Mission Ole Is Going By A New Game Plan

Caroline Rose Hunt

Mission Ole is not going to go through the rigors of dozens of pre-event parties. Nope. MO chair Dawn Weeks-Spalding is bound and determined to save its supporters until the big night on Saturday, October 1. And what big guns they’ll be. Honorary chair is going to be Caroline Rose Hunt. And the party? It’s going to be at Laurie Sands Harrison‘s place. Anyone who flunked Family Tree 101 might not know that Laurie is Caroline’s daughter. All in the family, don’t you know.

The Mission Ole event is not a big black tie gala. It’s a mega-fun, casual event for don’t-you-wish-you-were-one-’em folks with great intentions, who like to party.


  1. We hope you get to come, space is limited, so don’t miss out on the coolest little party in Dallas this Fall.