JUST IN: Matthew Perry To Headline CARE’s 30th Breakfast

Before everyone takes off for a Good Friday weekend, good news is coming. The latest is the 30th anniversary breakfast for CARE (Chemical Awareness Resources & Education).

Matthew Perry*

Matthew Perry*

First, everybody’s “friend” Matthew Perry will be the featured speaker for the Monday, November 3rd event at the Omni Dallas Hotel.

Known to most for his playing Chandler Bing on “Friends,”the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor has made it his mission to help others battle the disease of addiction. In addition to spreading the word about a battle that he undertook, he has also “opened a sober living home for men called the Perry House, which is committed to  help me recover through a twelve-step program and meditation.”

Breakfast Chair Shirley Cohn has even more in store for the fundraising/awareness building event. She has arranged for the ever-adorable, Ellen and Clayton Kershaw to serve as honorary co-chairs.

According to Shirley, “We are thrilled to welcome the entertaining Matthew Perry and Ellen and Clayton Kershaw, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of CARE. This annual event is crucial to supporting the mission of CARE and its programs that serve those within our community suffering from drug and alcohol dependencies. We hope you will grab your friends and join us for this special morning!”

Talk about a home run!

Suggestion: This news is so very hot that it’s not even on CARE’s website yet. So call 214.526.8986 or email for your tickets starting at $150 per person and sponsorship opportunities pronto. Space will be limited and demand will be great.

* Photo provided by CARE

Round Robin April 9: Friends Of Wednesday’s Child And Crystal Charity Ball New Members Luncheons And Pre-Art Fair Reception

There are rare occasions when Mother Nature takes heart and blesses Dallas with moments of gloriously, fabulous weather. Wednesday, April 9, was such a day. Perhaps the old girl was trying to make up for the previous weekend’s nasty weather. Hello, Final Four weekend!

Taking full advantage of the day were the following events:

Wednesday’s Child Luncheon

Cachet Weinberg and Sharon McGowan

Cachet Weinberg and Sharon McGowan

Friends of Wednesday’s Child Luncheon Chair Cachet Weinberg actually was worried that the day’s perfection of blue skies and user-friendly temperatures was going to hurt the luncheon attendance. What if folks decided to enjoy the outdoors opposed to the fundraiser at Union Station?

How wrong she was!

Ke'onte Cook and Gloria Campos

Ke’onte Cook and Gloria Campos

After all, there were two big reasons to celebrate — the 30th anniversary of the Friends of Wednesday’s Child program and recently retired WFAA anchor Gloria Campos, who has been the on-air face of the program. There was no way not attend the event, if you had even a hint of a connection with the program that provides remarkable opportunities for North Texas foster children.

Libby Hunt

Libby Hunt

As guests like Adam McGill and Nancy Hunt arrived, other VIP types like Honorary Chair Libby Hunt, her husband David, her folks Sharon and Mike McCullough, Nancy Carter and siblings CarolineRose Hunt and Herbert Hunt had already gathered in the Frisco Room. Gloria was having a quiet conversation with Wednesday’s Child grad Ke’onte Cook.

In a beige silk suit, Gloria laughed holding a flute of champagne that now that she was retired, she could actually have a glass of the bubbly at lunch.

The luncheon in the Great Hall revealed a story about Cachet that many didn’t realize. In a video presentation, it was learned that she “from an abusive home, emotional and physical. She was taken out of the house when she was 8 and put in various foster homes. Finally when she was 15, she was adopted. Cachet said she learned to make something of her life and use it to give back to others. That’s what she’s doing now.”

Darlene Ellison

Darlene Ellison

Speaker Darlene Ellison‘s presentation was also powerful. She  was “divorced and one day drove by her ex-husband’s house and saw police cars everywhere. FBI talked with her and told her that her ex was one of the main organizers of a group of men that “loved” boys and had been involved in that group since before they were married. He went to Federal prison. The message she gave was about how she had to set the example of how to cope for her children to survive emotionally and learn how to cope with this news and circumstance themselves.”

She summed it up, “My favorite saying is, ‘She saw the light at the end of the tunnel and then she became that light for others.’ Everyone in this room has an opportunity to be that light. Everyone in this room has the opportunity to be the light and help these children see the light.”

