Cyber Cruelty Reaches An All-Time Low Today

We’ve all received those faux-plea emails supposedly from a friend, who is out of the country and has lost their luggage and in need of help. It’s almost become routine to hit the “Delete” button the moment one of these missives hits the emailbox.

However, this morning the situation ramped up to a new, all-time low, when an email was supposedly send from Tincy Miller, who was allegedly on a short vacation in Scotland and robbed. It was upsetting, distasteful and cruel to say the least, when everyone in Tincy’s address book knows that her husband Vance will be buried today

Evidently the email hit the always gracious flaming-haired swan Jan Strimple the same way, who sent the following email* to MySweetCharity headquarters. Before reading it, let’s just say, Jan set aside eloquence for downright disgust and anger.

“I would assume you also received this email this morning?

“The timing of this electronic intrusion on Tincy’s privacy and loss has incensed me.   On the day she is saying her final physical farewell to her beloved Vance, we can rely on the vulgarities of cyber-life to demonstrate how unfortunate the human creature can be.

“If I could reach through my Mac screen and apprehend this cyber criminal, I would want this one hanging by his private parts and publicly flogged.  

“When will this super-cyber-world be one that can police the human filth that feed like predators on it’s users? Where is the Cyber-Cop force that will stop these home invasions? I fear it’s on the big screen and exists only in a writers head …. somewhere in The Fifth Element.”

We applaud Jan’s words and regret that Tincy, her family and friends were victimized by such cyber cruelty.

* The email was printed with Jan's permission.  


  1. THIS is EXACTLY what I LOVE about Jan!! A heart as BIG as Texas!! And when it comes to “Don’t mess with Texas” I’d say Jan has us covered!