JUST IN: The Meadows Foundation Comes Through With A Grant For LaunchAbility

The stock market and oil prices are creating migraines. So, let’s have some good news. Of course, it comes from the ever-loving Meadows Foundation. It was just revealed that the Foundation has “awarded a grant to LaunchAbility to fill a gap in critical funding.”

Yup, you read it. How much? It’s up to $75K of which $25K is a dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity.

According to Meadow Foundation Senior VP for Strategic Initiatives and Grants Bruce Esterline, “The Meadows Foundation is very pleased to support Launchability’s focus on job training, education and support for adults with disabilities.  We hope many others will assist their efforts to enhance employment services for all who seek to improve their lives.”

This funding will help area folks “with disabilities and the families who care for them” in a variety of ways. It will allow LaunchAbility to jump start some new programs like:

  • Transition Services – expanding fee-for-service offerings to support stronger transition from high school to post-secondary education, training and employment
  • Direct Hire – initiating feasibility studies on building employment opportunities to direct hire 100’s of people with disabilities as well as veterans
  • Technology Skill-building for Autism – bringing a global technology training program for adults with Autism who excel at pattern recognition, are detail-minded and have super-focus abilities.
Kathryn Parsons (File photo)

Kathryn Parsons (File photo)

LaunchAbility CEO Kathryn Parson admits, “The timing on this grant is perfect for us as we are joining other non-profits throughout the community for North Texas Giving Day on September 17th. We are looking forward to challenging our donors with the $25,000 matching grant. As government funding continues to get cut, The Meadows Foundation is a leader not only in Texas but is a model nationally who proves the incredibly powerful force philanthropy has in impacting lives of people in our community.”

This announcement is grand all the way around. When fundraisers are feeling queasy about the international economy, the Meadows Foundation is continuing to support programs that make a difference for those who probably don’t have an oil well or have a stockbroker on speed dial. So, if you were planning on donating some dough on North Texas Giving Day, LaunchAbility would appreciate a consideration to achievement that matching goal.