MySweetWishList: Callier Center For Communications Disorders

According to Callier Center for Communication Disorders Executive Director Dr. Thomas Campbell,

Thomas Campbell*

Thomas Campbell*

“I would like to share a story about Marie, who is one of our patients in the Communication Learning Program (CLP) at the Callier Center. CLP is a community-based program that provides speech and language therapy to adults who are faced with significant communication disabilities due to acquired neurological disorders such as stroke or traumatic brain injury.

“One Friday morning, Marie did not arrive at her job. Her sister asked Marie’s neighbor, who had a key, to check in on her. The neighbor found Marie on the floor and called 911.

“At age 51, Marie had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that left her in the ICU in a medically induced coma. After 21 days in the ICU, seven days in the high dependency unit, and approximately seven weeks of rehab, Marie was released.

Kelly and Marie*

Kelly and Marie*

“Marie was still very weak. She had to learn to do everything over again: talk, walk, dress herself, eat and so much more. She could no longer live by herself, so she stayed with her sister. Before her family would let her move back home, Marie needed to be able to communicate.

“For three years, Marie has received extensive one-on-one and group speech and language therapy in CLP. CLP has helped Marie improve her communication skills, including using an iPad to help her speak. Because of CLP, Marie has moved back into her home and is living independently.

“The majority of CLP participants, like Marie, have either exhausted their insurance benefits or have no benefits at all, leaving them with no means to access continued treatment. Thanks to support from generous donors, we are able to care for these patients. Each patient is asked to pay a minimal fee of $250 per twelve-week period. For those unable to pay, the fee is reduced or waived.

“Unfortunately, we all know someone who has suffered from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, whether it be a parent, grandparent or a friend. Please help someone’s loved one reclaim his or her life by supporting the CLP Program at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

“For more information, please contact Shanon Patrick at 214.905.3084 or visit

-By Dr. Thomas Campbell, Callier Center for Communication Disorders executive director

* Photos provided by Callier Center for Communication Disorders