The Salvation Army Patrons’ Party Chimes In At Lisa And Kenny Troutts’ Mega Cottage

If the Salvation Army luncheon this Thursday is anything like the patrons’ party at Lisa and Kenny Troutt‘s (pictured right with Lisa Troutt) palace, there is no need for a speaker. The folks supporting the Salvation Army are inspiring enough.

Of course, you want examples, you hungry things! Kenny was the perfect host showing photos of his Kentucky Derby wunderkind Super Saver to ever-accessible Margot Perot (pictured), while husband Ross was chatting with Jimmy Francis. After the chat, Jimmy turned his talents to another group and kept them entranced with his animated storytelling. The guy definitely could give the late-night hosts a run for their money. . . Oh, did you know that Kenny has “consolidated the ownership” of WinStar Farms (home of Super Saver) and is the sole owner? It happened back in October.  Former pawtner Bill Casner will now be WinStar’s largest client.  Super Saver doesn’t really care. He’s too busy grazing and living the good life. . . Dallas Snadon arrived in a pair of “bowed” stilettos (from 4510, she thinks) with husband Daryl (pictured left with Dallas Snadon). She was also sporting a wrapped left hand under her shawl/scarf to disguise her recent surgery. No, it wasn’t due to carpel tunnel. Think too much skiing. . .  Caren Prothro and Lynn McBee were comparing notes. Translation: something is up and another fund raiser is afoot. . . Dee Wyly admitted that she’s let her year-old Maltese pooch, Bella, become quite spoiled, but “at least I don’t have to put her through college!” . . . Luncheon Chair drop-dead gorgeous Joyce Fox was posing for photos with dotter Stephanie Fox and date Steve Owen Jr. (pictured center with, from the left, Joyce Fox and Stephanie Fox).

But enough of the good life at Lisa’s and Kenny’s. Lunch is on at the Hilton Anatole with TOMS Shoes Founder/Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycockie as the numero uno speaker. You did know that TOMS provides a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. You didn’t? For your punishment and enjoyment, go out and buy a pair of TOMS to wear to Thursday’s lunch! It’s the #1 luncheon in the Salvation Army world and rightly so.