Janelle And Larry Friedman To Co-chair Children’s Medical Center’s November 2nd Centennial Celebration

Larry and Janelle Friedman (File photo)

Larry and Janelle Friedman (File photo)

At her Essential Energy‘s Ladies Only gathering last Thursday at Arlington Hall that was filled to capacity to hear Charlotte Jones Anderson, Janelle Friedman asked the crowd if anyone had any news. It’s hard to imagine that no one in such a heady crowd raised their hand, so Janelle chirped up and said that she did.

Indeed she did!

Seems that she and husband/lawyer Larry Friedman, who’s been getting more airtime representing VIP clients than the conclaving cardinals, will co-chair Children’s Medical Center‘s 100th anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 2.

After the gals finished OMG-ing, Janelle added that Jennifer Hudson and the Pointers Sisters were set to entertain for the centennial celebration. . . and that there was more to come, but she couldn’t reveal it yet.