With The 2011 Junior League Gala A Recordbreaker, D’Andra Simmons And Colin Duchin Are Making Engaging Plans

Just as the Monarch butterflies return to Mexico for the winter, the mega-fundraisers of Dallas are preparing to wing back to Dallas from all parts to raise more money for the nonprofits. But don’t think they’ve been lolling around working on their tans and recovering from various types of “refreshening.”

There you go again. You want an example. All right, since you demand.

Colin Duchin and D'Andra Simmons

Made-by-Mattel-adorable D’Andra Simmons and Colin Duchin have taken each other officially off the most wanted list of beautiful eligibles. D’Andra had hinted that once she had marshalled a successful Junior League of Dallas campaign and closed the books, she and Colin would focus on their future. Well, Ms. Simmons’ JLD gala broke past records and the accountants were smiling when the final total was written in ink.

But D’Andra’s cross-country travels put a detour in plans. Well, a girl’s got to take care of business and Ultimate Living had her making personal appearances all over.

Finally, this weekend the twosome managed to escape the Texas heat and the demands of work. They headed up to Colin’s sister Courtnay Duchin‘s place in Bozeman, Montana. Friday a slew of Duchins were on hand including Courtnay, her husband Jason Bill, their two kids (Eli and Teddy) and Courtnay’s brother Jason when Colin popped the question just like a vintage Cary Grant scene.  According to D’Andra, “It was very sweet. He said, ‘Now that you have met my family and they all love you and I love you, and since you do not have any brothers and sisters, I propose that we be married and you become part of our family.'”

Now, most gals have female intuition when something big is going to happen. But Colin is a romantic at heart and loves to do things with panache. D’Andra was “so shocked that it was in front of his brothers and sisters that I was totally taken aback!! It was hard to process it all and then he was on his knee and I was saying to myself, ‘What just happened?'”

Despite a temporary state of shock, our gal D’Andra didn’t lose her bearings. “My face was bright red! Of course, I said, ‘Yes!’ before I even looked at the ring!!”

The Simmons-Duchin engagement ring

Speaking of gems, Colin came through in true Duchin style. The engagement ring is an 8- to 10-carat oval Tanzanite surrounded by diamonds. Don’t you just know it dazzles with D’Andra’s deep blue eyes. Dang, but Colin has great taste and knows how to win a girl’s ring finger.

Saturday the now-engaged twosome spent the night at Becky Fonda‘s ranch. It was rather bittersweet. Yes, they continued the engagement celebration, but it was probably the last time the group would gather there. Seems Becky was forced to sell the ranch as part of her divorce agreement with her ex-, Peter Fonda. Also on hand were fabulous photo Bruce Weber and his equally fabulous wife Nan Bush, who picked up the tab for dinner at The Bistro in Livingston.

Dee Simmons and Peter Duchin

And how are the folks of the two beautiful people reacting? D’Andra claims, “My parents (Dee and Glenn Simmons) are in shock!! Everyone is happy!! Peter (Duchin) was yelling, ‘Colin just got engaged’ to his group of friends on the phone in Sun Valley. Family is so happy!!!”

Planning next year’s wedding in NYC should be a snap after chairing the JLD gala. Want to bet the theme will be, “And they lived happily ever after”?


  1. D’Andra deserves all the happiness in the world.. she’s worked hard in business and in her civic duty in Dallas.. Kudos to you D’Andra and all you’ve done… I am so proud of you and proud to call you a friend. Congratulations! I know where you can get a good Piano Player!

  2. Congratulations!! You and Colin are so very well matched together. Love the ring, so very Royal looking. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, our beautiful little D’Andra is all grown up and fabulous. And boy can she pick’em!! Congratulations to all of you. much love, Janice Hall

  4. Wow! SQuire and I are so excited for you. What a gorgeous couple! D’Andra’s is as beautiful in the inside as the outside. So is her Mama!
    Louise and SQuire

  5. Not only did D’Andra do a fabulous job on the JLD fundraising season, Collin was no slacker either. He was by her side, working hard on JLD’s behalf the whole time. These are wonderful people! Congratulations to you both.

  6. D’Andra, cheers my friend! I am so excited for you and wishing you all the happiness you’re so deserving of!!!

  7. Congratulations and Blessings to you both! That is wonderful news and I am very happy for you. Wishing you both the very best.

  8. congrats hope you all are doing well …..the youngs

  9. best wishes!!

  10. jan strimple says:


    Luv your spirited verbal romp that captured the moment so sweetly, including the genuine warmth of both D’Andra and Colin. They are giving people with hearts open to others while being mindful and respectful of themselves. Their happiness is both earned ….and deserved!

  11. Libby Allred says:

    Al and I are so happy for you two!! We wish you much joy and happiness and appreciate you sharing the good news with us.

  12. Markita Thompson says:

    D’Andra and Colin – CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!! You are THE Most Beautiful
    Couple on the Planet and will be THE Most Gorgeous Bride and Groom Ever. If there is
    such as thing as The Perfect Couple, you’re it! Wishing you joy and happiness forever.

  13. Kameron and Court Westcott says:

    We are so happy for you both!! What wonderful news!! 🙂

  14. This makes me so happy! D’Andra, you deserve all of the happiness and joy there is out there.

  15. I am so happy for you both. I wish you many years of love and happiness. You deserve the best!!
    Love ya.

  16. Brandy Taylor says:

    Will and I are so happy for the both of you! Love that he choose Tanzanite! You are gorgeous inside and out, D’Andra! Lots of love and best wishes for the future! xoxo

  17. So very happy for you both! Much love and congratulations!!

  18. What a lovely couple! Bill and I wish you many years of happiness!

  19. Antonia Hubert says:

    I am so happy for you both! Congratulations!!!

  20. Sam & Joanne Ventura says:

    Much love and happiness to you both.