Crystal Charity Ball New Members Luncheon

Unlike typical fraternity harrassing pledges, the Crystal Charity Ball gals celebrate their newbies with style and grace. For the class of 2014 (Tiffany Divis, Gail Fischer, Amy Hegi, Leigh Anne Haugh, Angela Nash, Mary Martha Pickens and Lauryn Gayle White), it was lunch at the Carolina Herrera salon in Highland Park Village.

Amy Hegi, Gail Fischer, Mary Martha Pickens, Lauren Gayle White, Leigh Anne Haugh, Tiffany Divis and Angela Nashs

Amy Hegi, Gail Fischer, Mary Martha Pickens, Lauren Gayle White, Leigh Anne Haugh, Tiffany Divis and Angela Nashs

The question pre-event — How were you gonna fit all the newbies and vets for a meal and fashion show in the slender salon?


Heck, this was a Carolina Herrera production. Down the main aisle was an eon long white clothed table with vases of perfect white roses positioned down the center.

But the chairs were placed facing away from the table. Oh, on second thought, how smart! It allowed the CCB guests to watch a CH fashion show. No wonder Herrera is the name repeated time and time again at galas and on society pages.

Lunch table

Lunch table

But before the fashions commenced, it was necessary to call the membership to order. The chatter was so great that it was hard to imagine how to get the guests’ attention. No chimes nor clinking glassware was going to do the job. Showing true leadership with a wink attitude, 2014 CCB Chair Robyn Conlon literally dragged Melissa Macatee midway in the salon and said, “Whistle.” The diminutive Melissa, who had looked a bit bewildered up to this point, followed the boss’s orders.

No, if you’ve ever experience a Melissa Macatee whistle, your hearing has never been the same. Just imagine what the New York-based Herrera ladies, who were in attendance, reported back to headquarters about how a call-to-order is achieved. This ain’t the Big Apple. It’s the Big D.

Immediately the local ladies took their seats, while the New Yorkers appeared ready to see cattle stampede outside.

After Robyn and 2015 CCB Chair Michal Powell welcomed the group, the new CCB members were formally introduced by their “sponsors.” It was obvious that the 2014 class was pretty stellar. Alas, Amy Hegi was tagged forever as “Precious” thanks to Elizabeth Gambrell’s description.

Herrera model

Herrera model

Herrera model

Herrera model

Herrera model

Herrera model

Then it was time for the show. With fur trim, wools, Herrera hostess gowns and trains leading the parade of models on the catwalk, even the accessories earned comments and second looks. Example: the dangling earrings that looked like someone had strung up red fuzzy caterpillars.

Just moments after the show, the ladies turned their chairs 180 degrees, had lunch from Gill and ramped up the chatter level again.

But the lunch and talk was brief because the ladies had appointments to keep. Alas, the breezy day got to one adorable cutie in a short silk dress. Just as she was within a yard of her SUV, she got sideswiped by a gust of wind. Up went her skirt all the way reminding some of Marilyn Monroe’s legendary scene. Don’t bother asking who she was. We ain’t into namedropping.

Cocktails & Flautas

Jack Geary

Jack Geary

By the evening the winds had toned down resulting in an absolute perfection for Elizabeth Robertson’s “Cocktails & Flautas” party honoring Jack Geary and Dolly Bross Geary. The couple, who have Jack Geary Contemporary in New York City, were in town for the Dallas Art Fair.

Jack and Dolly had visited the Dallas and Fort Worth art scene (the Nasher, DMA, etc.) during the previous days and said the Art Fair had grown becoming both very eclectic and international. The Elizabeth-Geary connection was made 35 years ago when Elizabeth’s son Searcy Ferguson met Jack in Southampton.

Jack admitted that on his wish list is to add a Dallas contemporary artist to his collection of clients like Michael Sagato, Andy Hall, Ceyda Aykan, Vadis Turner, Federico Cattacneo and Ayse Wilson.

