Girl Scouts Celebrate 100th Anniversary With Cookie Apps And Savannah Smiles

Girl Scouts cookie booth sales

The vast majority of people resolve to lose weight at New Year’s. They need to rethink that one. Why? Because starting Friday, the great diet-killer starts — the Girl Scout Cookie Program! There are MSC elves who have been known to gobble up a box of Samoans in one sitting without giving a second look at the calorie count.

And this year in honor of the Girl Scouts celebrating their 100th anniversary, the GS chefs have whipped up a cutie pie of a cookie — Savannah Smiles. According to cookie experts, it’s “a lemony delight [that] will bring back warm memories of where Girls Scouts first began.”

Now the only one in these parts who was around back in 1912 to recall those days was one-year-old Ebby Halliday. Trivia: Ebby was one-year-and-three-days-old when the scouts started in Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912.

While the door-to-door sales start Friday, Girl Scout booth sales will commence on February 24, and continue through the end of March.

BTW, the Girl Scouts of the 21st century are pretty cool cookies. They’ve even come up with a “Cookie Locator app” for iPhones and Androids. Just dial **GSCOOKIES.”

Proceeds are used to support service projects, educational field trips and other leadership activities.

Photo provided by the Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas


  1. As a former Girl Scout and top cookie seller for my troop, I love supporting the Girl Scouts by purchasing cookies. Thanks for letting us know about the NEW cookie. It will be tops on my purchase list this year.