The Meadows Foundation Passes Neighbor Test With Flying Colors

While many faced the devastating aftermath of yesterday’s tornadic destruction, The Meadows Foundation staffers (wo)manned the phones this morning to learn “how the Foundation could help.”

Without hesitation, an emergency grant of $50,000 was made to the Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross “to provide food and shelter to those displaced by the storms in affected communities across the region.”

Once again The Meadows Foundation has risen to the occasion to comfort and help members of the community.

Class, The Meadows Foundation gets an A+ on its “Neighbor Test.”


  1. Not surprising.. they’ve been doing the best for years… Kudos to the Meadows Foundation!

  2. Paige McDaniel says:

    As part of The Meadows Foundation family block in the Wilson Historic District, I can tell you that they also made sure that every charity employee in their buildings had a safe place to go during the storm. They sent out emails and sent security over several times to make sure we were ok and to inform us of what was going on during the scariest and wettest part of the storm! We love Meadows at CPD too — thanks for highlighting their great work, Jeanne!