How In-N-Out Burger Benefits Dallas Nonprofits

So glad to hear from the foodies that In-N-Out Burger is opening at Caruth Haven and Central on Thursday. Should make the current traffic log jam along the feeder road a real mess.

Now what does this have to do with nonprofits and charities? Nothing. That’s the problem. It’s too bad that the obviously popular burger joint couldn’t have donated its opening day sales to a charity.

But I-N-O doesn’t use store sales to benefit nonprofits. Instead its foundation provides grants to help neglected and abused children in the states where it has stores. Since I-N-O just opened in Texas, the grants process is just now kicking into gear. If you’re interested in applying for a grant, better call Annette at 949.509.2555 lickety split. Applications are due by August.

In the meantime let’s applaud all those wonderful restaurateurs who find a way to help nonprofits.