her life has been filled with knowing the most famous and influential people in the world, as well as experiencing personal life-changing challenges.

It sounds like the Interfaith group is aiming for a second home run.

Tickets are available now for the lunch at the Dallas Country Club on Friday, March 31!

* Photo courtesy of Interfaith Family Services