Round Robin November 6: Art For Advocacy And Dream No Small Dreams Preview Parties

As hundreds gathered at the Perot Museum for “A Tribute to Sally and Forest Hoglund” and to raise money for St. Phillip’s School and Community Center, previews of wondrous things were taking place in other haunts of downtown Dallas:

Art For Advocacy Art Preview Reception

Kersten Rettig and Clark Knippers

Kersten Rettig and Clark Knippers

About 300 art lovers and advocates for children turned out for the preview of the Art for Advocacy at F.I.G. beneficiating the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. They were getting a head start on the 700 who were expected Thursday night for the big auction party when the artwork by area artists would be up for purchase. But this night it was champagne, browsing and, of course chatting.

Speaking of champagne, Co-Chair Kersten Rettig and her Co-Chair husband Clark Knippers were bubbling about their upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.

Ellen Tuchman

Ellen Tuchman

Across the way artist Ellen Tuchman was just back from New York City to show her “Sault” mixed media piece retailing for $5,600. As Ellen pointed out, the rectangular piece was flexible in addition to taking on different colors depending on your position. It could be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Nearby Barry Whistler, whose gallery has shown Ellen’s work, was discussing some of the works with friends.

Photographer Claire Giroux’s “Oldsmobile” featured a 1953 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that she spotted in an old garage in Charlesvoix, Canada, while she was out “shopping” for fruit and vegetables.

The Gray Malin photo of the “Prada store” in Marfa was already purchased. Seems somebody just couldn’t wait for the auction and just had to have it. So they bought it for the full retail price of $1,800.

But the most amazing artists of the night weren’t even on hand. They were the DCAC children who created the artwork filling the light wall at the entrance of the gallery.

Children's art wall

Children’s art wall

“Dream No Small Dream: How Erik Jonsson Led Dallas From Tragedy To Triumph in the 1960’s” Preview

Just a few blocks away at the Old Red Museum, it was a historic gathering to preview the “Dream No Small Dream: How Erik Jonsson Led Dallas From Tragedy To Triumph in the 1960’s.”

Chris Jonsson

Chris Jonsson

Of the 250 in attendance, nearly a dozen were members of the late Mayor Erik Jonsson’s family including granddaughter Chris Jonsson, who nostalgically strolled through the galleries. Son Philllip Jonsson had already seen the display on Monday for the Media Day and panel discussion.

Tina Klintmalm

Tina Klintmalm

Also attending: Tina Klintmalm, who had been in charge of the consulate of Sweden in Dallas while working for the Swedish embassy in Washington D.C. When she and husband Dr. Goran B. Klintmalm relocated to Dallas, where Goran is the chairman of the Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute at Baylor, they were “inaugurated” in the Dallas lodge of the VASA Order of America by Erik Jonsson. (VASA is a Swedish-American fraternal, cultural and education organization.) Recalling the mayor, who helped Dallas through its darkest days, Tina described him as “a very unique man. He had such a presence and charisma about him. He was just an incredible person. He was a visionary, a leader.”

Indeed! The exhibition not only shows collectibles from the day that the late President John F. Kennedy was to speak at the Trade Mart, but it also is a marvelous snapshot of the 1960’s, especially in Dallas. As Linda Custard so perfectly put it, the exhibition is “poignant.” It is not high tech and razzle dazzle. It’s a beautifully curated display of a historic time for this city.

Erik Jonsson - Dream No Small Dream

Erik Jonsson – Dream No Small Dream

The exhibition runs through Sunday, August 31. That means there’s a lot of time to see this remarkable collection. Don’t put it off. You just know you’ll get busy and wait till the last minute. But why miss out on this amazing chapter and man of Dallas. It’s very G-rated and might be a great place to spend an hour with your kids or grandest kids.

BTW, during November the Old Red Museum is holding Saturday panel discussions about those days. With the collection of panelist that they’ve assembled, each should be perfect for anyone interested in a historic period.


  1. Robin Bagwell says:

    Big fan of the Klintmalms. He did Norm’s kidney transplant seven years ago.