January Doldrums Run Out Of Time Thanks To Omega’s Opening At NorthPark For North Texas Food Bank

January is supposed to be oh-so dull. It’s a time when evenings are spent on treadmills and paying bills. Shopping centers are as verboten as a box of dark chocolate Godiva caramels. But then there are the exceptions to the rule. Those occasions that those flawless faces seek like kittens in search of a toy filled with catnip. Such was the case last night at the opening of Omega‘s Dallas boutique at NorthPark benefiting the North Texas Food Bank.

(Editor’s note: The good pr and marketing folks would love for the world to write “Omega” all caps [OMEGA], but it’s such a stretch to hold the shift key down to capitalize an entire word. So, we’ll just follow the traditional journalistic style of capping the “O” and letting the rest flow in small letters.)

But back to the reception. Or, shall we say the flashy mob. It was so crowded. How crowded you ask? Well, one guest asked a staffer if the fire marshal had appeared. North Texas Food Bank First Lady Jan Pruitt had to step outside the boutique because the body heat was getting up in there. But she was wearing a big old smile. Seems each guest’s presence earned a donation of $100 for the NTFB’s Food 4 Kids program by Omega.

Guests at Omega reception

“Do you know how much we can do with the money raised tonight?” Jan said, as the arrival of guests never seemed to end.

George Clooney

Inside, the beautiful people matched the magnificent timepieces in the cases perfectly. While two-dimensional images of Daniel Craig and George Clooney smiled from the walls, guests like Rachel Trowbridge, Jeanne Marie Clossey, Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Marisa Huckin

Marisa Huckin

were ticking off news left and right. Angela Choquette reported that the St. Valentine’s Day Luncheon and Fashion Show and Luncheon’s tickets were moving like the second hand of an Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial. . . . Speaking of lunches, Life’s Lesson’s honoree/jewelry designer Elizabeth Showers was chatting with Omega President/CEO Stephen Urquhart. According to Stephen, “We try to partner with a local nonprofit in every market. We get people from that city involved.” As for their opening the Dallas store, he admitted that Dallas has long been on their “wish list,” but until now the space hadn’t been available.

Stephen Urquhart

When asked if young people were abandoning watches for smartphone timekeeping, he didn’t hesitate to say, “No. We’re selling more than ever to young people. They’re not buying a fine watch just to tell the time. They can get that everywhere these days on electronic devices. [With a watch] they are buying history, emotion, legacy. It’s all very emotional. I’m on my fourth iPhone in six years, but watches are kept much longer. It’s the feeling of confidence. It’s not just fashion or status; it’s a very unique product.”

And what lies ahead for Omega’s line of timepieces? “We’ve got four or five basic styles,” he said, but they’re also using new materials—liquid metal, new composite materials, etc. — as well as new ideas for dials. But the Omega POA is “to stay on track. . . to be as fashionable in 20 years’ time as now.”

Stephen went on to say that an important part of the Omega plan is based on continuing to forge partnerships as it has in the past with the Olympics, NASA, the PGA and the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in New York.

Kim and Justin Whitman

But before Stephen knew it, his Omega watch was ticking away his presence at the reception. He, Omega Head of Retail Brice Le Troadec and a handful of Dallas types (Kim and Justin Whitman, Eric and Katherine Perot Reeves, Danya Anderson, Andrea Weber, Joyce Goss) had to head

Omega dinner at Abacus

over to Abacus for a champagne toast and dinner in the private dining room. At one point in the dinner, Justin and Brice baffled the rest of the table conversing in French. Reminder: Justin’s mom is French and Brice hails from Normandy, but now lives in Miami and NYC.

Alas, it had to be an early evening and the Omega team couldn’t dawdle. They had to catch a flight today for Atlanta to keep time with still more lovers of fine craftsmanship.