SPAN’s “Dog Days Of Summer Pet Food Drive” Is Helping Humans And Critters

Seniors' Pets Assistance Network

Senior citizens are remarkable people. They’ve lived through wars, tough economic times, political turmoil, changes in trends and in many cases raising a herd of kids and grandkids. But they’re now facing the daunting task of living on limited budgets despite the rising cost of living plus concerns about pricey health care.

Many of these folks live with four-legged and feathered “best friends,” who provide them with devoted companionship. Along with this relationship comes the responsibility of feeding and caring for their pets that can be costly and stressful. In some cases, the senior must do without such necessities as food and medication to take care of their animal.

Many people do not realize the Seniors’ Pets Assistance Network (SPAN) comes through for such situations. Time and time again they manage to provide food, assistance and veterinary support thanks to volunteers and donations.

While the need for help and resources is a year-round situation, SPAN is holding its “Dog Days of Summer Pet Food Drive” right now until Wednesday, August 24. You can donate any unopened dog, cat, bird food and, of course, money.

Here’s a thought: For every can or bag of pet food you purchase for your own menagerie, buy a second order and donate it to SPAN. Yes, of course, you can write it off on your taxes and make your accountant happy in April, but more importantly you can help a human and critter right now that would truly appreciate it.

Photo credit: Seniors' Pets Assistance Network