Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center Opening Delayed Due To Not-So-Nice People

If you’ve ever been to the present Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, you know the aged mansion is filled with walls painted with whimsical scenes, loads of caring adults and children discovering life can be good.  You also know that it’s bursting at the seams. Unfortunately, its needs have long ago exceeded the vintage 16,000-square-foot home’s capabilities.

That’s why the October opening of the new ginormous 56,000-square-foot facility was better than the opening of Six Flags Over Texas back in the 60’s. Everyone from underwriters to volunteers were counting the days until the move took place.

Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen in October. Nope. It’s just might open inDecember.

Why? West Nile mosquitoes invasion? Bad weather? Workers on strike?

None of the above. Seems some not-so-nice people decided to steal $100,000 worth of copper pipes and air-conditioning units over the weekend.

According to DCAC’s Lynn Davis in a Dallas Morning News interview (sub.req.) with Christina Rosales, “How anybody can even steal from a children’s organization, I just don’t know. It’s just tragic. . .  It’ll [hiring security guards] cost more money but that’s what we need to do,” Davis said. “They [the thieves] slowed us down. They’re not going to stop us.”