“The Whole Damn Deal’s” Kathryn McGarr Is Announced As A Celebration Of Reading Author

A couple of weeks ago, the Hearts of Texas saluted Nancy Strauss Halbreich and Jane Strauss McGarr, daughters of the late Annette Strauss and husband Ted. And while Annette was remembered for absolutely countless things, many recall her as the mayor of Dallas. Yes, Annette went from philanthropy to politics, but it shouldn’t have surprised anyone when you realize that Strauss family gatherings included one of the country’s leading political strategists and kingmakers — Robert “Bob” Strauss, Ted’s brother.

Kathryn McGarr*

Kathryn McGarr has just published The Whole Damn Deal — Robert Strauss and the Art of Politics. Hmm, wait? McGarr? Say, isn’t that Janie’s daughter? Whoa! Yup, the Columbia Journalism School and Stanford University graduate undertook the challenge of telling his 93-year story. Her project started as a class project and evolved into a biography on “Uncle Bob.”

Mandi and George P. Bush (File photo)

Published this past fall, Kathryn has just been announced as one of the authors for the 2012 Celebration of Reading at the Meyerson  on November 12 hosted by former first lady Barbara Bush. Two other authors joining Kathryn on stage with Mandi and George P. Bush will be Sally Bedell Smith, whose Elizabeth the Queen, The Life of a Modern Monarch was just released in January, and Dallas’ own Chris Kyle, who wrote and lived American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History. Sponsorships packets are being mailed next week, so start figuring out what level would suit you.

Suggestion: These three books are amazing studies in people who have influenced the 20th and 21st century.  Buy the books and read ’em now and over the summer.

We’ll let you know when tickets are available for purchase.

* Photo credit: Heather Weston