SOLD-OUT ALERT!: Appetite For Advocacy Luncheon

And the good news keeps rolling in on this Monday. Appetite for Advocacy Luncheon Co-Chairs Paula Richmond and Megan Steinbach just sent word that the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center fundraiser at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel on Tuesday, April 26, is sold out! What a simply wonderful way for the DCAC to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a sell-out!

Dallas Children's Advocacy Center*

Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center*

Suggestion: With more than 1,400 in attendance to hear author Brené Brown give an extended talk on Rising Strong, it would be wise to get there early. In other words, the luncheon starts at 11:20, so be an early bird, not a tardy type. And remember parking is going to limited. So, if you’re not taking DART, then carpool, Uber or borrow your kiddos’ bike.

Mercedes Benz mid-size SUV*

Mercedes Benz mid-size SUV*

And speaking of transportation, don’t forget the raffle of the Mercedes-Benz mid-size SUV. There are “a few remaining raffle tickets” left. Go ahead. Feel lucky and buy a ticket.

* Graphics courtesy of Dallas Children's Advocacy Center