Sugar And Tex Redefined Indoor Plumbing And Charmed Equest Triple Crown Gala Patrons At Antèks

How many parties do you attend when a bucket is needed for the guests of honor seeking . . . relief? That was the situation on March 7 when Sugar, Equest’s brown-and-white miniature mare, raised her tail just a couple of minutes before some of Dallas’s socialites sauntered through Antèks to meet her and her buddy, Tex. Luckily, the timing couldn’t have been better. Just as the tail rose, a blue bucket was right in place and immediately removed. No need for room deodorizer or cleanup. And the ladies had no idea of what they had just missed.

The occasion bringing Sugar, Tex and the Equest Triple Crown Gala patrons together was to check out the items filling Antèks’ walls, floors and showroom and to get revved up for the April 20 “Santa Fe Soiree” at Park Lane Equestrian Center.

Jason Lenox and  Linda Kordek-Milton

Tex, Jason Lenox, Sugar and Linda Kordek-Milton

While Antèk proprietor Jason Lenox, clad in a natty leather vest that he’s had for ages, admitted that there are higher-profile groups, he said smaller ones like Equest sometimes need that little extra oomph when it comes to support.

While the really truly Texana décor kept everyone eyeballing the merch, Sugar and Tex proved to be the ones that everyone wanted in their photos. No, the mini-horses are not therapy horses. Rather they pull the cart and just act so darn cute and accommodating that they’re considered Equest ambassadors.

And, not to put Shetland ponies down, but miniature horses tend to be more user-friendly.

Domaine Wine

Domaine Wine

So, who was there, and what were the top topics? A number of the gals came early because they were headed to Arlington Hall to hear Charlotte Jones Anderson talk at Janelle Friedman’s Essential Energy’s Ladies Only. Shoot! If any power powder puffs were MIA in Dallas, it’s ‘cuz they were listening to Lady Charlotte. . . Gala Chair Jocelyn White promised that she would be on hand this year for the gala. Last year’s excuse that she was on her honeymoon was good for one-time-only. . . Carol Seay, giving rave reviews for the Cantina Laredo buffet. . .  The Domaine Wine Company set up in another room, with guests returning for seconds and thirds. . . Carmaleta Whiteley, reporting that a new managing director has arrived at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. It’s a gal! Her name is Andrea Gates and her previous assignment was managing director of Rosewood’s Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe. Andrea is no newcomer to Dallas nor the Mansion. Before serving as hotel manager at The Carlyle in NYC and Santa Fe, she spent 14 years at the Mansion starting in 1992. . .

Tex and Ann Barbier-Mueller

Tex and Ann Barbier-Mueller

Sisters/Gala Honorary Co-chairs Ann Barbier-Mueller and Faye Sheehan, who had her left hand wrapped up like a mummy. . .  Emily Hargrove on a rare night out since giving birth to baby Aubrey on February 5. Dang! Em’s already getting her figure back. . . . Linda Kordek was thinking pancakes for the Mrs. Butterworth fundraiser March 23rd  at the Rockwall’s Applebee’s. Let’s think melted butter on a stack of cakes with a swimming pool of syrup on top. Or, let’s be honest. Why not just order a bucket full of syrup with flapjacks on the side. Yum!

Mrs. Butterworth, you are missed, but Sugar and Tex are trotting along for you.