Animal Groups Have Opportunity To Wag Their Tails By Telling Their Tales And Earning Bucks Thanks To Arthur Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin and friends (File photo)

Arthur Benjamin may be known for his incredible family connection and support of the film industry. Not only has he been a keen sponsor of the Dallas Film Society, he has been johnny-on-the-spot for the Dallas International Film Festival and Art of the Film.

He has also earned a reputation for his work and financial support of animal causes, locally, nationally and internationally through American Dog Rescue Foundation and the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation. One of his projects is his “Love of Dogs TV” that is aired Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. on Verizon UAN/Channel 27.

To help promote and support rescue groups for animals, Arthur has created “America’s Best Tails.” It’s a competition. No, your dog doesn’t have to win an agility test or be groomed for a best-in-show competition.

Yes, it is a contest, but it requires humans to “submit their stories about animals who have had a profound effect on them, or they on the animal, in one way or another.” Not only will the winner tell their stories on “For the Love of Dogs TV” starting in October 2012, they’ll raise money for their 501 (c) 3 organization.

For the Love of Dogs TV has highlighted the incredible work that Texas rescue organizations and advocacy groups have done in saving thousands of animals across the state,” said Arthur.  “Introducing America’s Best Tails felt like the natural next step for me. I am passionate about animal welfare, so to be able to give back to the rescue organizations through the prize money we will distribute each week is central to my mission at American Dog Rescue Foundation.  I encourage everyone who loves animals to submit their story – their entry could save the lives of countless animals.”

Now about how to enter. Here are the official rules:

Pooch with a tale to tell

There are no parameters for the entries – it could be a rescue story, a service dog story, a story about a pet from childhood, or a story about a person who has done incredible things because of their love of animals. From the submissions, three stories will be chosen to air each week from October 6 – December 15, 2012. At the end of each show, Benjamin and his co-host Farah White will award 1st Prize($1,000), 2nd Prize($500) and 3rd Prize ($250) to the selected stories. All prize money will directly benefit the entrant’s favorite 501(c)3 animal organization. The season will culminate on December 22, 2012, with the “Holiday Show,” and one Grand Prize winner will be selected from the season to receive an award of $5,000 for their recipient charity.

The only problem is you’ve only got until Saturday, September 15, to submit your entry to [email protected]

Horses lovers have tales to tell, too

By the way, we happen to know that despite the name of the show appearing to favor canines, judges will not show any favoritism toward pooches. So, all you cat, horse, fish, bird and wildlife lovers, submit and give the hounds a run for their money. . . literally!