Rawlins Gilliland's Birthday at Lee Harvey's Went to the Dogs

Raconteur Rawlins Gilliland celebrated his birthday these past few days with the high-and-mighty (dinner with Neiman’s President/CEO Karen Katz) and the down-and-dirty.

Whoa! What was that last group?

It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but that’s the way it turned out Sunday afternoon at cute Seth Smith‘s Lee Harvey’s. Thanks to Rawlins’ pals “Reid & Kathi,” a non-global warming chill and off-and-on-rain, a celebration of people and pooches turned into muddy paws (pictured), lots of laughs and the type of birthday gifts any non-profit loves — donations to the birthday boy’s favorite cause, Dog & Kitty City Shelter/Sanctuary.

On hand to help Rawlins greet guests were his two favorite gals (pictured with Rawlins), Mona (the Chihuahua) and Honey (the best of all breeds in one). Both of them had been ladies-in-desperate-need when the former NM exec discovered them. Now, they’re ladies of extreme leisure and luxury.

And speaking of ladies, animal-loving Kristina Bowman and Liz Perales were part of the group feting Rawlins but they opted to leave their pooches at home.

Kristina reported that the trail ride scheduled Saturday along the Trinity River “sorta happened.” It seems that due to the weather it was officially canceled. But not all of the riders got the message and some showed up anyhow and rode their ponies along the Trinity, where an equestrian center is planned. Those who got the email and didn’t show were disappointed that a ride was held anyhow. Now plans are underway for another ride. You know riders — any excuse to ride your horse is a good one.

But it wasn’t just dogs and guests Sunday. Please! A Rawlins event needs a flavor of international romance and music. And, so it was with all types of music playing safely covered on the patio.

By the way, birthday donations are still being accepted at Dog & Kitty City. So, be a big spender and give. Or, better yet, drop by and adopt a new best friend.

P.S. – Bacon (pictured), Lee Harvey’s bar cat, evidently took the day off. You can’t blame a feline with that passel of pooches in the place.


  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Jeanne, seeing you and that (ultra) bad boy Glenn is always a treat but especially since this was a birthday party with a purpose in weather better suited to seaside tundra nincompoop yerk ambisinister louche aficionados. I had such a wonderful time.

    That inimitable Reid Robinson orchestrated the entire event as his ‘gift’ so this was the gig that keeps on giving in memories years to come. We raised upwards of $1000 for the homeless animals at the Dog & Kitty City Shelter while raising my hopes that everyone involved knows how much I appreciated what they did for me AND the animals awaiting your adoption. PS:The cake that was a reproduction of my new Medicare card was over the top!

    To the hardest working woman in non-profit fundraiser show biz, here’s to you and your new blog. Go get ’em girl! Dallas charities need you while it is always an act of charity to see you. And that ‘Devil may care but to hell with it’ spouse.