Dell Powering Possible Is Making It Indeed Possible For 400 Girls At Girls Incorporated To Be Computer Savvy

For youngsters, it used to be enough to have a brand new #2 pencil and ruled-paper tablet for the classroom. Then it became a status symbol to have a grown-up pen and calculator. Nowadays, that’s like having two tin cans connected by a string. Let’s face it. Being computer savvy is as important as reading, writing and ‘rithmetic.

Austin-based Dell has become a very successful company based on the growth of computers, but they’re also aware that not everyone can afford a computer and its servicing.

With this in mind, they created Dell Powering Possible grants. And Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas has learned that it’s been selected to receive one of Dell’s 2012 grants.

“We know technology can do a world of good, and we are thrilled to be working with Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas to help them further their overall mission,” said Trisa Thompson, Dell’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility. “At Dell, we believe that children should have an opportunity to develop their potential through technology. With this partnership, we are one step closer toward closing the technology gap among underserved communities across the globe.”

The MySweetCharity elves are celebrating that news. It’s so cute to see them high-fiving their Dell computers and getting out pieces of cheese for their Dell mouses, or is that mice?

The grant will provide for more than 400 girls, ages 6-18, to access technology. What does that mean? Will they get a little gizmo that will tell them where the Wi-Fi spots are?

Heck, no! The grant will be used to “help Girls Inc. members, who are predominantly from economically disadvantaged families, acquire core technology competencies, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills.”

Dell is also providing GIMD with “volunteer services of a local Dell champion, who will manage employee engagement opportunities with local Dell team members.”

GIMD CEO Lori Palmer admitted, “We are extremely grateful to receive this grant. Our deepest thanks to Dell and its commitment to the empowerment of girls and young women! Through helping build our organization’s capacity, Dell has made a critical difference in the lives of Dallas-area girls and young women.”

Nice way to end the first week of school.