It Ain’t The Same Old Bag When It Comes To Marin Hopper And Hayward Luxury

Genealogists would have a heyday with Colin Duchin‘s family tree. In addition to his father being cafe society musician/author Peter Duchin and his mother New York socialite Cheray Zauderer Duchin Hodges, he’s got Social Register-type cuzzins by the dozens and step-siblings. For this reason, Colin’s planting roots in Dallas has resulted in a coming-and-going of very chic and fashionable types. Luckily, their involvement in the area has also benefited area nonprofits amazingly.

Jenna Alexander

The most recent occurrence took place Tuesday at Jenna Alexander‘s home, when Colin’s step-sis Marin Hopper had a private showing of her couture handbags. Colin and Marin have known each other since they were pre-teens when Marin’s mother Brooke Hayward was married to Dennis Hopper. Brooke went on to marry Colin’s dad, Peter.

D'Andra Simmons

If you’re confused, try drawing all the family connections on a piece of paper. Suggestion: Use a pencil because you’ll probably be erasing a lot. Or, check with D’Andra Simmons, who has become an expert on the Duchin family.

 Back to the bags.

Colin Duchin and Marin Hopper

The line of purses were the result of Marin’s decade with Elle as fashion director. She turned to consulting fashion houses and eventually realized she ought to follow her own advice and put her expertise to work. First move was the name — Hayward Luxury. She got the Hayward from her grandfather Leland Hayward because she liked his last name and it sounded like a “classic American name.”

With her husband/film producer John Goldstone 

John Goldstone

by her side, she worked with jewelry designer Philip Crangi to launch the line of handbags two years ago.

In the collection that she had to help benefit Cattle Barons and the Junior League of Dallas was the “Hopper Blue.” The glorious blue shoulder bag was created with her father’s blue eyes in mind . . . “He (Dennis) was a great guy. He was very supportive of my work with the magazine. . . He was an actor, a photographer,” said Marin.

Photos by Glenn Hunter