Robertson living room

Robertson living room

Speaking of collections and pieces of art, Elizabeth’s home was spectacular, both inside and out. Only the days before, the rains had made the possibility of the outdoors entertaining around the new outdoor fireplace up for grabs. But evidently Lady Elizabeth has connections with Mother Nature and everything came into place just hours before the guests like Margaret McDermott, Kelli and Jerry Ford and Joanne Stroud arrived.

Elizabeth Robertson showing off Hannah Ferguson bracelet

Elizabeth Robertson showing off Hannah Ferguson bracelet

Looking at the fabulous gardens, one couldn’t help but think they had been transported to South Hampton. Inside then exquisite blending of textures, magnificent colors and collectibles appeared to be straight out of “Architectural Digest”.

Allison V. Smith and Barry Whistler

Allison V. Smith and Barry Whistler

Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke

While art power couple Allison V. Smith and Barry Whistler were chatting with Dolly and Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law Hannah Ferguson was taking compliments about her jewelry designs that can be found at Korshak, flautas were indeed being made in the kitchen and out on the street Nathan Burke had his oven in overdrive making Superfly Pies. Parked just a couple of cars away from the oven was Elizabeth’s showtopping vintage Mercedes convertible with the license plate reading: “SBetty”. Too bad she couldn’t have the plate done in Elizabethan Blue.

Vintage Mercedes convertible

Vintage Mercedes convertible

JUST IN: Eight New Members Added To TACA Board

Eight new members of TACA’s Board of Directors were just revealed.

Jill Tananbaum and Sky Brewer*

Jill Tananbaum and Sky Brewer (File photo)

Drum roll. . . Joining present board members Shannon Brame, Barbara Daseke, Kemp Sawers and Ed Tauriac will be Megan Bowdon, Skye Brewer, Pete Chilian, Dawn Carney Grove, Ann Margolin, Jay Oppenheimer, Dawna Richter and Jill Tananbaum.

Leading this performing-art loving board will be Chair Nancy Carlson, Vice Chair of Grants Tara Lewis, Vice Chair of Programs Zannie Giraud Voss, Treasurer Marsha Cameron and Secretary Ann Hobson.

If you don’t know who the newbies are, you can find out after the jump!

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Individual Tickets For John Wayne Film Festival Are Now On Sale

Individual tickets for the John Wayne Film Festival just went on sale. Sponsorships blew out the door as fast as tickets for the Academy of Country Music Awards. If you love John Wayne, you just knew that would happen.

Whether your preference is Red River, North To Alaska or anything John Wayne-ish, you are definitely gonna want to be part of the festivities starting Thursday, April 24, with screenings at the luxurious LOOK Cinemas.

Well, OMG! If you splurge and get with the action, you can celebrate with a heck of a lot of Wayne-type action. Yahoo, baby!

And you’ll be in very good company, including American Film Institute President/CEO Bob Gazzale along with the Wayne family members.

Ethan Wayne, Greg Brown and Marisa Wayne (File photo)

Ethan Wayne, Greg Brown and Marisa Wayne (File photo)

For the opening-night festivities on Thursday, The Quiet Man will be shown with special guests Patrick Wayne, Melinda Wayne Munoz, Ethan Wayne, Marisa Wayne and Anita Swift. Dad gummitt, Maureen O’Hara and The Duke made such a twosome.  Afterwards the crowd will party at Gilley’s Dallas with Pat Green in charge of the entertainment.

On Friday, it will be four screenings of Wayne movies (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Green Berets, The Searchers and The Comancheros) with a Texas Gala at 3015 Trinity Groves with the Robert Lee Kobb Band.

Ann-Margret (File photo)

Ann-Margret (File photo)

Saturday night four more screenings (Rio Bravo, The Alamo, True Grit and The Train Robbers) will be followed a “gala” party with Hunter Sullivan handling the entertainment. Oops, did we mention that a certain red-haired legend by the name of Ann-Margret just may be on hand?

But there’s still more! On Sunday, The War Wagon and Red River will be shown.

The festivities will benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation thanks to Tri-Chairs Anne and Steve Stodghill and David Hale Smith.

Please, oh, please leave the fancy duds at home. Think boots and jeans and just a subtle touch of bling. Okay, the bling doesn’t have to be too subtle, “pilgrim.”

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