MySweetCharity Policy Announcement: Only Nets To Be Accepted



Queenie arrived with an entourage this morning all huffy. Not the entourage. They’re nice elves, unicorns and angelfish. Queenie looked at the Elder Elf and handed him a freshly laid egg.

The old elf thanked her and asked her, “How am I to interpret this item, O Mighty One Who Makes My Eyes Water?”

With her painfully perfect posture, the old gal said, “When we receive gushing information about funds raised for nonprofits, it is like the egg.”

With wrinkled brow, EE pushed the issue: “And why is fundraising information like an egg, Oh One Who Makes Me Wonder Why I Showed Up For Work?”

With a weary tone in her voice, she replied, “I gave you an egg. You don’t know what it contains until the egg is cracked and the results are shown. A baby duck. A baby crocodile. So, it goes with the flood of releases boasting how much has been raised. But after the expenses are tallied, the question is how much actually went to the beneficiary?”

Leaning over to EE, Queenie whispered, “I happen to know of a group or two that have claimed to have raised incredible amounts for charities, but after the expenses were counted. . . well, honey, I can tell you that a garage sale would have been more beneficial.”

Pulling out his quill pen, the aged elf, who has been in the same position before countless times, prepared to write the latest entry in the MySweetCharity book of rules.

Queenie harrumphed herself, sat on her double-cushioned throne and waved her scepter — “From this point on, we shall only post news about the net amount that will be handed over to the charity/nonprofit.”