Pitch Your Nonprofit: Dallas Area Habitat For Humanity

According to Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity Vice-President of Development Melissa Cameron,

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

“By supporting Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, you help give a deserving family roots, while making a smart investment with a great return.

“A recent economic impact study under the direction of SMU economist, Bud Weinstein, demonstrates that every dollar invested in Dallas Habitat, returns $3.18 in economic impact to the community.

“Many people do not realize that Habitat for Humanity does not give homes away. Since 1986, Dallas Habitat has built and sold more than 1,200 high-quality, affordable homes in partnership with deserving, hard-working families. They buy the home with a down payment of hundreds of hours sweat equity, homeownership classes and a monthly payment on a 25-year 0% interest mortgage. We are very proud to be able to say that over 95% of our families continue to be successful homeowners years after moving into their home.

“The partnership between us and the families we serve has resulted in an investment of more than $120 million in more than 20 communities across Dallas County with an annual property tax payment by our families of over $2 million.

“No handouts here – only a hand up for hard working families, simply looking for an opportunity for a better life for their children.

-Melissa Cameron

Graphic provided by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity


  1. Jeanne:

    Thank you for this wonderful series allowing non-profits to “pitch.” During this uncertain season for charitable giving, we appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate how many non-profits in Dallas are adding a real tangible value to the community.

    Blessings to you and your many elves!