After-School All-Stars Of North Texas Will Swing Into Fundraising At TopGolf Dallas Without Moving Hassles

All-Star Tee Off*

All-Star Tee Off*

TopGolf Dallas is a cool way of swinging the club without moving. Instead of walking acres of green toting a bag of clubs, you can swing to your heart’s content without budging 10 feet from your “bay” in the double-decker facility. What’s more, it’s just a block or two north of Northwest Highway in the same complex as the Park Lane Equestrian Center.

It’s no wonder that the After-School All-Stars gang picked it for their All-Star Tee Off fundraiser on the evening of Tuesday, October 22. They’ve reserved the upper level of bays for the event and will have an open bar and buffet service for guests. Each bay accommodates five players, which means you and your golfing buds can play, eat and drink without wasting time walking hole to hole.

Inside the facility there will be a silent auction of some pretty remarkable items including:

  • 4 platinum tickets with parking to the November 5 Dallas Mavericks vs. LA Lakers game
  • 4 platinum tickets with parking to the December 18 Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies game
  • Stars and Rangers signed memorabilia
  • Bed & Breakfast package at The Mansion on Turtle Creek
  • 2 tickets to the January 3 AT&T Cotton Bowl
  • 4 platinum tickets with parking to March 26 Cher concert


Launched in August 2012, ASAS has already expanded from its original project at KIPP Truth Academy in Oak Cliff to the Dallas Independent School District.

Tickets are $100 per player or $500 a bay. BTW, this event is co-ed.

* Graphic provided by After-Star All-Stars of North Texas