North Texas Giving Day Tally: $26,339,253.10

North Texas Giving Day*

North Texas Giving Day*

Once again a record was broken by you in just 18 hours.

Get some sleep knowing you made dreams come true.

* Graphic provided by Communities Foundation of Texas

North Texas Giving Day Update: Just Hit $20M

North Texas Giving Day*

North Texas Giving Day*

Less than six more hours to go for North Texas Giving Day. How big can we make it?

Must admit to a wee bit of disappointment. Some very deserving groups are in the lower part of the leaderboard. Come on. Skip dessert and that second glass of vino and donate!

* Graphic provided by Communities Foundation of Texas

North Texas Giving Day Update: $17M In And Eight Hours To Go

The MySweetCharity elves have been searching through their lockers for their custom-made designer strait jackets. You know, the ones with the itty-bitty initials by a couture designer. After all, they figure the team at Communities Foundation of Texas would need them by midnight.

North Texas Giving Day*

North Texas Giving Day*

It’s just 10 hours into the 18-hour North Texas Giving Day raise-athon and the $17M+ mark has been passed. According to the MSC accountant elf and his abacus, they’ve hit $1.7M per hour and still have eight to go.

Let’s keep the dough rolling in. There’s still time to blow out the Internet system and phone lines.

BTW, for those who wonder, the MSC elves also have marvelous designer sheets for padded walls and, of course, they match the strait jackets.

* Graphic provided by Communities Foundation of Texas

Communities Foundation Of Texas Is Rocking And Rolling With Ruthie’s, Priscilla And A War Room For North Texas Giving Day’s Lunchtime

Reports are piling in from the North Texas Giving Day activities. Shoot! They’re happening all over the place. According to the “war room” set up in Communities Foundation of Texas, all 50 states are contributing $$.

Communities Foundation of Texas "war room"

Communities Foundation of Texas “war room”

BTW, understand that the war room warriors are glued to laps tops monitoring the situation. As of 1:30, more than $14.5M from 46,644 gifts had counted.

Stephanie Knight and Priscilla the Piglet

Stephanie Knight and Priscilla the Piglet

There was so much traffic trying to join the festivities that one poor gent was suddenly drafted to direct traffic. Inside CFT, the place was jammed with folks watching performances from various entertainment groups.

The visitors’ parking had been converted into “Party World. Food trucks had people lined up for lunch. Priscilla the Piglet was stealing the attention from the SPCA pooches. No need to put lipstick on this cutie. She’s one of the best cuddlers in town!

Brian Glenn and Brent Christopher

Brian Glenn and Brent Christopher

Across the lot Brent Christopher was the standup kind of guy, who was being interviewed by WFAA’s Brian Glenn for the noon news.

Shakespearean actors

Shakespearean actors

When Mabel Peters Caruth provided the funding for the CFT building, it’s doubtful she thought it would have pigs in the parking lot, Shakespearean actors in the lobby and a “war room” with lap tops buzzing with millions of dollars. One can’t help but suspect she would have been very pleased to see her investments truly become a foundation of communities in Dallas.

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