$40,000 Reward Is On The Table For Hope Abusers

Ad for $40,000 reward for abuse of Hope

American Dog Rescue founder Arthur Benjamin is upset. Seems no one has fessed up yet about the abuse of Hope. So he’s not only adding his $5,000 to the $35,000 reward, he’s taking ads out in Parker County papers this week.

If you’ve got friends and/or relatives who consider themselves to be a Jessica Fletcher or Hercule Poirot, tell them that if they solve the mystery, they can collect on the $40,000 reward.

Tell them to contact the Parker County Sheriff at 817.594.3213 or the American Dog Rescue at 888.262.4753. It’s okay to be anonymous, but the perpetrator(s) will have to have been arrested and convicted before the reward will be handed over.

Graphic provided by American Dog Rescue