JUST IN: New Friends New Life’s 13th Annual Wings Luncheon’s Keynote Speaker Will Be The Amazing Amal Clooney

Well, hold on to your whatevers. Ah, shoot! Don’t bother. Just stop reading and start making plans for the New Friends New Life’s 13th Annual Wings Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole.

It will be held on Thursday, April 14, and the keynote speaker will be an “internationally known attorney and human right activist” who [shares the] “nonprofit’s passion to protest women and children, combat human trafficking and provide healing and hope.”

Nope. It’s not the late Mother Teresa. It’s a woman who is brilliant, beautiful and the bride of George Clooney.

Yup! The keynote speaker will be Amal Clooney. Somehow, despite her being married to the man-oh-man of the 21st century, she has made a name all-on-her-own for making a difference for good on an international stage.

In addition to landing George, she’s a “Lebanese-British barrister, human rights activist, philanthropist and author…. Her recent wok as of 2015 has been in the field of advocating for the protection of women against physical and sexual violence in combat zones.”

According to New Friends New Life Chief Executive Officer Katie Pedigo, “New Friends New Life is elated to bring Clooney to Dallas for so many reasons. She shares the organization’s passion to help women and children escape physical and sexual abuse, and her perspective, insight and international acclaim, along with her wide appeal to the public, will help us create an even greater awareness of this worldwide epidemic.   Without question, this will enable us to raise more dollars to combat human trafficking in the Dallas area and throughout our state and nation.”

Serving as luncheon chair for the second year in a row will be the Honorable Jeanne Johnson Phillips with former First Lady Laura Bush and Ruth Altshuler serving as honorary co-chairs. Joining Laura and Ruth as honorary co-chairs will be Nancy Ann Hunt, Caren Prothro and Annette Simmons.

According to blonde Jeanne, “As a human rights activist on a global scale, Amal Clooney is a perfect voice to advocate against a crime that is happening in our own backyard. The subject of sex trafficking and the sex industry as a whole were rarely spoken of just a few years ago, but thanks to the incredible work of organizations like New Friends New Life and a corporate community that is willing to step forward with funding, we are making huge strides to end human trafficking in Dallas and throughout Texas and empower its survivors. Clooney’s knowledge, experience, and presentation will help us educate the community and send a strong message that Dallas is a no tolerance zone for human trafficking as we strive to protect our children, an estimated 400 teens on the streets each night – the most vulnerable targets of human traffickers.”

Let’s stop posting about this one because it’s gonna a quickie sell-out. Unfortunately, we got the information before they even got an online spot to buy tickets. But you can start putting this baby in the budget. As soon as the link for tickets is in place, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, why not cozy up with the NFNL types by attending the 2015 Home Tour. Amal may not be there, but you’ll be supporting her local cause.