2015 Crystal Charity Ball Goal Is A Record Buster For 11 Very Necessary Projects

Michal Powell (File photo)

Michal Powell (File photo)

Word has filtered out that 2015 Crystal Charity Ball Chair Michal Powell has a real mountain to climb. Her goal for the 11 beneficiaries is $6,310,957. But insiders smile and nod that if anyone can meet that number, it’s Lady Michal.

And how will that amount be distributed, once raised? Here’s the breakdown of organizations and their projects:

  • Catholic Charities of Dallas — $575,000 (two years) for Catholic Charities of Dallas School Readiness Program (Investing in the future of children)
  • Dallas Children’s Theater — $564,400 (three years) for The Dallas Children’s Theater Sensory-Friendly Performance (Helping children through the power and magic of live theater)
  • Dallas Life — $559,212 for Kids LIFE Program (A tradition of loving and caring for homeless children)
  • Dallas Services — $646,064 (three years) for Vision for Children (Experiencing the world through better vision)
  • Family Compass — $600,000 (three years) for Healthy Families Program (Because all children have a right to their innocence)
  • Foundation for the Callier Center & Communication Disorders — $630,000 (three years) for The Crystal Charity Ball Pediatric Hearing Aid Project (Connecting children to the world around them)
  • H.I.S. Bridgebuilders — $539,450 (three years) for Crossover Athletics (Restoration through sports, one young life at a time)
  • Interfaith Housing Coalition — $500,000 for Interfaith Housing Coalition Childcare & Youth Services Center (Every night, every child, a home and hope for the future)
  • Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center — $500,000 for Ewing’s Sarcoma Pediatric Research Program (Hope lives here)
  • North Texas Food Bank — $750,000 (three years) for Food 4 Kids Backpack Program (Food for the weekend, hope for a lifetime)
  • Texas Health Resources Foundation — $459,124 (two years) for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (Healing hands. Caring hearts.)


BTW, there’s a rumor afloat that Crystal Charity Ball beneficiaries are not allowed to fundraise during the year that CCB has selected them to receive funding.

When the CCB team was asked about this rumor, they nearly swooned. The answer was, “No, no, no, no!” Each nonprofit submits a request for a “specific project’s funding.” If the group is selected, then only that project is prohibited from other funding requests. The nonprofit can fundraise for any other project or cause.

As you can see from the list of 2015 beneficiaries, each is the recipient of funding for specific programs within their organizations. They’re amazing projects and deserving of the efforts that will be required to raise more than $6M by 100 women.