Mad Hatter’s Tea Is Flipping Its Lid With News

The Mad Hatter’s Tea has so much “breaking news” that it’s just about broken the MySweetCharity keyboard.

  • Ultra most important: Print deadline for inclusion in the invitation is high noon on Thursday, March 7. So, if you’re thinking about being a $2,500-table host or better, then you’ve got your assignment to get the reservation in ASAP. Best way to do it is by emailing Melissa Lewis at
  • Next most important: There are fewer than 200 tickets available. Dang. The well-known madness of the lunch with Roberto Cavalli and Oscar fashions on the runway is still more than six weeks away and they’re already running out of tickets.
  • There’s a $50,000 sponsor wandering amongst us. Who? Won’t know until s/he’s revealed at the Patron party on Wednesday. Want to witness the reveal? Well, the party is limited to patrons (i.e. $250 and up ticket holders).
  • In addition to $50,000 the organizers have four $10,000 donors and two $5,000 donors who will be honored.  Shocker — they have sold many $2500 patron tables and raised ~$127,000 to date.
  • Jan Strimple (File photo)

    Jan Strimple (File photo)

    Comforting bit of news: Jan Strimple will be handling the production of the fashion show. Let’s face it. Even when Jill Rowlett tipped her fountain hat and splashed the front row, Jan steers the production to success.

  • Patty Dedman Nail, Pam Brock and Terri Brittingham

    Patty Dedman Nail, Pam Brock and Terri Brittingham (File photo)

    Speaking of the 2012 splash, Patty Dedman Nail must enjoy her baptism of fire. . . or water, because she’s this year’s honorary chair along with co-chairs Shay Geyer and Maggie Kipp.

  • So what the heck are the categories? With hat designers at this workshops preparing to outdo each other, the categories have officially be revealed. Every year the categories are adjusted to fit the theme. This year’s theme of “Adventure in Time” has resulted in the following themes:
  • Gents Top Hats/Timeless,
  • Most True to Theme/Back to the Future,
  • Botanical/Adam & Eve,
  • Most Whimsical/Roaring Twenties,
  • Most Elegant/Court of Versailles,
  • Best of Show/25th Anniversary,
  • Most Outlandish/Wild Wild West and
  • Leopard ladies (File photo)

    Leopard ladies (File photo)

    Group Hat category, which will allow folks en masse hats to compete. One year there was a coven of wickedly wonderful witchy types and another it was top hats with a leopard feel. So get your pals together, come up with a look and compete.

OK, so you got the drift. It’s gonna be an over-the-top topper and benefiting the Dallas Arboretum that brought Chihuly to Dallas. If it hadn’t been for Mad Hatter’s and other fundraiser, Dallas would have never experienced the “Dale Days.”


  1. Maggie Kipp says:

    Thank you, Jeanne – even today we have MORE news and MORE funds raised (some $2,500 tables and one $5,000 table purchased) but will leave some surprises for Wednesday evening’s patron party. The one thing we don’t have MORE of are tickets … going fast so please hurry and get yours to enjoy the 25th Anniversary Mad Hatter’s Tea and Roberto Cavalli & Oscar de la Renta fashion show on Thursday April 11th.

  2. Thank you Jeanne! So many exciting things happening! We’re looking forward to the patron party on Wednesday. Get your tickets for April 11th while they’re still available!